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    Scottish independence: The blame game begins in No camp even before the first vote is cast 



    WELL, WELL, WELL! They are arguing between themselves already in Westminster. And most of the blame is on David Cameron for not allowing a “DevoMax” on the vote we all in Scotland will vote yes on tomorrow. The anger and finger pointing has started down South, this leads me to believe they know they have lost. I think anyone with a brain knows they know. Scotland, I think we have done it. But please, VOTE, AND VOTE PROPERLY, DON’T MAKE YOUR VOTING PAPER A SPOILT PAPER! JUST PUT AN X IN THE “YES” BOX. They are promising Scotland the Earth, but many in Westminster are not up for giving Scotland what English people will argue for in the coming months after the yes vote.

    The blame game has begun, even before we know the result of Thursday’s referendum. Even if the Scottish people vote against independence, the way the UK is run is going to change. So politicians of all hues are scrambling to get their excuses in first.  Some Labour figures summon the ghost of Margaret Thatcher, claiming she created fertile territory for the Scottish National Party by allowing Scotland’s industries to die; imposing the poll tax a year earlier than in England and Wales and opposing devolution. But other parties claim it is Labour which has allowed the UK to reach the cliff edge of a break-up. Sir John Major, the former Conservative Prime Minister, last week pointed the finger of blame at Tony Blair, saying his Government left “a deadly legacy” by creating the Scottish Parliament in 1999. If Labour, which won 41 of the 59 Scottish seats in 2010, loses its Scottish MPs on independence day in 2016, “no one should weep for it” Sir John declared.

    Mr Blair was no fan of devolution. But he inherited a firm pledge to set up the Edinburgh parliament from John Smith, his predecessor as Labour leader, who died in 1994. Mr Blair sometimes raised doubts.  “Do we really have to open this can of worms again?” he asked. But a powerful Scottish Labour lobby – including Donald Dewar, Gordon Brown and Lord Irvine – told him he must honour Mr Smith’s memory by completing his mission. So did Mr Smith’s widow Elizabeth, now a Labour peer. “We have to do it,” Mr Blair told close colleagues. But Labour made a series of miscalculations, epitomised in 1995 by George Robertson, the shadow Scottish Secretary, who predicted: “Devolution will kill nationalism stone dead.”

    To prevent one party – either the SNP or what he saw as (Old) Scottish Labour – winning an overall majority in the Edinburgh parliament, Mr Blair opted for a system of proportional representation. Labour duly governed in coalition with the Liberal Democrats from 1999 to 2007. Then, crucially, Mr Blair delayed his departure as Prime Minister until after the Scottish Parliament elections, even though he was unloved north of the border. In 2010, he admitted in his memoirs: “With a new leader we could have done better, and in particular it is possible with Gordon [Brown as PM] we would have won in Scotland.” Instead, the SNP beat Labour by one seat in 2007 and formed a minority administration at Holyrood, a vital stepping stone to winning an overall majority in 2011 – and a mandate for tomorrow’s referendum. Belatedly, Mr Blair saw it coming. Prophetically, he remarked in his memoirs: “I knew once Alex Salmond got his feet under the table he could play off against the Westminster Government and embed himself. It would be far harder to remove him than to stop him in the first place.”

    Is David Cameron to blame for allowing Alex Salmond a referendum? The question is now asked – like many, with glorious hindsight. The Prime Minister knew Mr Salmond could call his own advisory public vote if he were denied a real one, which could fuel anti-English sentiment and give the independence bandwagon another push. With opinion polls suggesting that only about a third of Scots favoured independence, Mr Cameron judged that a straight choice between Yes and No would settle Scotland’s future for a generation.



    He resisted the SNP’s call for the ballot paper to include a third option of “devo max” – more powers for Holyrood with Scotland remaining in the UK –which, he feared, could have been a bridge to independence in another referendum within years. On Monday, Mr Cameron tried to spread the blame to Labour and the Liberal Democrats, telling the BBC’s Newsnight programme that the refusal to include a “devo max” question “wasn’t just my view”.

