The Irony of the Anti-Abortion People

Roe V Wade Abortion Anniversary

OK, Head on the block time for Shaun. This is a short simple blog and question. In America there is a HUGE anti-abortion feeling. I respect that. But I am going to show you the Irony America. Let’s say you are a woman and you are raped, you are against abortion, do you abort and keep the kid, or adopt the kid to another family

In many of these anti-Abortion places you have the Death penalty. So I simply ask, what is the difference in “We can’t kill an unborn child” to “We will kill this person as they are bad” Isn’t that a moral outrage right there? I mean how can a person be against killing life in the form of a fetus but be ok to allow the area you live to kill a living person

The irony really makes me see anti abortion people as people with double standards. To kill a life is to kill life in ANY way. Life is life in any way shape or form. How can a person hate the thought of an abortion but be ok with the Death penalty? Do you all see the Irony here? I do and it’s killer. This shows me how stupid many can be in their belief systems. They will believe what they want to believe but deny turning the coin over and seeing the other side of the argument. Blind faith I Call it

Let me know how you feel

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Murdered Crimewatch presenter Jill Dando ‘tried to get bosses to investigate alleged paeodphile ring inside the BBC


What did she know?


  • Retired BBC worker claims that ‘big names’ were involved in abuse
  • Dando ‘handed a file to management but nothing was done about it’
  • The BBC said it had not seen anything to substantiate the claims


As the UK sex abuse case gathers pace an informant claimed that ex Watchdog presenter Jill Dando had been told about a sex abuse scandal inside the BBC. We all know now the BBC had many employees involved through the Jimmy Savile case, Rold Harris and many other ex BBC starts of TV have been jailed in recent years. This story IS going to explode, but we now must ask seriously, was Jill murdered for trying to expose her own bosses? I am of mind to stop paying this BBC Licence fee. It’s only a few pounds a week, but ask yourself, after reading this and looking at other stories of  Sex Abuse towards woman and kids where stars got jailed, will you keep funding the BBC? I have been on this case for months and said it was too big to not come out, slowly it is.

Murdered Crimewatch presenter Jill Dando tried to get BBC bosses to investigate an alleged paedophile ring in the corporation, it has today been claimed.  A former friend and retired BBC worker has claimed that the television host was told that ‘big name stars’ and BBC staff were involved in abuse.  But when she tried to get her superiors to investigate, and handed a file to senior management, no action was taken, the source claims.  She said: ‘I think she was quite shocked when told about images of children and that information on how to join this horrible paedophile ring was freely available.’ They added that Ms Dando had also been told that female work colleagues told her they had been groped or assaulted, and that nothing had been done.

‘She compiled a file of complaints but she was not really an investigative journalist, just a presenter.  ‘She passed the information to someone else and they gave it back. No one wanted to know.’ The BBC said it had not seen anything to substantiate the claims. Miss Dando, 37, was gunned down outside her home in Fulham, west London, on April 26, 1999, moments after stepping out of her car. Dando was killed with a single muffled bullet to the skull and neighbours found her in a pool of blood on her doorstep in a crime that shocked Britain. Part-time stuntman Barry George was jailed for the killing in 2001, but his conviction was overturned in August 2008 following the emergence of fresh evidence.

Her killer has never been found. 

Barry George says he wants justice for Jill Dando’s family


All roads start here

All roads start here

Above is the late Jimmy Savile, he died a few years ago, but not until he was dead did the truth come out about him. He raped and abused hundreds of kids and young girls. People have suggested he was the middle man between famous people, Westminster, 10 Downing Street and even higher, Royally higher. We just seen  Australian Rolf Harris, an ex BBC employee and TV Star 20 years ago get jailed. Operation Yewtree was started and the TV Stars were in and out of court every other day. Did Jill Dando know more, is this why she was killed? Max Clifford the man who helped advice the famous people was also jailed. Dave Lee Travis was another, the list is long. And this is about to blow up on politics in the UK. A Union I hope my country Scotland can escape. So far Gary GlitterFreddie StarrWilfred De’athDave Smith (Chauffeur) Ted Beston BBC Producer, Jim Davidson TV Preseter and Comedian, Mike Osman a DJ for BBC Radio, Jimmy Tarbuck a BBC Comedian, Chris Denning BBC Radio Presenterm, Paul Gambaccini American/British Radio and TV Presenter, Michael Salmon Dr at a kids Hospital it is alleged Savile did much of his sex offending have all been quized in Operation Yewtree

Operation Yawtree


The accused we have heard about

Our Media is about to blow the cover right off this vile sex ring

Our Media is about to blow the cover right off this vile sex ring


Brace for impact, this is about to get real

Brace for impact, this is about to get real

MH17 crash: Ukraine releases ‘ALLEGED’ intercepts from Pro-Russians and Generals

Real or Propaganda?

Real or Propaganda?

As we head slowly to a certain WWIII, there are troubles in so many places, ISIS vs Iraq, Israel vs Gaza, USA vs Russia/China, US/pick one, South/North Korea, Russia/Ukraine, Several African nations, Syria/Syria, Israel/Palestine/Egypt, lets divert our attention to one issue out of many pushing us towards WWIII

Ukrainian authorities have released what they say are intercepted phone conversations between pro-Russian separatists and what appear to be Russian military officers saying that separatists shot down Malaysia Airlines flight MH17. The Ukrainian Security Service put the Russian-language conversations on You Tube e within hours of the crash. The veracity of the recordings cannot be confirmed but is likely to be real. Here it is *THIS CAN’T BE 100% CONFIRMED*

First recording

[Male voice, identified as separatist leader Igor Bezler] The group of the Miner [an alias] has just shot down a plane, which came down just behind Yenakiyevo.

[Col Geranin] Pilots. Where are the pilots?

[Bezler] Gone to search for and photograph the plane. It’s smoking.

[Second male voice, identified as Russian military intelligence Colonel Vasily Geranin] How many minutes ago?

[Bezler] About 30 minutes ago.

Second recording

[Male voice, captioned as “The Greek” ] Yes, Major.

[Major] Well, the Chernukhino lads shot down the plane.

[Greek] Who shot it down?

[Major] From the Chernukhino roadblock. The Cossacks at Chernukhino.

[Greek] Yes, Major.

[Major] Well, the plane fell apart in the air, near the Pertropavlovskaya coal mine. The first casualty 200 [military jargon for dead body] has been found. A civilian.

[Greek] Well, what do you have there?

[Major] Basically it was 100% a civilian aircraft.

[Greek] Are many people there?

[Major] [Curses] The debris fell right into backyard.

[Greek] What kind of aircraft?

[Major] I have not figured this out yet because I haven’t been close to the main body of the debris. I am only looking where the first bodies began to fall. There are the remnants of inner brackets, chairs and bodies there.

[Greek] I see. Any weaponry there?

[Major] Nothing at all. Civilian things, medical bits and bobs, towels, toilet paper.

[Greek] Any documents?

[Major] Yes. From an Indonesian student. From Thompson University [curses].

Third recording

[Male voice, identified as a fighter] Regarding the plane shot down in the area of Snezhnoye-Torez. It’s a civilian one. Fell down near Grabovo. There are lots of corpses of women and children. The Cossacks are out there looking at all this.

They say on TV it’s a Ukrainian AN-26 transport plane, but they say it’s got Malaysia Airlines written on the plane. What was it doing in Ukrainian territory?

[Male voice, identified as Cossack commander Nikolai Kozitsyn] That means they were carrying spies. They shouldn’t be [curses] flying. There is a war going on.