Salmond’s official letter to Cameron over Treasury leaking of sensitive market data


Alex Salmond telling Nick Robinson and BBC how Illegal it was for RBS to talk market issues with the BBC. HM Treasury has questions to answer here! 

First Minister Alex Salmond was marking the anniversary of the 1997 devolution referendum Scotland is on the “cusp of making history” by voting for independence, the country’s first minister has predicted. Alex Salmond described the referendum as a “process of national empowerment”. Several banks have revealed their contingency plans for a “Yes” vote, while John Lewis and Asda said prices may rise after independence. Labour leader Ed Miliband said a “No” vote would deliver stronger devolved powers for Scotland. Mr Salmond has called for an inquiry into what he said was the leaking of sensitive market data by the Treasury ahead of a formal announcement RBS that it would relocate its registered headquarters to London if Scotland votes for independence. He was speaking to the international media at an event in Edinburgh which was taking taking place on the anniversary of the 1997 devolution referendum. A new poll has suggested the “No” campaign holds a narrow lead ahead of next Thursday’s independence referendum. Two previous polls suggested the race was neck and neck.

Watch as train full of English Labour people arrive in Scotland

English people pretending to be Scottish no voters

English people pretending to be Scottish no voters

I heard this and low and behold I got sent the video. Labour brought a TON of English people to sit and pretend to be Scottish no voters!! 

Published on Sep 11, 2014

The Labour Empire Strikes back in Glasgow. A gathering on your taxpayers money to convince you to vote for the Empire!

Vote Slavery
Vote Empire

Proclaimers no more as radio goes ‘Scot Free’ – As England carry on being Childish and threatening

The Proclaimers - and all other Scottish acts - have been banned from an English radio station.

The Proclaimers – and all other Scottish acts – have been banned from an English radio station.

Well we had this:

Then there was this

FEAR TACTICS START – We’ll put guards on Scottish border: Ed Miliband




An English radio station has banned all Scottish music – including hits by the Proclaimers – and redesigned it’s logo as a backlash to the referendum.

The edict on BOB fm was issued by programme controller and breakfast show host Graham Mack at 8.20am, when he interrupted the Proclaimers’ ‘500 Miles’ halfway through the song.

He announced: “I’ve had enough of this! You’ll walk 500 hundred miles, but you don’t want anything to do with England?

“After all we’ve done for you! For 300 years, we’ve put up with your bagpipes, your spicey eggs, your hairy cattle, your short arsed ponies, your men in skirts, and… THE KRANKIES!

“You ungrateful bunch of whisky swigging, haggis munching caber tossers! From now on, this radio station is banning anything Scottish, that includes music by ALL Scottish artists!

“Until further notice, BOB fm is now Scot Free!”

The ban includes top Scottish musical talent including Paolo Nutini, KT Tunstall and Primal Scream.

BOB fm has also redesigned its logo, which features the union flag, to remove the St Andrew’s Cross.

Podcast/Audio Blog as we reach the final week – Please share, RT and listen.


This is a Podcast/Audio Blog on the upcoming Scottish Referendum. I am voting yes and I like many are trying to help the undecided to vote Yes. It will be a Disaster for Scotland if we vote no. I don’t really think people voting no actually know what they could do to this country. I understand 100% the undecided, maybe leaning left, maybe leaning right, you undecided MUST listen to these Podcasts we all do and read the articles on all the Social Media Groups there are out there. Education is key in the most important day of your life and Scotland History. We get one shot, we lose, we are in for HELL. We win, we create OUR SCOTLAND! PLEASE RESEARCH IF YOU ARE UNSURE SCOTLAND, We will all be dead in 100 years, our Kid’s Kids won’t be and Neither will Scotland be.  How can someone vote no with no reason and know they doing so with the possibility of keeping young kids dependent on Foodbanks to live. Open your eyes to others lives, one day you WILL depend on someone, I hope it’s not Westminster, and if you vote no and you lose your house or job or become disabled like me and you get no help, then I am sorry, you are the person that will cause the problem. In a Free Scotland our Kids, our Old, our Disabled will be looked after. #RESEARCH Don’t vote blindly.

