Joan McAlpine: It’s time to take a close look at some of London’s lies over Scots oil wealth

Joan answers some hard hitting questions related to Scotland's oil

    • JOAN looks deeper in to the some Westminster’s claims regarding how Britain’s oil would be distributed if Scotland became an independent nation.

Does the oil belong to Scotland?

Yes. The United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) says oil revenue should go to the country in whose waters it was discovered. Professor Alex Kemp, of the University of Aberdeen, says 90 per cent of UK oil lies in Scottish waters but we need to be independent to get the revenue it generates.

Isn’t the oil running out?

No. UK Oil and Gas, who represent companies working in the industry, say there are 24 billion barrels left in the North Sea. That is why they are investing record amounts. Even the UK Government have conceded it could last another 50 years.

How much is it worth?

Around £1.5trillion. This could rise as world demand pushes up prices. The International Monetary Fund’s research team have predicted world prices could double by 2022.

Will we be too dependent on oil if we choose independence?

Even without oil, Scotland’s wealth is around the same as the rest of the UK, according to official figures. Ratings agency Standard & Poor’s say, even without oil, Scotland would be one of the most successful economies in the developed world. But the oil is a huge bonus and gives an independent Scotland a great head start.

What does that mean for me and my family?

We can create an oil fund by saving some of the tax – Norway, a country the same size as Scotland, has accumulated an oil fund of £500billion to be used for pensions, healthcare and investment in the future. The UK has failed to set up a fund and squandered our oil wealth.

But the UK Government say the Scottish Government have exaggerated the value of oil

They would say that, wouldn’t they? The highly respected Investors Chronicle magazine said the UK Government are underplaying the value of the North Sea oil because of the forthcoming referendum on independence.

Who else backs the Scottish Government?

Professor Sir Donald MacKay, the world’s foremost expert on oil prices, says the UK government are wrong and the Scottish Government are right. He said: “There is no hole in the Scottish Government’s oil predictions but there is a mountain of black gold missing from the UK Government’s.” The economic think tank N-56 said the figure for future tax revenues was six times more than the UK government claimed.

Is more oil being discovered?

All the time. This month Xcite Energy announced a major new oil find east of Shetland. The Bentley field will produce 700 million barrels over 35 years. The Clair Ridge Project to the west of Shetland is expected to produce 640 million barrels in the future. BP’s publicity video says Clair will make an enormous contribution to the UK economy for many years to come.

Why don’t I know this?

Good question. David Cameron made a secret visit to Shetland to see this important field. But the visit was hushed up along with the latest results of test drilling, which are rumoured to reveal even more oil.

Why would they bury a good news story?

A certain independence vote on September 18. It has even been suggested that workers on the field stand down till after the referendum.

Surely the UK Government are not involved in a cover up?

They have form. When oil was found in the 1970s, a report for ministers by the senior civil servant Gavin McCrone predicted an independent Scotland would be richer than Switzerland. That was kept secret for 30 years.

So they lied to us?

Denis Healey, the former Labour chancellor in the 1970s, admitted the value of oil was played down by Labour and Conservative governments to stop the Scots supporting independence.

How much did these lies cost us?

Around £300billion of oil tax revenue has gone straight to the London Exchequer since oil was discovered. Scotland didn’t receive a penny.

Anything else I should know?

Significant oil finds were made in the Clyde in the 1970s but the industry was blocked by the UK Ministry of Defence because they didn’t want anything interfering with nuclear submarines. Michael Heseltine, defence secretary at the time, admitted it this week.

Last weekend the Scottish Government created a taskforce to examine the potential of oil in the west. A Yes vote will mean the Ministry of Defence will no longer be able to block these developments.

What will independence change?

All the tax money from oil will stay in Scotland and be used for the good of the people who live here.

NHS Not Safe From Private Firms In Controversial TTIP Deal, Westminster Admits


Ministers have admitted the NHS is still on the table as part of secretive talks over a controversial US-EU trade deal that could see it opened up to American corporations. Following protests in London over the weekend, UK trade minister Lord Livingston confirmed that the NHS had not been excluded from talks about the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), insisting that it was because it would “not see any change to its existing obligations”. The admission was seized upon by trade unions, who called on David Cameron to veto any inclusion of the NHS in talks for the controversial deal

Len McCluskey, general secretary of the Unite union, said: “The government is allowing faceless bureaucrats in Brussels and Washington to make the sell-off of our treasured NHS permanent. The French have already used their veto to exclude the French film industry. There is no reason why the British government can’t do the same to protect the NHS. “The people of this country didn’t vote for selling-off our NHS and they didn’t vote to make the sell-off irreversible by giving US companies the right to sue us in secret courts. It is an outrage that this government is prepared to expose our NHS to US companies and Wall Street investors. “Lord Livingstone tried to claim that the NHS won’t be affected, in that case why is the NHS included in the deal and why can’t the government just take the NHS out of TTIP? The government needs to stop trying to pull the wool over our eyes and veto the inclusion of the NHS in TTIP now.”

