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**BREAKING NEWS** Children Were Exposed To US Ebola Patient


By Shaun Gibson : @ShaunyNews

Texas’ governor says “school-age children” are being monitored after having contact with a man who is seriously ill with ebola.

“Today we learned that some school-age children have been confirmed as having had contact with the patient,” Rick Perry told a noon press conference in Dallas.

He said the youngsters were being monitored at home.

A health official at the same press conference said the patient was in a serious but stable condition.

The unidentified man has been in isolation at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas since Sunday.

The man arrived in the US on September 20

The man arrived in the US on September 20

More follows…

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Scotland – Podcast/Audio – Gordon Brown, Man With Bag Of Yes Votes +

Shauny Podcast Image

By Shaun Gibson : @ShaunyNews

5am in the morning, bit sore, bit tired, rolling roll up’s by the way for curious people (Hi Mum) Talking about the guy with the bag of yes votes, Gordon Brown and more 





The Guy in the Van with supposed ballot papers Video 1


The Guy in the Van with supposed ballot papers Video 2


From Electoral Commission


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” 8 Days” The Story of Human Trafficking in the United States


#AND2014 – Nice one Anne – #TalesAlongTheWay

Originally posted on TalesAlongTheWay:

  1. Need help? United States:
    1 (888) 373-7888

    National Human Trafficking Resource Center

    SMS: 233733 (Text “HELP” or “INFO”)
    Hours: 24 hours, 7 days a week
    Languages: English, Spanish
    I hope this emergency 24 hour number has gotten your attention!   Yes, this dark and destructive business is alive and well in the United States.  And from the movie trailer you will see that it is not just poor and desperate girls, but  it can happen  to in-tack middle class families!
    Scroll down to see the facts compiled by the Polaris Project!

    Human Trafficking Trends in the United States

    *** Download the reportCover-only-Human-Trafficking-Trends-in-the-U.S.-2007-2012_435Download the media kit ***

    Since 2007, we have worked closely with local partners to help tens of thousands of callers connect with the help and services they need. As a result of the calls, emails, and online tip reports fielded by the hotline…

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Le Moyen-Orient entre bluff et faux prétextes…



Originally posted on Strategika 51:

Il y a plus d’une année, la fuite dans le domaine public d’un enregistrement secret de discussions tenues lors d’une réunion du conseil de sécurité de la Turquie avait démontré jusqu’à quel mesure le gouvernement turc était prêt à aller pour justifier une attaque sur le nord de la Syrie pour y établir une zone tampon ou une enclave.

La Turquie n’agit pas seule mais de concert avec l’OTAN dont elle est membre. Même si sa politique réelle s’inscrit dans la poursuite de ce que l’on pourrait appeler la résurrection de l’empire ottoman.

La capture par des éléments de Daech du Mausolée du fondateur de l’empire Ottoman situé en territoire syrien devrait naturellement déclencher une violente réaction turque.

Cependant, devant les tâtonnements des uns et l’attentisme des autres, rien n’est vraiment visible dans cette partie de poker menteur. Washington redoute une réaction concertée entre la Russie, la Chine et l’Iran…

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Pig in Australia Steals 18 Beers from Campers, Gets Drunk, Fights Cow

If this isn’t the funniest headline ever, I don’t know what is

If this isn’t the funniest headline ever, I don’t know what is

By Shaun Gibson : @ShaunyNews

If this isn’t the funniest headline ever, I don’t know what is :D

Forget crocodiles and snakes, the real animal threat in Australia is wild pigs. At least if you’re camping.

At a campground in Western Australia over the weekend, a feral pig guzzled down 18 beers that had been left out improperly secured. And just like anyone 18 beers in at a rural dive bar, the pig got big-headed and decided to start a fight with a cow, resulting in the cow chasing the pig around a car.

“In the middle of the night these people camping opposite us heard a noise, so they got their torch out and shone it on the pig and there he was, scrunching away at their cans,” said a visitor.

The pig was later reported sleeping his hangover (and shame of trying to take down a cow?) off under a tree.