PodCast/Audio Blog Below 

Podcast/AudioBlog Above

The article I said I would add below this video

What Scotland Invented

Do Scottish people care?

Do Scottish people care?

This is what many are doing. I can't believe this

This is what many are doing. I can’t believe this





Scottish independence: Salmond to mark devolution anniversary


Alex Salmond and deputy Nicola Sturgeon will mark the anniversary of devolution

First Minister Alex Salmond is to hold a press conference for international media on the anniversary of the 1997 devolution referendum. Mr Salmond will mark the date on which Scots voted to re-establish a Scottish Parliament and continue his campaign for independence. The press conference will take place on the day after the main UK party leaders called on Scots to reject independence. It also follows a poll suggesting a narrow lead for the “No” campaign.

On 11 September 1997 Scotland voted overwhelmingly for devolution, leading to the re-establishment of the Scottish Parliament after nearly 300 years. SNP leader Mr Salmond is expected to use the anniversary to argue that a “Yes” vote for independence in the referendum next week would be a continuation of “Scotland’s constitutional journey to date”. ‘Constant interference’ Appearing alongside Mr Salmond will be Canon Kenyon Wright, who chaired the Scottish Constitutional Convention that paved the way for the creation of the devolved parliament, and who now backs independence.

He is expected to say: “Again and again a Westminster government we did not elect claimed the right to impose policies we rejected and an ideology we do not accept. Devolution has no answer for that. “The tactics used by ‘No’ simply prove that they fail to understand how deeply that principle of Scotland’s right is rooted in our history. “First there was the stick to threaten us. Now the carrot to tempt us. “First the blackmail – be naughty and vote ‘Yes’ and we’ll punish you. Now the bribe – be good, vote ‘No’ and we’ll reward you.” He added: “Scotland needs something devolution can never give – the secure power to make her own decisions; to follow her own vision of a just fair society, to take her positive place among the nations of Europe and the world, to be free from the constant interference from Westminster.” ‘Stronger together’

Canon Wright’s comments come after David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg made separate calls for Scots to vote “No” in the 18 September referendum. The three leaders have backed a plan of action spearheaded by former Prime Minister Gordon Brown, which they have said would see work begin on the handover of new powers on 19 September, the day after the referendum.

David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband came to Scotland to argue that the UK was "better together"

David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband came to Scotland to argue that the UK was “better together”

Mr Miliband, who will be campaigning in Scotland later alongside Mr Brown, said: “I want to make the case to you from the head, which is that we are stronger staying together because we can better create a more equal, a more just, society. “I want to make the case to you from the heart, because of the ties that bind us together and which would be broken apart by separatism. “And I want to make the case to you from the soul, because it was in halls like this that our movement was formed on the basis of solidarity – solidarity that has built, not just our movement’s greatest moments, but our country’s greatest institutions, like our national health service.” Poll reaction Meanwhile, a new Survation poll for the Daily Record suggested 47.6% of voters surveyed would back “No” and 42.4% would vote “Yes”, with 10% undecided.

The figures suggested a referendum result of 53% “No” to 47% “Yes”, if undecided voters were removed. It follows other recent polls suggesting the referendum vote was too close to call, including a You-Gov poll on 5 September that put the “Yes” campaign narrowly ahead. Both the pro-independence Yes Scotland campaign and the pro-Union Better Together campaign claimed the poll showed victory was within reach for them. Better Together campaign director Blair McDougall said: “This fight for Scotland’s future will go right down to the wire, but it’s one we will win.” Yes Scotland chief executive Blair Jenkins said the poll “confirms we are in touching distance of success next Thursday, and will galvanise all those who are wanting and working for a ‘Yes’ to redouble their efforts”.

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