A poll recently carried out by Survation found that most of those polled (68%) opposed the inclusion of the NHS as part of the deal. Barely one in four (23%) of those planning to vote Conservative supported including the NHS, while 77% of those planning to vote Ukip opposed including it in any TTIP talks. Prime Minister David Cameron has welcomed TTIP, which could be the biggest bilateral trade deal in history, as a “once in a lifetime” opportunity. The trade deal, which could be finalised as early as next year, would create jobs and boost the UK economy by £10 billion a year, supporters say.

Lord Livingston said: “This is a very big prize, removing most tariffs so that more companies will be able to trade with the United States. We are trying to bring standards together, not reduce them. “Our job is to put the facts on the table, give assurances and see this as a good news story.” Syed Kamall, leader of the Conservatives in the European Parliament, recently poured scorn on the “myths’ surrounding the TTIP negotiations. Blogging on the Huffington Post UK, he wrote: “If the TTIP negotiations cover issues other than trade, it becomes known as a “mixed agreement” and will have to be ratified by the British Parliament. “Democratic oversight and transparency is a core shared objective of the parties and Members of the European Parliament across the political spectrum are closely monitoring the different stages of the process in order to inform our citizens and to engage them in the process.”

Second life: Scientists ‘reset’ human stem cells to ‘blank state’

I think this is an amazing breakthrough by Science, but I fear the religious crowd will but an end to it, even if it does save lives, to reset stem cells could see people with brain illness’s and people disabled like me having a better or normal life. I hope it gets the go ahead Worldwide.

Scientists have learned to “reset” human stem cells to their earliest state. This breakthrough gives hope for millions of people suffering from incurable conditions, like Parkinson’s Disease, as scientists hope their success would lead to cures. British and Japanese scientists have managed to reboot stem cells to the state equivalent 7 to 10-day old embryo, before it implants in the womb. “These cells may represent the real starting point for formation of tissues in the human embryo,” said Austin Smith, director of the Britain’s Cambridge Stem Cell Institute, who co-led the research.“Capturing embryonic stem cells is like stopping the developmental clock at the precise moment before they begin to turn into distinct cells and tissues.” Studying the reset cells could lead to a better understanding of human development and how embryo development can go wrong, cause miscarriages and developmental disorders. “We hope that in time they will allow us to unlock the fundamental biology of early development, which is impossible to study directly in people,” Smith said.

In the future, this knowledge could allow the production of safe and more reproducible starting materials for a wide range of applications including cell therapies, scientists said in the study, published in Cell Journal.  Until now it was only possible to produce what in scientific language is called pluripotent stem cells in the lab either from cells extracted from a very early stage embryo or from adult cells that have been induced into a pluripotent state. Human pluripotent stem cells are first of all valuable because of their unique capability to become any of the cells and tissues in the body.

However, scientists have been trying to generate human pluripotent stem cells that are truly pristine (also known as naïve). Before they succeeded, researchers have only been able to derive cells that are slightly further down the developmental pathway, not a totally “blank slate,” scientists say. What happened now is that British and Japanese scientists have managed to induce a ground state by rewiring the genetic circuitry in human embryonic and induced pluripotent stem cells, the University of Cambridge explains. It is much easier to control the process of generating stem cells in mouse cells which can be frozen in a state in their naïve or “blank state” using a protein called LIF. But this is not the case with human cells, which are not as responsive to LIF. That means they require different control, involves switching key genes on and off.

For this reason scientists have been unable to generate human pluripotent cells that are as primitive or as consistent as mouse embryonic stem cells. To avoid this problem, the scientists introduced two genes – NANOG and KLF2 – which caused a network of genes controlling the cell to reboot and induce the early pluripotent state. So now, those “reset cells” share many of the characteristics of authentic naïve embryonic stem cells isolated from mice, suggesting that they represent the earliest stage of development. “Scientists have perfected a reliable way of doing this with mouse cells, but human cells have proved more difficult to arrest and show subtle differences between the individual cells. It’s as if the developmental clock has not stopped at the same time and some cells are a few minutes ahead of others,” Smith said.