    Cameron aides were jubilant when Mr Salmond backed down and accepted a straight Yes/No. Some SNP politicians now suggest the wily Mr Salmond lured the UK Government into taking its eye off the wording of the question and was less bothered about “devo max”. The agreed question – “Should Scotland be an independent country?” – suited the SNP. If the question had been “should Scotland should remain in the UK?”, the Yes/No roles would have been reversed. The Better Together campaign, led by Alistair Darling, has been dogged by SNP and media criticism that it is too negative. Mr Darling makes no apology for asking searching questions about an independent Scotland. But one ally admitted: “Inevitably, being on the No side makes you look negative.” Mr Salmond has been adept at turning legitimate questions – about the pound, jobs, prices — back into “threats, bullying and bluffs” by “the Westminster parties” in their “Project Fear”.  Some Tory MPs blame George Osborne, the Chancellor, for this negative approach, saying his trump card of ruling out a currency union with an independent Scotland turned out to be nothing of the sort. Better Together has been hampered by infighting and personal feuds between the Labour figures who dominate it. Its own internal blame game is now under way. For now it is mainly behind the scenes, but it is likely to become public after the result is known. Until late in the day, Mr Brown, Labour’s most respected figure in Scotland, did his own thing rather than work with Better Together, which he judged badly run, lacking campaigning nous and too close to the Conservatives. “He loathes many of its leading lights – Alistair Darling, Douglas Alexander, Jim Murphy, John Reid,” one Labour source admitted. “In the last two weeks, Gordon has come to the rescue. If Scotland votes No, he will get the credit.”

    In a separate blame game, Liberal Democrats blame Labour for failing to deliver its voters, claiming that Labour’s normal election machine is underpowered because key trade unions such as Unite and Unison are sitting on their hands. Labour figures reply that the Lib Dems have nothing to crow about: by joining the Tories in coalition in 2010, they made it easier for Mr Salmond to tar all three main parties with the same “political establishment” brush.

    However, Lib Dem and Tory figures claim that Ed Miliband has failed to get over his message in a country where his left of centre pitch and belief in radical economic reforms should enjoy wide appeal. “He is seen as ineffectual,” one Tory claimed. “People don’t believe he could deliver what he says.” Labour figures insist the buck stops with Mr Cameron. There is mounting evidence that Downing Street underestimated the prospect of a Yes vote until a poll put it ahead just 10 days ago, forcing the three main parties to rush out their devo max plan and take the status quo off the ballot paper. Whitehall is determined to avoid the blame. Sources suggest that senior civil servants did their duty by sounding the alarm that the referendum could result in the break-up of the Union. Officials claim they ran into a brick wall: anything that raised the prospect of a Yes vote was blocked by their political masters, who decreed that all efforts must be put into securing a No vote. That is why – officially, at least – the Government claims it is not making any contingency plans for a Yes verdict. “The PM called the shots,” said one senior civil servant. The Cabinet Office dismissed as “simply not true” reports that Sir Jeremy Heywood, the Cabinet Secretary, pressed ministers to win over putative Yes voters rather than merely shore up No voters. Yet it is also claimed that in recent weeks, Mr Cameron and his male-dominated inner circle brushed aside warnings from female advisers that the negative No campaign was a turn-off for women voters. Allies insist Mr Cameron, dubbed the “essay crisis PM”, is good when his back is to the wall. Despite two powerful, emotional speeches in the past week, his power to influence votes is limited because the Tories are seen as “toxic” by many Scottish people. “Scotland is Labour’s heartland,” said one Tory aide. “If it can’t win over people in its own back yard, that’s not our fault.” If Scotland votes Yes, things can only get bitter.

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    Boris Johnson vows to resist Scots tax devolution – As I said early August! 

