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    #AceNewsDesk2014 – July 04 – Our Chat-Box Is ready to chat with fellow blogger’s and please share your thoughts, news, views, comments, videos and pictures to share with other’s.

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    Tags: 3 Israeli Teens, , Benjamin Netanyahu, deception, Didn’t Kidnap, , , Gershon Baskin, , intelligence, , Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli teenagers, John Kerry, Kill, Mahmoud Abbas, Musa al-Gharbi, Naftali Frenkel, Operation Brother’s Keeper, , Palestinian Authority Chairman, Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, Planned slaughter?, Sheera Frenkel, West Bank   

    Hamas Didn’t Kidnap and Kill the 3 Israeli Teens After All..? 

    Mohamed Farag/Anadolu

    Mohamed Farag/Anadolu

    When the bodies of three Israeli teenagers, kidnapped in the West Bank, were found late last month, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu did not mince words. “Hamas is responsible, and Hamas will pay,” he said, initiating a campaign that eventually escalated into the present conflict in the region.

    But now, officials admit the kidnappings were not Hamas’s handiwork after all.

    Non-plagiarizing BuzzFeed writer Sheera Frenkel was among the first to suggest that it was unlikely that Hamas was behind the deaths of Gilad Shaar, Naftali Frenkel, and Eyal Yifrach. Citing Palestinian sources and experts the field, Frenkel reported that kidnapping three Israeli teens would be a foolish move for Hamas. International experts told her it was likely the work of a local group, acting without concern for the repercussions:

    [Gershon Baskin] pointed out that Hamas has earlier this month signed an agreement to form a unity government with Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, bridging, for the first time in seven years, the Palestinian leadership in the West Bank and Gaza.

    “They will lose their reconciliation agreement with Abbas if they do take responsibility for [the kidnappings],” Baskin added.

    Today, she was proven right:


    Repeated inconsistencies in Israeli descriptions of the situation have sparked debate over whether Israel wanted to provoke Hamas into a confrontation. Israeli intelligence is also said to have known that the boys were dead shortly after they disappeared, but to have maintained public optimism about their safe return to beef up support from the Jewish diaspora. Writing for Al Jazeera, Musa al-Gharbi argued that Israel was deliberately provoking Hamas:

    All the illegal and immoral actions related to Operation Brother’s Keeper were justified under the premise of finding and saving the missing teens whom the Israeli government knew to be dead — cynically exploiting the tragedy to whip up public outcry in order to provoke and then confront Hamas. This pattern of deception continues under the ongoing military offensive in Gaza. For example, last week in collaboration with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El Sisi and Abbas, in its efforts to alienate Hamas, Israel announced a bad-faith cease-fire proposal, which Hamas was not consulted on and never agreed to but whose violation supposedly justified Israel’s expansion and intensification of the military campaign into Gaza.

    Despite continued negotiations, the violence shows no signs of letting up, and after Thursday night’s massive protests in the West Bank, there is still no ceasefire agreement. On Friday, it became clear that U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s attempts to broker a seven-day truce were rejected by Israeli officials. Instead, Israel will apparently widen its ground operation in the Gaza Strip, despite international outcry about the civilian death toll. According to unnamed officials, the proposed truce was too generous to Hamas’s demands.

    Hamas, meanwhile, still hasn’t weighed in on the agreement, whose details are being kept secret, but continued to launch rockets into Israel. International peace talks are set to resume in France this weekend, and we’re keeping our fingers crossed.

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    Tags: 660 Dead, , cross borders, , , , Ebola patient kidnapped, Ebola virus disease, Guinea - 314 deaths 415 cases, infected with Ebola, , Liberia - 127 deaths 224 cases, Nigeria, Nigeria - 1, , Sierra Leone - 219 deaths 454 cases, World biggest outbreak, World Ebola Outbreak Ever, worlds top Ebola Dr   

    Nigeria confirms its first known case of Ebola virus after Liberian man dies in Lagos in the World biggest outbreak to cross borders 

    The Ebola cases in Sierra Leone are centred in the country's eastern districts of Kailahun and Kenema

    The Ebola cases in Sierra Leone are centred in the country’s eastern districts of Kailahun and Kenema

