HUGE English Political Sex Scandal About to come out!

MP Simon Danczuk was about to challenge Lord Brittan (centre) about what he knew about child sex abuse. Flanking are Tory grandees Edward Heath and Willie Whitelaw

The most senior civil servant in the Home Office is to give evidence to MPs after the department admitted more than 100 official files relating to allegations of historical child abuse by politicians have been lost or destroyed. Permanent secretary Mark Sedwill said the documents – which related to a 20-year period between 1979 and 1999 – were “presumed destroyed, missing or not found”. Home Affairs Select Committee chair Keith Vaz revealed on Sky News he has asked Mr Sedwill to appear before the committee on Tuesday to answer questions. These files are in addition to a dossier alleging historical child abuse involving powerful and famous figures at Westminster in the 1980s that is also missing. Mr Sedwill has said he will appoint a senior legal figure to assess the Home Office’s handling of the dossier. Home Secretary Theresa May will also give an update on the situation on Monday, Downing Street confirmed. Prime Minister David Cameron has called for Mr Sedwill to establish what happened to the file which was handed to the then home secretary, Leon (now Lord) Brittan, by Tory MP Geoffrey Dickens in 1983.

Lord Brittan admitted he received the dossier and passed it on to officials, but no action was ever taken. Mr Sedwill revealed in a letter to the Home Affairs committee that while the original review had identified 527 potentially relevant files which had been retained, there were a further 114 files which could not be located. He said that the investigation had not found a single dossier from Mr Dickens, but several sets of correspondence over a number of years to a number of home secretaries containing claims of sexual offences. However he said that the review had found no record of specific allegations by Mr Dickens of child sex abuse by senior figures. Mr Cameron has faced criticism for an “inadequate” investigation into what happened to the dossier. Labour MP Tom Watson has launched a petition calling on the PM to “make amends for historic failures” and establish a national inquiry.

Allegations of sex abuse have been made against the late Cyril Smith

But Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude said it was “too soon” for such a move, which could delay the Home Office probe. “It may well be then that the answer is to have a much broader inquiry but I think it’s too soon to come to that conclusion now,” he told Sky’s Murnaghan programme. Speaking to the BBC’s Sunday Politics programme, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg did not rule out a wider inquiry, but stressed the ongoing police investigations would have to take precedence. Former Conservative Cabinet minister Lord Tebbit has told the BBC he believes there could have been a cover-up of the allegations. Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper has also written to Theresa May, claiming not enough is being done over “recent serious issues raised over child abuse”. The Metropolitan Police said in a statement: “We are currently assessing information and conducting a number of investigations under Operation Fairbank. “Any material submitted to us, historic or current, is reviewed to establish if it is relevant to these.” Calls for more to be done about allegations of child sex abuse by politicians have increased since the death of Liberal Democrat MP Cyril Smith, who was subsequently said to have been a paedophile.

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Homosexuality and the Catholic Church

The rainbow colours depict Homosexuality and non Christian beliefs.

Through the court case about Catholic Church exploitation of Children and sex I am guessing I have made a few enemies. But I am here to tell the truth, show the truth and try for myself to understand why the World is one taken by Satan (If we take it up that road) yet we have a strange religion of hate. I struggle to understand the hatred from religion towards other religion and people like me who believe in my own God and people who don’t at all.
I watch a World where I am confused at the hate spawned through the Church and to see the perversion and hate and child molestation, it is easy to ask a question of love. I find I am being dragged into a story, like someone is asking or forcing me to tell this story. It does not feel bad, I feel love while doing this.
I stumbled across a video that says what I want to, quoting scripture and laws on Church land. I ask you to tell me I am wrong and I ask you to tell me this World is NOT run by Evil at Political and religious levels.
I can’t get away from the irony, and this video here tells my story better. I see video’s of kids being taken from families in Poland “GO LOOK” where kids are taken for sexual reasons. I have seen many, there are a few in this video below. Your eyes won’t deceive you, you will see HARD truths

POPE Francis Warns ANY “Personal Relationship with Jesus is Dangerous” AntiChrist?

Is he the Anti-Christ? He could be

With the whole Child molestation thing on the go and going through a court, a real court I am left sitting at my chair asking “Is this guy the Anti- Christ?” Why would he say a personal relationship with Jesus is wrong? Anyone want to TRY and help me here? I am not counting on it.

Christians are not made in a laboratory, but in a community called the church, Pope Francis said. At his weekly general audience Wednesday, Pope Francis continued his series of audience talks about the church, telling an estimated 33,000 people that there is no such thing as “do-it-yourself” Christians or “free agents” when it comes to faith. Every Christian, he said, can trace his or her faith back to parents, grandparents, teachers or friends. “I always remember the nun who taught me catechism. I know she’s in heaven because she was a holy woman,” he said. In the old Testament, the pope said, God called Abraham and began to form a people that would become a blessing for the world. “With great patience — and God has a lot of it he prepared the people of the ancient covenant and in Jesus Christ constituted them as a sign and instrument of the union of humanity with God and unity with one another.”
Pope Francis described as “dangerous” the temptation to believe that one can have “a personal, direct, immediate relationship with Jesus Christ without communion with and the mediation of the church.”

Obviously, he said, it is not always easy to walk the path of faith with other people. “Sometimes it’s tiring. It can happen that a brother or sister creates problems for us or scandalizes us, but the Lord entrusted his message of salvation to human beings, to us, to witnesses,” he said.
“It is through our brothers and sisters with their gifts and their limits,” the pope said, “that he comes to us and makes himself known. This is what belonging to the church means. Remember: Being Christian means belonging to the church. If your first name is Christian, your last name is Member of the Church.”
At the end of his talk, the pope asked people to join him in praying that they would never “give into the temptation of thinking you can do without others, without the church, that you can save yourself, of thinking you can be a laboratory Christian.” Christians, he said, are not manufactured in isolation, but belong to a long line of believers who handed on the faith and challenged one another to live it fully.

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