    As I have said all alone, links below

    As I have said all alone, links below

    I have been getting PELTERS from the No camp for saying exactly this here below. Now Scotland YOU have one day to believe David Cameron, but do know any other Tory politician that takes the hot seat in the UK could and probably will take this “Vow” of promised DevoMax away from Scotland. I said Boris Johnson said this, and here is further proof Scotland. I ask you undecided, what on EARTH will it take for you to understand any “Vow” can and probably will be taken from us a few years down the road, should Boris Johnson take power one day or someone like him, SCOTLAND, WE LOSE DEVOLVED POWERS WE ARE NOW BEING PROMISED! We need to understand what Cameron and his two pals have offered in the “Vow” are lies and Boris has proven that theory correct. Scotland, DO NOT BE STUPID, VOTE YES, AND END THIS PANTOMIME!

    What I said way back in August 12th and was told I was telling lies, well? am I lying? was I wrong?

    Boris Johnson let slip Tory plans to deny Scotland powers if we vote No in the Referendum!! Share, please!!

    SCOTTISH INDEPENDENCE: Boris Johnson was accused of wanting to “turn the screw on Scotland” after he said the UK should resist handing new tax raising powers to Holyrood if independence is rejected next month.

    The London mayor stated his opposition to devolving greater tax responsibilities to Scotland as a poll showed he had opened up a big lead over his rivals as the politician the public would like to see replace Tory Party leader David Cameron. Nationalists last night seized on the intervention to warn that Mr Johnson’s comments offered a “grim insight” into Scotland’s future devolution prospects in the event of a No vote and a Johnson premiership. Some 34 per cent of voters interviewed believe the London Mayor – who announced last week that he will seek to return as an MP at the general election – should be the next Tory leader. The YouGov poll found he was 19 points ahead of Home Secretary Theresa May, while Chancellor George Osborne was third favourite with just 9 per cent.

    However, in a departure from Mr Cameron’s stance on devolution Mr Johnson insisted there is “no reason” for pledging more powers to the Scottish Parliament over tax and spending in the event of a No vote. Mr Cameron backed handing Holyrood the power to set its own rate of income tax and levels of some benefits as part of a package of enhanced devolution as set out in the party’s Strathclyde commission. However, Mr Johnson, when asked about the plan, became one of the most senior Tories to set out his hostility to greater devolution for Scotland as he said greater powers should instead be handed to England’s major cities.

    He said: “Alex Salmond has been thrashed in these debates, but for no reason we are promising the Scots more tax raising powers. There’s no need. “What has England ever got out of this devolution process? If you want to have growth in the English cities then you should do what Manchester wants, what Liverpool, Leeds and all of us want – and that’s more tax raising powers.” Pro-independence campaigners said there was now a serious prospect of Mr Johnson emerging as the UK prime minister after the 2015 General Election. Blair Jenkins, Yes Scotland’s Chief Executive said: “With Boris Johnson being tipped for the Tory leadership, we’ve been given a sobering insight into the reality of what additional powers will be offered in the event of a No vote.

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    PM May Regret ‘Double Or Quits’ Scot Gamble – As Scotland is unclear on ‘Devolved Powers’ 

    David Cameron’s decision not to originally offer voters a popular ‘devo-max’ option could turn out to be a crucial mistake.

    These 3 have caused anger in England with the promise of 'More' for Scotland

    These 3 have caused anger in England with the promise of ‘More’ for Scotland

    Polls on the ground are coming back with 70% yes, as I have seen all along

    Polls on the ground are coming back with 70% yes, as I have seen all along

    I had a good read and listen to all the reaction from Tuesdays news and I have came to the conclusion that when Scotland get’s it’s yes vote it will be down to us Scot’s resolve to not give in to fear. In the unlikely no vote, English people are rightly angered by the promise of “The Vow” from these three above. Many English people are angry and asking “Why should Scotland get extra powers” On this argument I see no way Scotland can vote no and get these devolved powers, the English people will be up in arms. Myself and many others have put to bed the lies and scary stories from these three politicians above and also by the Media, the BBC being the main culprit. With 27 hours to go till the polls open the YouGov and MoriPoll have it neck and neck but all over Scotland polls being done by people on the street CONTINUE to bring back a 70% Yes.

