Can I Be Free From Worry?

Yes you can be free Shalom ☺️

Women of Worth Worldwide

by Jo Umberger

There was a time in my life when I thought I would scream if one more person said to me, “Just don’t worry about it.” “Just,” I thought. “Apparently you think refraining fromworry is a simple proposition!”

Honestly I had no idea how to stop worrying.“But what if we don’t have enough money? Or one of us is in a car crash? What if things don’t work out like we need them to work out?”

The roots of this kind of negative anticipatory thinking can be many. For me, worry was a way of dealing withunpleasant circumstancesthat were outside my control.

It’s twisted but here it is. Somewhere along the way I bought into the lie that analyzing the problem over and again would solve the problem.That’s a big, fat, lie!

When we worry, we are meditating on the negative.

Take a deep breath. Let it out…

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This is How to Distinguish Between Being Alone and Being Lonely

Being alone means being in solitude- being by yourself. When you’re alone, you’re without the company of others. Being lonely, on the other hand, means having feelings of abandonment- being sad due to being isolated and alienated from others. Alone is a state of being. Whereas, loneliness is a state of mind. An emotion. You […]

This is How to Distinguish Between Being Alone and Being Lonely

Toxic 🥃

Toxic 🥃

They walk arrogantly
They help accidentally
They respect not the poor
Their behaviour is not mature
They think not of the homeless
Their desire is soulless
And they never confess
Confess about their faults
They think they are infallible
And others are Not valuable
And this is my advice
For such creepy folks
You are Nothing But mere rubbish
And you will soon be punished


Ace says …..Today is after the Lord Mayors Show ….but have they got or will they get the right man in office or is it idle rhetoric ?

Only time will tell if all that Jesus has been predicted will now come true as the man that people voted for at this time in history vows to mend the divide ……but there’s more …

All that has going before may not come again but then what will replace it, or will it be better for the many who say it will give hope to America’s people …..but there’s more …..

So far l do not hear words about class divide, the rich and the poor and those with less while others get rich on the backs of those that have more than they need ….but there’s more …..

We reach out and look for hope in many places but do we really look for hope in our heart … dwelling there is not a politician …you do not have to vote for this person ….and neither does he ask for you to apologise for not being perfect ….but there’s more …..

So on this day after the ‘ Lord Mayors Show ‘ is over and the real work begins will we see light for many or just a few ….OR will we see the lack of such hope for the many who voted fade like the morning mist ….but as l always say there’s more ……..

But not today ……God Bless ALL Americans who voted for what they believe and God Bless America ….Amen

So choose God OR Man you cant have both

Its not easy being a child but its much harder being a child of God

It’s difficult to give for many for others just a few they give without reserve and they find it difficult to receive into their heart and into their life …..for me it started at 6yrs of age keeping my mum and Dad apart when the drink was in ….the wits were out was a favourite saying at the time. The fear was to prevent her being hit by him for what l found out years later was her lies.
No child such suffer at the hands of another human being …but a parent is worst l was not aware of the person l was protecting until after the death of my dad ….only then did l find out the real truth and many things became clear.
My dad wanted a girl and my gran wanted her own way and made my mother have a miscarriage and so time later l was born .

But my life took many twists and turns and eventually l was to learn after my dads death l was not wanted and was just an after thought ….then he died as if suddenly the light went out. I was left with being asked by him to make a promise, that l would take care of my mother. I had never been asked by him to do anything and all l craved was to feel loved. So l said yes . Two days later he died.

I was now the breadwinnner ..l had a brother but he did not want to know …it was as l promised my job. On the day of the funeral my mother said these words when given sympathy by a relative ….” I have Ian now “ and she grabbed ny arm l can still feel her fingers digging into my arm now. And so my life no longer was mine and everything was to keep that promise for 30yrs ….7 of which she had dementia and eventually did not even know my name.

I lost everything at that time and could only pray …for someone to love me for who l was and God My Father Did Just That and so began the renewal of my batter soul and for what reason l know not …….Thirty years plus elapsed and the repair continued as health, went to wealth and wealth led to wisdom ….oh NO not of the pocket but of the mind, body, heart & soul and knowledge grew and l aged ….but one day someone stopped me in shop and said remember Moses was 80yrs of age before he began his work ….I knew not at the time the WHY ….but eventually learning the HOW, WHAT, WHEN AND WHO l was given this ‘ help & guidance ‘ l learned the WHY (or maybe l should say was given the WHY …

So when things seem like you are on your own there is a God of the Father and the way forward never seems easy but the way to the ‘ Tree of Life ‘ when God enters your heart ….is more difficult than anyone can ever know.

