Scotland – 3 days to go, how do you feel? Happy? Hopeful? Sure? Unsure?



Well Scotland we have 3 days to go and the image above captures perfectly the fear the BBC and a few other media outlets are doing, throwing stupid fear at people, SCOTLAND, RISE ABOVE IT. Many think, like me it’s a done deal, we won, yes won, we have gained independence from the Union, a Union of criminals and liars. ANYONE who thought Conspiracy Theorists were nutters need only look at the BBC and other Media to now know what a Conspiracy is. When 3 or more people get together to tell a lie or deceive and to be fair, they have tried EVERY TRICK IN THE BOOK! But failed!

We can say for certain now the No campaign has NOT played fair. I have done a few blogs on the in-coming lies, many of the Facebook referendum owners have warned people too. I knew it was coming. We have Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to get through, to not buy into the lies. I have kept an eye on all the lies and Myths here and Now not all are about Scotland so ignore the other ones

Other know it also...

Today’s Sun Newspaper, small article, but 100% spot on

So 3 days to go. Come Friday Scotland will be in one of two places. 1. Free from a Union of corruption, liars and cheats as we CLEARLY see now Scotland. 2. Part of the Union with HELL to come our way. Make no mistake Scotland, if it’s an unlikely no vote we are in BIG TROUBLE in many ways and Hollyrood can only do so much to protect us. I pray the vote is fair and has no issues at the end. Anyone remember George Bush Jr and his win against Al Gore? Well here is a reminder! When someone becomes POTUS, President of the United States Of America, they get out the car half way up Pennsylvania avenue to the White House

You hear the boos? His car was getting egged and he was the first President EVER to not walk Pennsylvania avenue, why? Well he cheated.

Now George Bush won Florida late on after Al Gore, we were told had won Florida. John Ellis was in charge of Fox News in Florida, his Brother was the Senator for Florida and  Bush’s election team counted the vote in Florida. It was the biggest scam ever. Gore won! Anyone who knows only a small part of this story know’s Bush cheated and 10 Months later on 9/11 the World Changed forever. We need to change our World forever Scotland

Now I know this is America, but Scotland we must we weary that the vote counters are fair. Many are saying “TAKE YOUR OWN PEN AND DON’T VOTE WITH A PENCIL” Now there is a reality to that, many will say “Nonsense Shaun” but think about it, if we all used a Pen and not a Pencil, it would be obvious there was something going on.

So, how do YOU feel about Thursday? You think Yes will win? You think No will win? You confident? You scared? There are so many emotions Scotland. I ask you all right now to not be scared, to 100% know and understand the No camp lied and cheated, but are still likely to lose, why? Because Scotland, we are WAY smarter than that, anyone watching the BBC or reading the Daily record and believing it, please, turn the channel, turn the page

Three days Scotland and we can be free to build a fairer, richer, happier Scotland

Listen and believe the lies and our Children and Grandchildren suffer, badly