1. this really does put the cat among the pigeons.being brought up in a Christian home and accepted bible teachings all my life ,it was rather uncomfortable to waken up and realise that everything that had been drummed into my brain was not as it seemed. Over the past few years, I have been connecting some dots and evaluating a lot of things which I now realise sound like tales from The Brothers Grimm. As I see it now the bible is like any other story, and is subjected to Chinese whispers ie., as a book was being written , someone added their own opinion of things to suit their own ends, be it political or spiritual.possibly with well meant intentions,or other. As we all know,religion has been used to control the masses by very unscrupulous people at the top. This fact is very unpalatable as if we remember The Spanish Inquisition when people were tortured because of their beliefs. The Roman church was too blame for this, but on the other hand, so was the Protestant , or non- conformist church.As I see it one was as cruel as the other, and if what we wer taught in the bible, this had nothing to do with the teachings of this Man Jesus who was preaching love and peace. I have never ever been a biblical scholar, but one night in a hotel I had no reading material and had a glance at a Gideon bible. My eyes popped at Mat chapter ten verse 34. I will not write it here but I urge any interesting parties to read it and be allowed to make their own judgement on this. It seems to knock the peaceful Jesus theory on it’s head. What this verse showed me was another side of the Man Jesus. I saw what. Some today would say, controlling, but that is just my opinion. Everyone in my opinion is entitled to form his or her own opinion. And should have the freedom to do so. I am only giving some observations and in no way would tell anyone to relinquish their faith.as I see it , one can have faith without adhering to religious dogma, which has been forced on us for centuries. I look at what has being going on on this planet for centuries. Wars , and mainly caused by one religion trying to force their opinion on another.in fact,even in most faiths we have different branches and ideas going in different directions. I only have something to. Say, and that is research and evaluate, and make up your own mind. After all it is YOUR mind. This new information could turn people’s ideas upside down, and make them actually Think, about what they have been told, and perhaps look at the state for the world and why it is the state it’s in perhaps,as a result of a book.is this true,? I don’ know the answers but before I leave life I will do my own research and seek the truth,and not necessarily believe everything that is written in which is the most powerful book in creation. We do, or should have the freedom to make up our own minds.


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