So to all friends, followers, readers and those taking time to reflect this l say ‘ Hold Faith to What You Feel in Your Heart ‘ now and forevermore Amen

Kindness & Wisdom 🌟& Ace Caring & Sharing Working Together In Harmony

God needs you to know right now

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God cleanse the World 🌎

Do we need to do anything but watch and wait for change and can a few see that what humanity has asked will be given in the mysterious way he moves …already people cannot see that calling for support for airlines and people to holiday again will increase emissions …after the pandemic made the air cleaner …..London air quality during lockdown was purified, and now it’s back to smog and dirt …. God must write our future as he is the word and will choose his …meek and mild shortly


By Wisdom Kindness

Life is like a bunch of roses. Some sparkle like raindrops. Some fade when there’s no sun. Some just fade away in time. Some dance in many colors. Some drop with hanging wings. Some make you fall in love. The beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Life you can be sure of, you will not get out ALIVE.(sorry about that)

The Texas Cowboy Poet pens Poetry

Just like he rides his horse

With the rawness of the Western landscapes

Silent few words, layback, cards close to his chest

His women the same free as the darkness descends into night

Freedom flows freely with notes of music in between

Enjoy and feel the rhyth of the words




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It was a Dark and Stormy Morning, Afternoon, and Night…

Dear Reader: This will be a short post. It is just after 1:00 on Friday afternoon/and Hurricane 🌀 Ian is certainly letting himself be known. We are under emergency hurricane alert until 4:00 and Mother Nature is getting 🧐 serious with the amounts of wind and rain… Lost power right after noon… but found a […]

It was a Dark and Stormy Morning, Afternoon, and Night…


PART A Part A: TYPES OF JAPANESE POEMS What are the types of Japanese poems? Japanese poetry forms. Since the middle of the 19th century, the major forms of Japanese poetry have been: tanka (the modern name for waka) Tanka is the modern name for classic Japanese poetry, meaning “short poems“. Tanka poetry is non-rhyming. There are five lines in a tanka with […]


The Necromancer’s Daughter: Aster

With a book launch on the horizon, I’ve started introducing my three main characters. This is Aster, a young woman who was born dead and resurrected by Barus, the necromancer. He’s raised her as his own, and though he’s warned her away from dragons… she can’t find it in herself to be afraid. I hope […]

The Necromancer’s Daughter: Aster

More July and a few August Book Reviews

Yes, it’s only the middle of August, but travels have messed up my schedule. Fortunately, my reading hasn’t suffered, and I have some great books for you, all read between tromping up the trails. I need to share the reviews before they pile up any higher. This bunch of reviews is for 4 and 5-star […]

More July and a few August Book Reviews

GREAT Read 😁

The Bible and its Story: The Removal From the Cross

Jesus was dead. Such friends as had not deserted Him desired that at least His body might have honorable burial. One of them, Joseph of Arimathæa, was a senator of the city, a man of wealth and importance. He had not dared announce openly his faith in Christ “for fear of the Jews.” But now […]

The Bible and its Story: The Removal From the Cross


Great posting love your thought

The Slog

There are two inescapable truisms in relation to modern history: nothing but nothing destroys social glue and civilised cultural behaviour like hyperinflation. And when it happens in Germany, it dictates the future for anything up to and exceeding three quarters of a century.

Below I offer a considered update of events in the UK and EUNATO…the main theme being the largely irrelevant nature of the former, and the determination of mad people to use the latter as a stepping stone to the New Normal New World Order New Labour Good Health Bad Climate Very Happy Zero Liberty Globalist Interactive Virtual Monopoly Board available from a Games retailer close to you.

But first, we really do need to talk about Deutschland……über alles.

In the flurry of bewildering carnage taking place among the NWO collaborators at the moment, the central importance of German angst has somehow been overlooked. This is how…

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Cookin’ With Beth: Oatmeal Pancakes/Waffles

Beth Overmyer, Author

Mm. Waffles–and pancakes! What a delicious way to break your fast in the morning. But wait. This is an author blog. What have pancakes and waffles got to do with anything fantastical or historical or writer…ical? ‘Hem.

While neither pancakes nor waffles appear in THE GOBLETS IMMORTAL books, pancakes (at least) existed in that universe. Let me explain….

GOBLETS is set in a quasi-Medieval/Georgian mash-up of a pseudo-England. And pancakes have been around since at LEAST 600 BC. They first show up in Greece, and later make an appearance as the means to using up dairy before Lent fasting in 1100 AD. And need I mention pancake races of Olney, Buckinghamshire, UK circa 1445?

If you want to learn more about pancakes, click here to visit Betty Crocker’s proclaimed “Unofficial Happy History of Pancakes.”

Anyway, there is a very good chance that the Spinning Cup Inn whipped up a…

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