Experts say that by helping to regenerate tissue, stem cell science could offer new ways of treating conditions for which there are currently no cures – including heart and eye diseases, Parkinson’s and strokes. But there is still a lot of research required. “We now need to carry out further studies to establish how our cells compare with others,” said Yasuhiro Takashima, of the Japan Science and Technology Agency, who worked with Smith. “We don’t yet know whether these will be a better starting point than existing stem cells for therapies, but being able to start entirely from scratch could prove beneficial.”

Teenagers arrested after ‘Yes voting man’ attacked outside pro-independence gig


Usher Hall: The man was attacked outside the venue in Edinburgh

After this event here How much of this do we have to put up with?

Two teenagers have been arrested after a man was assaulted outside a pro-independence concert. The 48-year-old man was attacked outside the Usher Hall in Edinburgh at 11.50pm on Saturday. It is understood he had attended A Night for Scotland before he was assaulted. More than 2000 supporters packed the venue for a concert showing support for the Yes campaign. Franz Ferdinand, Mogwai, Amy Macdonald and Eddi Reader all took to the stage. Police Scotland said they were called to an assault and two teenagers have been charged. A spokesman for the force said: “Two men have been arrested and charged following an assault on a 48-year old-man outside the Usher Hall around 11.50pm last night. “The two 18-year-olds will appear in court at a later date.”

Scotland – The Pound, Can we put another Myth to bed?


The Pound Scots was the unit of currency in the Kingdom of Scotland before the Kingdom unified with the Kingdom of England in 1770

Seen this on Social Media, don’t want to give the person’s name away, but could it be said we have EVERY right to use the pound? I am trying to get all the lies and show them for what he are, take the currencies below, how is it possible other countries can use the pound but Scotland can’t? Would it be fair to say another Myth has just been put to bed? Thoughts?



Another Myth that we are too small? yes/no?

Another Myth that we are too small? yes/no?

Scotland – 3 days to go, how do you feel? Happy? Hopeful? Sure? Unsure?



Well Scotland we have 3 days to go and the image above captures perfectly the fear the BBC and a few other media outlets are doing, throwing stupid fear at people, SCOTLAND, RISE ABOVE IT. Many think, like me it’s a done deal, we won, yes won, we have gained independence from the Union, a Union of criminals and liars. ANYONE who thought Conspiracy Theorists were nutters need only look at the BBC and other Media to now know what a Conspiracy is. When 3 or more people get together to tell a lie or deceive and to be fair, they have tried EVERY TRICK IN THE BOOK! But failed!

We can say for certain now the No campaign has NOT played fair. I have done a few blogs on the in-coming lies, many of the Facebook referendum owners have warned people too. I knew it was coming. We have Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to get through, to not buy into the lies. I have kept an eye on all the lies and Myths here and Now not all are about Scotland so ignore the other ones

Other know it also...

Today’s Sun Newspaper, small article, but 100% spot on

So 3 days to go. Come Friday Scotland will be in one of two places. 1. Free from a Union of corruption, liars and cheats as we CLEARLY see now Scotland. 2. Part of the Union with HELL to come our way. Make no mistake Scotland, if it’s an unlikely no vote we are in BIG TROUBLE in many ways and Hollyrood can only do so much to protect us. I pray the vote is fair and has no issues at the end. Anyone remember George Bush Jr and his win against Al Gore? Well here is a reminder! When someone becomes POTUS, President of the United States Of America, they get out the car half way up Pennsylvania avenue to the White House

You hear the boos? His car was getting egged and he was the first President EVER to not walk Pennsylvania avenue, why? Well he cheated.

Now George Bush won Florida late on after Al Gore, we were told had won Florida. John Ellis was in charge of Fox News in Florida, his Brother was the Senator for Florida and  Bush’s election team counted the vote in Florida. It was the biggest scam ever. Gore won! Anyone who knows only a small part of this story know’s Bush cheated and 10 Months later on 9/11 the World Changed forever. We need to change our World forever Scotland

Now I know this is America, but Scotland we must we weary that the vote counters are fair. Many are saying “TAKE YOUR OWN PEN AND DON’T VOTE WITH A PENCIL” Now there is a reality to that, many will say “Nonsense Shaun” but think about it, if we all used a Pen and not a Pencil, it would be obvious there was something going on.