    If David Cameron has any regrets on the eve of the final day of campaigning in the Scottish referendum, one might centre on the terms he negotiated for this historic vote.. After all, polls suggest that the largest group of Scots did not want to choose “yes” or “no”. Instead, they would have been happy with a third option, so-called “devo-max”. But the Prime Minister, not keen on handing over more devolution, decided to play double or quits. He made the contest a straight choice – presumably confident that it would result in the outcome that he wanted. Now there is a chance that his gamble may not pay off.  What no one expected months ago, when the No campaign had a 22-point lead, was a race that would be described in its final days as being on a knife-edge. But that is what Mr Cameron is now faced with. And it explains why he, along with Labour leader Ed Miliband, and Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg, have put a big new offer on the table for Scottish voters.

    Scottish people are not believing this 'Vow' English people are angry

    Scottish people are not believing this ‘Vow’ English people are angry

    An offer that devolves more powers to the country, and is being received by many of its newspapers as the “devo max” the Prime Minister originally rejected. The Daily Record, for example, says the choice is now between a “no” vote that means Scotland and the UK are changed forever, or a “yes” vote that ends Britain. Offering that new choice leaves Mr Cameron facing a potential backlash in England among MPs who feel his promise gives their constituents an unfair deal.  He did it because the stakes are high, with the Prime Minister’s job under threat if he loses this vote. That is why on Monday, instead of bowing to calls to recall Parliament to discuss the murder of a British hostage in the Middle East, he travelled to Aberdeen to love-bomb Scotland. Mr Cameron said he would be “heartbroken” if the UK was divided, telling Scots he knew they did not like him but he would not be around forever.

    Alex Salmond has played a VERY clever part in what is likely to be a huge Yes vote

    Alex Salmond has played a VERY clever part in what is likely to be a huge Yes vote

    But if the stakes are high for the Conservative leader, they are arguably higher for his Labour counterpart, who faces losing dozens of MPs and the hope of future majorities. That is why Ed Miliband will be north of the border from now until after the vote. As for Mr Clegg, an independent Scotland would lose him one fifth of his Parliamentary party. Yet their challenge remains a steep one – a Yes campaign that has energy and momentum, and which has already persuaded a large proportion of Scots to change their mind. Alex Salmond enters these final 24 hours with his life-long dream of independence in touching distance. And remember, no one expected it to be this close. If he just misses out, he will still be able to argue that his campaign pushed the opposition into placing on offer on the table with many more powers for the Scottish people.

    With one day to go, Mr Salmond is, arguably, facing a win-win situation.

    Talk to me here on my ShaunyNews page.

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    Scottish Independence – How Cameron sold England down the river with the Edinburgh Agreement 



    Originally posted on England calling:

    Robert  Henderson

    The Edinburgh Agreement was signed By David Cameron and Alex Salmon  in Edinburgh on 15 October 2012.

    ( ).

    It established the legal basis for the Scottish independence referendum.

    The first point to note is that Cameron went to Edinburgh. As Scotland are a  supplicant which wishes to  leave the Union,  Cameron should have insisted that Salmond came to Westminster. By going to Edinburgh it at best created a spurious equality between UK national government and the devolved Scottish one and at worst that Salmond was controlling the negotiations. .