While feral pigs are considered an invasive pest in many parts of the country, it’s also a reminder to keep food and drink secured when camping. Just imagine if it had been a drunk kangaroo.

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Woman spends a month in jail after police mistake spaghettiOs for crystal meth



Originally posted on Metro:


Ms Huff spent a month in jail for eating spaghettiOs (Picture: Hall County Sheriff’s Office)

A woman who was arrested on drug charges has been released after police realised the spoon she was carrying was for spaghettiOs rather than crystal meth.

Of course, this was after poor Ashley Gabrielle Huff had spent an entire month in jail for the police’s blunder.

The 23-year-old from Florida was arrested in July after an officer found the spoon in a car she was a passenger in and thought the remains of her tinned meal was actually residue from the illegal drug methamphetamine.

Despite always maintaining her innocence, Ms Huff missed some of her court dates leading to her being incarcerated for a month.

A crime lab analysis on the spoon later found there to be no traces of the drug, made famous by the award winning TV show Breaking Bad, and Ms Huff was released from…

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An Open Letter To Leigh Griffiths

You have two choices mate. We all want to see you as this Leigh

You have two choices mate. We all want to see you as this Leigh

By Shaun Gibson

By Shaun Gibson

By Shaun Gibson : @ShaunyNews


Leigh I am just Celtic fan mate, I just tweeted this to you

 “@Leighgriff09 Leigh I am Celtic fan, The boy from Hibs you had a go at scored @ Ibrox twice. Forget before, focus now. Riorden never listened”

And I really wish you would listen to people like me who are not giving you a hard time but advice. I remember Derek Riordan joined Celtic, I coached him when he was 12 years old, I told him he could be a Celtic Legend as he was MORE than good enough to improve further. Most of my mates drink in the Four In Hand and The Office, and most rate you, sadly some mock you. I am a Celtic fan Leigh, not an enemy pal. You are living the dream of a million + Celtic Fans, do you realise this mate?

What I see with you Leigh is a really decent guy who lives on what goal he scored yesterday. Leigh that is gone, your goals when at Hibs are in the past, you are on the bench because your manager can see the same thing as many Celtic fans, Hibs fans and I can all see. If I could give you any advice buddy it would be to forget what went before and focus on what you are going to do next, otherwise you will go from club to club, earn less money and nobody will really remember you, kind of like Riordan and look at him when he was 21 years old and had the football world at his feet, and for the record, Derek is a great lad, may I add. Look at all the young Scottish players going to England and the young lad from Dundee United Ryan Gauld going to Sporting Lisbon.

Leigh we almost share friends, we have been in the same pub, you really come across as a really decent guy, but this is the same advice I would have gave to any player at any level in my 15 years at what  you would class a “Crap Level” I am guessing? Leigh, screw the nut and in 15 years from now Celtic fans will remember you. I guess if Hibs are the side for you then you go and become a legend there buddy.

Forget yesterday and plant seeds for tomorrow, or Celtic fans will turn on you quicker and this will speed up your departure and chance at  a club that puts you and shows you at a level you truly will be noticed at. Guidetti came right in and started, to be honest, you at your best, that would be you and we probably would not need Guidetti Leigh. Sadly we did

I am not expecting a reply Leigh, but I do ask you look inside yourself one last time and do what is right for  YOU. If you listen to friends, you will lose pal. I know most of them, really decent guys, but mate, want a career you can look back on and be proud? Get you Mrs and move near Celtic’s training ground then one day when you leave football you can stay and be a coach or look back and say “I was someone” At this rate all you will have is regret buddy, I am sure Ronny told you this, Lenny and Fenlon and other managers also, I know football, managers would take a keen interest in you and want the best from you, why? Your football ability not many have, but Leigh you ain’t showing it mate and I think I speak for most Celtic fans when I say “Would love to see you in the side and playing well and scoring goals”

My opinion may be wanted or not wanted, either way I am in a position to give one, and I have been fair and decent Leigh

You have two choices mate. We all want to see you as this Leigh

You have two choices mate. We all want to see you as this Leigh

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