So, how do YOU feel about Thursday? You think Yes will win? You think No will win? You confident? You scared? There are so many emotions Scotland. I ask you all right now to not be scared, to 100% know and understand the No camp lied and cheated, but are still likely to lose, why? Because Scotland, we are WAY smarter than that, anyone watching the BBC or reading the Daily record and believing it, please, turn the channel, turn the page

Three days Scotland and we can be free to build a fairer, richer, happier Scotland

Listen and believe the lies and our Children and Grandchildren suffer, badly


Trainspotting Actor Peter Mullan Hits Out At ‘Bullying’ Scottish Referendum No Campaign

Many more are seeing the lies and fear being spread!! At the right time

Many more are seeing the lies and fear being spread!! At the right time

More people are having a REAL go at the No campaign, the BBC and other political liars, THANKFULLY we Scot’s are too smart to take in the lies. So we share the lies on Social media. Back in 1979 when we were lied to in the same circumstances of where we are now, we believed Westminster. Now with Social Media lies and anger and mistruth’s are shared almost right away. Yes Scotland see the lies, we have had enough, so has Peter!


Trainspotting actor actor Peter Mullan has hit out at “scaremongering” by anti-Scottish independence campaigners, branding it “deeply insulting and very patronising”. Mullan, who played Swanney in Danny Boyle’s 1996 film Trainspotting, made the comments as he campaigned for a Yes vote in Glasgow with Scottish Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon. His comments came in the wake of reports that shoppers could have to pay higher prices if Scotland votes for independence next week, and that banks and financial institutions such as Royal Bank of Scotland could move to London.

Alex Salmond has accused the UK treasury of trying to smear the Yes campaign by confirming RBS’s plans to journalists. Actor Mullan, who also starred in Children of Men, is Scottish and described himself as a ‘lifelong supporter’ of independence. He said: “The scaremongering of the last few days was hardly surprising, it wasn’t unexpected. “We all knew that they were going to throw the kitchen sink at us and now they’re basically ripping apart the entire kitchen, it’s plates, cups, saucers, knives, forks, they’re throwing at us. “It makes me angry because it is bullying of the highest order and it is intolerable.

Mullan played Swanney in Trainspotting

Mullan played Swanney in Trainspotting

“In fact it is getting wearisome, every day you wake up and it’s like ‘what will they come up with today, what will they dream up about this catastrophe that will befall us all?’ “It’s deeply insulting and very patronising, this notion that all of us, for the last 2,000 years, hadn’t realised how useless a country we were, how we were incapable of doing anything and how, if as part of a democratic process we choose to determine our own fate, our own destiny, then we are looking towards complete economic meltdown. I find that really insulting. The actor and director said he had never understood why Scotland “didn’t run our own affairs”.  He added: “It was just like an instinct. It’s like breathing. This is something we should never be having to ask ourselves, whether we control our own country.” He also said a Yes vote would be “huge” for Scotland’s arts and cultural sector, claiming: “It will be massive, it will unleash a huge level of creativity we couldn’t even have dreamt of 10, 20, 30, 40 years ago. The confidence it will give to the creatives in our country is incalculable.” While polls increasingly suggest the contest between pro and anti independence campaigners is too close to call, Mullan insisted: “I think it’s going to be a Yes. “When people go into that little booth and they see that very simple question, I really believe a lot of folk who are undecided, when they really think about it, when they go with their heart and their head, I think they will vote Yes.”

Mullan says the No campaign is "bullying"

Mullan says the No campaign is “bullying”

Usher Hall Edinburgh over the weekend If anyone…


Usher Hall, Edinburgh over the weekend. If anyone is in ANY doubt, this is a yes vote. The people of Scotland, the working class have had enough of the lies and criminal activity of Westminster. We have said Yes. To see this in my City is Amazing. Come Friday morning and beyond I think there will be MANY MORE Parties like this – We are Winning Scotland!

Other know it also...

Other know it also…

As we all thought, the Yes campaign is miles ahead?


I caught this image on friends Facebook wall, now I have been saying for a month at least now that all the polls, independent polls on the ground were returning 70% Yes votes. Now this article by Andrew Nicoll from the Sun newspaper is small but he is telling a truth many others are or have been. I believe Yes has won this with room to spare. Scotland has rejected BBC lies and propaganda being thrown at us by a few other media outlets.  Andrew is a decent writer, read some of his stuff. Has he just said Yes will win? Because that is what I am seeing, ALL THE TIME! The YouGov and other polls are either very wrong or the Yes people in Scotland marching all over Scotland are wrong. What do you think Scotland?


This was a Facebook straw poll conducted over the last few days, so far 16,000 people have voted and AGAIN what we all see here in Scotland shows a HUGE 70% Yes Vote. All the Polls that have been conducted on Social media and by have came back always with a 70% average. This is the site here

Every poll conducted by the people, not any of the official polls have came back with a resounding YES. Also when a No campaigner Politician books a hall it is empty, when a Yes campaigner/Politician books a hall, it’s full!

A similar vote

Tommy Sheridan has filled halls over Scotland hand it's not just him

I have seen a ton of this, an empty no debate hall. Why media not showing the truth?