    The gratuitous pandering to Salmond went far  beyond the place of negotiation and signing. The clauses in the agreement which pander to the SNP are these:

    4. The Order enables the Scottish Parliament to legislate for a referendum that takes place at any point before the end of 2014.  The date of the poll will be for…

    View original 504 more words

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    Syria News 15/9/2014, Iran: US policies lead to the spread of terrorism tn the region 



    Originally posted on Friends of Syria:

    View original

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    Opening Moscow’s Bag of Political and Strategic Tricks 



    Originally posted on Global Geopolitics:

    Political correctness was invented by Marxists to destroy Western society from inside…. And in Russia, there is no political correctness at all! The reason is that Marxists do not need to undermine the Russian society from the inside, because it is already Marxist.

    – Konstantin Preobrazhensky, “How the West Was Fooled by Vladimir Putin”

    Then there is Russia’s military potential. With regard to major opponents, the West seriously underestimated its enemies twice during the last century: first in 1939 when the Allies believed they had boxed in Nazi Germany with their “guarantee” to Poland; and again, with sanctions on Japan in 1941. In the first instance Germany smashed Poland and crushed France. In the second instance, Japan destroyed the American fleet at Pearl Harbor, defeated the U.S. forces in the Philippines and captured the British forces in Singapore.

    Some may argue that Russians are not as capable as Germans and Japanese. After…

    View original 1,013 more words

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    Caucasus Emirate eulogizes slain Ahrar al Sham leaders 



    Originally posted on The Dangers of Allah:

    from-terror-freedom-warning-about-americas-affair-with-mano-bakh-paperback-cover-artComment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

    When Islam is involved death is at the door step may it be among Jihadist killing Christians, Copts, Jews or each other.

    They live to kill, they live to die……..

    The Long War Journal

     Sept, 15 2014


    The Dagestani branch of the Islamic Caucasus Emirate recently issued a statement that praised the assassinated leaders of Ahrar al Sham, an al Qaeda ally in Syria. Not long after the Al Nusrah Front released a statement on their deaths, the Caucasus Emirate has followed suit, saying that it had “heard of the pain of the martyrdom of the leaders and scholars of Harakat Ahrar ash-Sham al-Islamiyya” (the full Arabic name for Ahrar al Sham).

    The Caucasus Emirate’s statement compares the killing of the top leaders of Ahrar to the deaths of Shamil Basayev and Abu Walid, two former…

    View original 830 more words

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    Ukraine’s Punitive Battalions 



    Originally posted on


    Original: Sept 5th, 2014
    Translated by Daniel Mihailovich
    Edited by S. Naylor

    An industrious comrade began to collect statistics on the assorted punitive and territorial battalions of the Junta, where the structure is very confusing. Below is only a skeleton for a large database of the whole punitive organization, but eventually, the blanks in the table will be completely filled in…

    Territorial battalions:

    The National Guard of Ukraine [(“NGU”), also known as Nationalist Guard, NaziGuard, or simply nazis,] is a structure with law enforcement functions; a part of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (Police) of Ukraine; created by transforming the Police Internal Troops on March 12th, 2014 via a new law “On the National Guard of Ukraine”.

    By converting the internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs into the National Guard of Ukraine, the coup-formed Ukrainian government achieved the following goals:

    – Continuity of command in the…

    View original 1,218 more words

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    The Nuclear Answer to Chamberlain 



    Originally posted on

    Original Article:
    Translated by: Gleb Bazov
    Edited by S. Naylor

    91598.2The Ukrainian Minister of Defence, Geletei, has announced that Ukraine will choose to drop its nuclear-free status and arm its army with nuclear weapons in the event that “the world does not help [the country].” In Russia this announcement prompted a not-so-polite proposal that Geletei undergo psychiatric treatment; however this issue does not exist solely as a subject of the field of clinical research.

    The United States can no longer simply withdraw from the situation in Ukraine. They already have a well-tested method of conflict intensification. This can be seen in the example of Syria: when frontal attack efforts turned out to be futile, the United States simply launched a new project – the Islamic State, thereby solving several related tasks. In the medium term this landmine will explode simply because all the conditions have been created. The goal…

    View original 1,045 more words

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    Joan McAlpine: It’s time to take a close look at some of London’s lies over Scots oil wealth 

    Joan answers some hard hitting questions related to Scotland's oil

      • JOAN looks deeper in to the some Westminster’s claims regarding how Britain’s oil would be distributed if Scotland became an independent nation.