    Sierra Leone hunts Ebola patient kidnapped in Freetown

    Today we got the news that the worlds top Ebola Dr has been infected with Ebola with rumours he has been to two other countries Ebola till this year has NEVER crossed any other border than the one it has hit, Ebola, 90% Death rate, has now crossed 5 borders. Nigeria has reported it in the last few hours and a patient has been kidnapped, my immediate worry is this kidnapped patient may be used by terror groups on Nigeria to spread one of the, if not the most lethal diseases known to man. Ebola virus disease, ‘Ebola hemorrhagic fever’ This is the worst case ever recorded in terms of Deaths. This is a disease that could end up in London, England, New York, USA, Hong Kong, China, Mumbai, India, Moscow,  Russia, Sydney, Australia, any big city, and it’s game over. Many accuse me of sensationalism but I tell the news many won’t. I will leave links below from W.H.O (World Health Organisation) and any C.D.C (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) I can find. This is MAJOR this. When I tell news people say “There is nothing I can do” Well with this, knowing the signs and knowing how to clean properly WILL save your life. All the information of Ebola is in that link. Again, this missing man, why did they kidnap him?

    Ebola virus disease (EVD) outbreaks
    YearVirus – Geographic Location – Human Deaths – Cases – CFR (case-fatality risk)
    1976 SUDV Juba, Maridi, Nzara, and Tembura, Sudan 151 284 53%
    1976 EBOV Yambuku, Zaire 280 318 88%
    1977 EBOV Bonduni, Zaire 1 1 100%
    1979 SUDV Nzara, Sudan 22 34 65%
    1988 EBOV Porton Down, United Kingdom [laboratory accident] 0 1 0%
    1994 TAFV Taï National Park, Côte d’Ivoire 0 1 0%
    1994–1995 EBOV Woleu-Ntem and Ogooué-Ivindo Provinces, Gabon 32 52 62%
    1995 EBOV Kikwit, Zaire 245 317 77%
    1996 EBOV Mayibout 2, Gabon 21 31 68%
    1996 EBOV Sergiyev Posad, Russia [laboratory accident] 1 1 100%
    1996–1997 EBOV Ogooué-Ivindo Province, Gabon; Cuvette-Ouest Department, Republic of the Congo 46 62 74%
    2000–2001 SUDV Gulu, Mbarara, and Masindi Districts, Uganda 224 425 53%
    2001–2002 EBOV Ogooué-Ivindo Province, Gabon; Cuvette-Ouest Department, Republic of the Congo 97 124 78%
    2002 EBOV Ogooué-Ivindo Province, Gabon; Cuvette-Ouest Department, Republic of the Congo 10 11 91%
    2002–2003 EBOV Cuvette-Ouest Department, Republic of the Congo; Ogooué-Ivindo Province, Gabon 128 143 90%
    2003–2004 EBOV Cuvette-Ouest Department, Republic of the Congo 29 35 83%
    2004 EBOV Koltsovo, Russia [laboratory accident] 1 1 100%
    2004 SUDV Yambio County, Sudan 7 17 41%
    2005 EBOV Cuvette-Ouest Department, Republic of the Congo 9 11 82%
    2007 EBOV Kasai Occidental Province, Democratic Republic of the Congo 186 264 71%
    2007–2008 BDBV Bundibugyo District, Uganda 39 116 34%
    2008–2009 EBOV Kasai Occidental Province, Democratic Republic of the Congo 15 32 47%
    2011 SUDV Luweero District, Uganda 1 1 100%
    2012 SUDV Kibaale District, Western Uganda 17 24 71%
    2012 BDBV Orientale Province, Democratic Republic of the Congo 36 77 47%
    2014 EBOV Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Nigeria 660 1093 60%

    A hunt has been launched in Sierra Leone’s capital, Freetown, for a woman with Ebola who was forcibly removed from hospital by her relatives. Radio stations around the country are appealing for help to find the 32-year-old who is being described as a “risk to all”. She is the first Freetown resident to have tested positive for the virus. Meanwhile, Nigeria’s health minister has confirmed that a Liberian man has died of Ebola in Lagos. According to the Reuters news agency, he collapsed on arrival in Lagos on Sunday and was taken from the airport and put in quarantine at a hospital in the Nigerian city. Since February, more than 660 people have died of Ebola in West Africa – the world’s deadliest outbreak to date. It began in southern Guinea and spread to Liberia and Sierra Leone. The case in Nigeria is the first in Africa’s most populous country.The virus kills up to 90% of those infected but if patients receive early treatment, they have a better chance of survival. It spreads through contact with an infected person’s bodily fluids.