    Does the oil belong to Scotland?

    Yes. The United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) says oil revenue should go to the country in whose waters it was discovered. Professor Alex Kemp, of the University of Aberdeen, says 90 per cent of UK oil lies in Scottish waters but we need to be independent to get the revenue it generates.

    Isn’t the oil running out?

    No. UK Oil and Gas, who represent companies working in the industry, say there are 24 billion barrels left in the North Sea. That is why they are investing record amounts. Even the UK Government have conceded it could last another 50 years.

    How much is it worth?

    Around £1.5trillion. This could rise as world demand pushes up prices. The International Monetary Fund’s research team have predicted world prices could double by 2022.

    Will we be too dependent on oil if we choose independence?

    Even without oil, Scotland’s wealth is around the same as the rest of the UK, according to official figures. Ratings agency Standard & Poor’s say, even without oil, Scotland would be one of the most successful economies in the developed world. But the oil is a huge bonus and gives an independent Scotland a great head start.

    What does that mean for me and my family?

    We can create an oil fund by saving some of the tax – Norway, a country the same size as Scotland, has accumulated an oil fund of £500billion to be used for pensions, healthcare and investment in the future. The UK has failed to set up a fund and squandered our oil wealth.

    But the UK Government say the Scottish Government have exaggerated the value of oil

    They would say that, wouldn’t they? The highly respected Investors Chronicle magazine said the UK Government are underplaying the value of the North Sea oil because of the forthcoming referendum on independence.

    Who else backs the Scottish Government?

    Professor Sir Donald MacKay, the world’s foremost expert on oil prices, says the UK government are wrong and the Scottish Government are right. He said: “There is no hole in the Scottish Government’s oil predictions but there is a mountain of black gold missing from the UK Government’s.” The economic think tank N-56 said the figure for future tax revenues was six times more than the UK government claimed.

    Is more oil being discovered?

    All the time. This month Xcite Energy announced a major new oil find east of Shetland. The Bentley field will produce 700 million barrels over 35 years. The Clair Ridge Project to the west of Shetland is expected to produce 640 million barrels in the future. BP’s publicity video says Clair will make an enormous contribution to the UK economy for many years to come.

    Why don’t I know this?

    Good question. David Cameron made a secret visit to Shetland to see this important field. But the visit was hushed up along with the latest results of test drilling, which are rumoured to reveal even more oil.

    Why would they bury a good news story?

    A certain independence vote on September 18. It has even been suggested that workers on the field stand down till after the referendum.

    Surely the UK Government are not involved in a cover up?

    They have form. When oil was found in the 1970s, a report for ministers by the senior civil servant Gavin McCrone predicted an independent Scotland would be richer than Switzerland. That was kept secret for 30 years.

    So they lied to us?

    Denis Healey, the former Labour chancellor in the 1970s, admitted the value of oil was played down by Labour and Conservative governments to stop the Scots supporting independence.

    How much did these lies cost us?

    Around £300billion of oil tax revenue has gone straight to the London Exchequer since oil was discovered. Scotland didn’t receive a penny.

    Anything else I should know?

    Significant oil finds were made in the Clyde in the 1970s but the industry was blocked by the UK Ministry of Defence because they didn’t want anything interfering with nuclear submarines. Michael Heseltine, defence secretary at the time, admitted it this week.

    Last weekend the Scottish Government created a taskforce to examine the potential of oil in the west. A Yes vote will mean the Ministry of Defence will no longer be able to block these developments.

    What will independence change?

    All the tax money from oil will stay in Scotland and be used for the good of the people who live here.

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