    WHO: Latest West Africa Ebola outbreak figures
    Guinea – 314 deaths, 415 cases
    Liberia – 127 deaths, 224 cases
    Sierra Leone – 219 deaths, 454 cases
    Nigeria – 1

    Sidi Yahya Tunis, a spokesperson for Sierra Leone’s ministry of health, said the King Harman Road Hospital was stormed by the Ebola patient’s family on Thursday. The BBC’s Umaru Fofona in Freetown said the woman, who is an apprentice hairdresser, is a resident of the densely populated area of Wellington in the east of the city. The Ebola cases in Sierra Leone are centred in the country’s eastern districts of Kenema and Kailahun, just over the border from the Guekedou region of Guinea where the outbreak started. Our reporter says there is increasing anger and confusion over the handling of the outbreak. Police say thousands of people have taken to the streets of Kenema to protest – thronging to the town’s hospital, which treats all Ebola cases in the district. The father of a nine-year-old boy has told the BBC that his son was shot and injured by police as they tried to put down the angry demonstration, in which he says his son was not involved. Our reporter says the police have not been able to confirm this as they say they are still busy with operational matters. Nurses at Kenema hospital went on strike for a day on Monday after three of their colleagues died of suspected Ebola. Earlier this week, it was announced that the doctor leading Sierra Leone’s fight against Ebola was being treated for the virus. On Thursday, the World Health Organization said that 219 people had died of Ebola in Sierra Leone.

    Ebola virus disease (EVD)

    Ebola virus disease (EVD)

    Symptoms include high fever, bleeding and central nervous system damage
    Fatality rate can reach 90%
    Incubation period is two to 21 days
    There is no vaccine or cure
    Supportive care such as rehydrating patients who have diarrhoea and vomiting can help recovery
    Fruit bats are considered to be the natural host of the virus

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    ' Chinese City Sealed Off As Man Dies of Bubonic Plague ' 


    First we had Ebola and now have a case of Bubonic Plague but as the CDC say The US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says modern antibiotics are effective in treating plague, but that without prompt treatment the disease can cause serious illness or death. And Homeland Security News Wire in 2009 reported Pneumonic plague, a virulent variant of the bubonic plaque, has killed two and infected 10 in a Chinese city; authorities have sealed off the city.
    Chinese health officials have sealed off a town in a sparsely populated area of north-central China to halt the spread of an aggressively deadly strain of plague. As of Sunday, two men have died from the outbreak, and another 10 – most of them relatives of the first dead man — are under quarantine. Did you KNOW?

    Originally posted on Ace News Services 2014:

    #AceWorldNews – CHINA (Beijing) – July 24 – A Chinese city has been sealed off and 151 people have been placed in quarantine since last week after a man died of bubonic plague, state media said reported by (Guardian Citing AFP Beijing)

    ​The 30,000 residents of Yumen, in the north-western province of Gansu, are not being allowed to leave, and police at roadblocks on the perimeter of the city are telling motorists to find alternative routes, China Central Television (CCTV) said.

    A 38-year-old man died last Wednesday, the report said, after he had been in contact with a dead marmot, a small furry animal related to the squirrel. No further plague cases have been reported.

    CCTV said officials were not allowing anyone to leave. The China Daily newspaper said four quarantine sectors had been set up in the city.

    “The city has enough rice, flour and oil to…

    View original 235 more words

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    *Video* Obama Seeks $500 Million to Equip ISIS in Syria! TRUTH! 



    Originally posted on ~~Defender of Faith~Guardian of Truth~~:

    rise of babylon Capture

    There’s what the American people are told, then there’s the truth.

    The truth is America funds terror groups in order to topple regimes to put in more favorable presidencies.
    Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn’t.

    The American government funded Al-Qaeda in Libya to overthrow Gaddafi.

    The American government funded Ukranian rebel groups to take over the sale of natural gas to europe. (Thanks Victoria Nuland)

    Hillary Clinton fought to keep Boko Haram off the terror list because we fund them AND Al-Shabab.

    This is what the whole Iran Contra thing was about.

    We’ve been funding ‘rebels’ in Syria. That’s how it gets portrayed to you, the American people. Most people don’t ask too many questions past that because they’re concerned about Dancing With The Stars, or the Kardashians, or some other incredibly important business that keeps them from bonding with their families.

    These rebels are ISIS, yeah, the same ISIS that’s destroying Iraq and…

    View original 170 more words

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    GOP Maine gov. is doing something revolutionary with food stamps and welfare 


    Welfare should not be a God given right and getting able bodied people to work in the community for receiving is never a bad idea. As long as any government provides jobs, with a fair days pay for a fair days work. #AND2014

    Originally posted on Whiskey Tango Foxtrot:

    Maine’s Republican governor on Wednesday launched a push to make more “able-bodied” people work for their food stamps.

    “People who are in need deserve a hand up, but we should not be giving able-bodied individuals a handout,’’ said Gov. Paul R. LePage.

    LePage will reportedly stop seeking a federal waiver — issued at the height of the Great Recession — allowing some food stamp recipients to bypass requirements that they work or volunteer, according to local news channel WCSH.

    About 12,000 of the state’s residents receiving $15 million annually in food stamps are considered to be able-bodied by Maine’s Department of Health and Human Services DHHS, which administers the aid. That means that they are between the ages of 18 and 49, have no dependents and are not pregnant or disabled.

    In the next three months, those who are deemed able-bodied must work or volunteer with a community organization for 20…

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    US Embassy Norway: Emergency Message on Foreign Fighters Returned From Syria Threat 



    Originally posted on Diplopundit:

    – Domani Spero

    The U.S. Embassy in Oslo has just issued an emergency message to Americans in Norway based on the Norwegian Government’s announcement of a threat from foreign fighters returning to Norway from Syria:

    United States Embassy Oslo, Norway | 24 July 2014
    This morning, 24 July 2014, the Norwegian government announced that foreign fighters returned from Syria may be planning an attack in Norway over the coming days. The Norwegian police are not aware of where, when, or in what method this attack could take place. However, public gatherings, government facilities, businesses, and public transportation systems tend to be the targets of choice for terrorists and extremist groups.

    The Embassy recommends the U.S. citizen community in Norway remain extra alert during this period. Please err on the side of caution over the coming days. Especially now, if you see anything threatening, dangerous, or concerning, please call the Norwegian Police at…

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    Tags: Accused of Murder, alleged killer, Edinburgh kid, High Court in Edinburgh, , Mother, Rosdeep Adekoya   

    Mikaeel Murderer Accused Rosdeep Adekoya In Court Today 

    Mikaeel Kular with his alleged killer and Mother Rosdeep Adekoya

    Mikaeel Kular with his alleged killer and Mother Rosdeep Adekoya

    A story I covered since day one, many of you around the World have asked me to keep you up to date, so here it is, I will follow this case on AceNews and report live from the High Court in Edinburgh from time to time also. This is a case that devastated my area of the World, the kids lived 5 miles to my East where I used to live, the poor kid’s body was found 6 mile North of me over the Forth Road Bridge. This is something we all felt, my two son’s helped search the woods and seafront with their friends. Tragic event that moved my whole side of town. She is still innocent, but we want to accuse first, facts are, I live in the area, I know the family and some friends, we are all fairly sure she did it. Pleading not Guilty is obvious and will make Lawyers, court staff and a Judge a pile of money, pity it is that way, puts the  family through it all again and they will have to sit through some horrible viewing and what they hear

    A mother accused of murdering her three-year-old son will appear in court again today. Rosdeep Adekoya, 34, is charged with assaulting Mikaeel Kular at her Edinburgh home in January and hiding his body in woodland in Fife.

    It is alleged she attempted to defeat the ends of justice by pretending to police he had gone missing, sparking a major search by the emergency services and members of the public. Adekoya appeared at the High Court in Edinburgh on July 8 when judge Lord Boyd continued the case until today at the request of prosecutors and her defence counsel Brian McConnachie.

    She will return to the court for a preliminary hearing today.

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    Tags: Alexander Gerst, “saddest photo yet.”, Death from space, , Gaza from space, , Gaza war zone, , International Space Station, , ISS, occupied Palestinian territory, , Smoke from space   

    ‘Saddest photo yet’: Astronaut photographs Gaza offensive from space 

    Smoke rises from Gaza

    Smoke rises from Gaza

    A German astronaut managed to capture the Gaza war zone from space while aboard the International Space Station. He called it his “saddest photo yet.” Alexander Gerst, a German flight engineer, geophysicist and volcanologist, spread the news with a short tweet on Wednesday, as the ISS was on a flyby over Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory. The image went viral.

    1 UntitledOne can clearly see the spots in which the yellowish glow of exploding targets is more prominent than elsewhere. “From the International Space Station we can actually see explosions and rockets flying over Gaza and Israel,” He wrote on his Facebook fan page late last night, with a German translation underneath. The ESA astronaut is currently on the 57th day of his mission, together with Russian commander Maksim Surayev and American engineer Reid Wiseman. Israel is currently in the midst of an all-out assault on Hamas positions in the Gaza Strip – an operation that has recently gone into a new phase, as escalating hostilities and ground warfare bring the death toll to 700. There are casualties on both sides, but the overwhelming majority is Palestinian, 80 percent of them civilians, according to a recent UN report.

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    Tags: , , , , , , Robert Turner, UN Shelter, worldwide anger at Israel   

    Israel bomb UN shelter in Gaza, as worldwide anger at Israel grows 

    A safe area for the people of Palestine and Israel bomb it. So sad

    A safe area for the people of Palestine and Israel bomb it. So sad

    Israel will stop at nothing and the World is standing back and doing nothing. This was a “Safe Zone” for woman and children, so Israel bomb it. How can Israel or any pro-Israel people justify or condone this action? This is a UN Safe area. The UN have already shown they are losing patience with Israel and so is the World. I think if Israel stay on this track it will end badly for many people. How people can defend Israel is beyond me. Utter Evil, At least 800 Palestinians have been killed and more than 5,250 injured

    At least 15 people have been reported killed and 150 injured in the bombardment of a UN school in northern Gaza used to shelter civilians from fierce clashes on the streets outside. Al Jazeera’s correspondent Nicole Johnston, reporting from Gaza, said the school in Beit Hanoun came under fire on Thursday.

    The Gaza health ministry told the Reuters news agency that Israeli fire had killed at least 15, and 150 injured. An Israeli military source however told Al Jazeera that Palestinian rocket fire had been detected in the area and that it might have fallen short and hit the shelter. Al Jazeera’s correspondent Stefanie Dekker said that she was unable to reach the school after the attack due to heavy Israeli shelling. No one she had spoken to in Gaza believed the deaths were caused by a Palestinian rocket.

    In an interview with Al Jazeera, Chris Gunness, the spokesman for UNRWA, the UN’s humanitarian organisation in Gaza, said his organisation had been in contact with Israeli forces as fighting closed in on the shelter. “We gave the Israelis the precise GPS coordinates of the Beit Hanoun shelter. We were trying to coordinate a window [for evacuation] and that was never granted,” he said.He said he could neither confirm nor deny that Hamas fighters were near the building, but said Israel and Hamas “must respect the inviolability of UN premises, and humanitarian law”.



    He called the attack “tragic and appalling”.

    Robert Turner, the director for UNRWA told Al Jazeera there was no warning from the Israelis before the shells landed.  “This is a designated emergency shelter. The location was conveyed to the Israelis,” he said. “This was an installation we were managing, that was monitored [to ensure] that our neutrality was maintained.” “We always call on all parties to ensure that civilians are not harmed.”

    Israel has attacked UN schools before, saying that they were being used as safe havens for the armed Palestinians. The UN has also previously criticised the Palestinian groups for using UN schools to hide fighters and weapons. A witness who arrived at the Kamal Adwan hospital after the bombardment told Al Jazeera: “We were sitting in the school, because we were told it is safe.

    “By God, there was not a single fighter, not a single shot was fired from the school. Why did they shoot at the school?  Why? Can someone explain that to me?  Why would they shell the school?”

    Thursday’s strike is the fourth time a UN facility has been hit in the 17 days of Israeli bombardment of Gaza.

    At least 800 Palestinians have been killed and more than 5,250 injured in the Israeli assault.

    Two Israeli civilians have been killed by fire from Gaza since the offensive began.

    The total number of Israeli soldiers killed since the start of the military assault stands at 32. One more soldier has been listed as missing and is believed to be dead.

    And who suffers? Yeah 2 year old terrorists.

    And who suffers? Yeah 2 year old terrorists.

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    Tags: anti-Ebola efforts in Sierra Leone, Contracted ebola virus, , Disease, Disease control, Doctors Without Borders, Dr. Khan., , , The Ebola Virus, three Western African countries, Top ebola doctor, Umar Khan, , World Health Organisation, World Health Organization   

    Top ebola doctor has contracted the ebola virus 

    Dr. Khan.

    Dr. Khan.

    The chief doctor who has been leading the fight against the Ebola virus epidemic in Sierra Leone has contracted the disease himself, officials from the country’s Ministry of Health said. Dr Khan in the days before catching Ebola flew out of Africa to Spain. So W.H.O (World Health Organisation) have a job containing this one. Lets all hope Dr Khan wasn’t showing symptoms on the 23rd in Spain.

    Sheik Umar Khan, 39, was credited with treating more than 100 victims of the virus in West Africa during the deadliest Ebola outbreak ever recorded. He is now being treated by the medical humanitarian organization Doctors Without Borders in a facility in Kailahun in Sierra Leone. Organization spokesperson Sandra Murillo, citing patient-doctor confidentiality, could not disclose Khan’s condition.

    Sheik Umar Khan, the doctor leading anti-Ebola efforts in Sierra Leone—one of three Western African countries that have been hit by an outbreak—has contracted the virus himself, Reuters reports:

    Khan, a Sierra Leonean virologist credited with treating more than 100 Ebola victims, has been transferred to a treatment ward run by medical charity Medecins Sans Frontieres, according to the statement released late on Tuesday by the president’s office.

    Health minister Miatta Kargbo called Khan a national hero and said she would “do anything and everything in my power to ensure he survives”.

    “I am afraid for my life, I must say, because I cherish my life,” Khan said in an interview before he developed symptoms of infection. Three nurses at the facility where he worked have died in the last week.

    More than 1,000 cases and 660 deaths in West Africa have been reported to date, according to the World Health Organization. The outbreak has affected Sierra Leone, Liberia and New Guinea. Sierra Leone is the epicenter of the epidemic with 454 cases recorded thus far, according to Doctors Without Borders.

    Khan was one of more than 200 staff members in Sierra Leone working to combat the epidemic. Even before he caught the virus, he was worried about the close proximity to the virus.

    “I am afraid for my life, I must say, because I cherish my life,” he told Reuters in late June. “Health workers are prone to the disease because we are the first port of call for somebody who is sickened by disease. Even with the full protective clothing you put on, you are at risk.”

    Sierra Leone Health Minister Miatta Kargbo called Khan a national hero, Reuters reported, and said she would “do anything and everything in my power to ensure he survives.”

    Three nurses who worked in the same Ebola treatment center as Khan are believed to have died from the disease.

    Ebola is transmitted through contact — usually of bodily fluids like vomit, blood, urine or feces. The virus can infect people even after death, often resulting in the infection of morticians or mourners who come in direct contact with the body, according to Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. Ebola can also be transmitted through fruit bats or by the consumption of infected bush meat such as primates. Ebola has up to a 90% fatality rate, according to the WHO. There is currently no cure for Ebola and no vaccine to prevent it.

    WHO, the local governments and Doctors Without Borders have been struggling to contain the outbreak, ramping up their efforts in case management, infection prevention, and control and public awareness of the virus. Local workers are trained in these protocol in addition to safe burials, WHO spokesperson Tarik Jasarevic said.

    Fauci said there is a likelihood that the virus will spread to other countries despite the government and organizations’ efforts.

    “Previous outbreaks were usually in very rural areas, so they were geographically self-contained,” Fauci said. “These (epidemics) are spreading to the cities.”

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