♫ I Just Voted Yes ♪

Mary Pitcaithly

Mary Pitcaithly

For all of time the image of the woman above’s face will be etched into all our brains here in Scotland. I will tell you why at the bottom. 

So I voted yes, took seconds, used a pen, got shouted at for trying to take a picture in the Ballot room 😀


Was a bit annoyed, as were others at 2 No signs and 1 Yes sign, but there was a big guy there with a Yes sticker on his blue jacket



As I entered this room I could hear my history calling me, I actually stood for a few seconds remembering the blood that was spilled in the 1300’s, this is how big a deal this is for me, and of course Scotland



Polling Station was right in-front of my Daughters School. As you can see it was a ‘Dreek’ day



Polling station on the left end of the road to the main road at the bottom, the woods

I votes Yes 😉 ♪

Now come 6/7am tomorrow I want to hear these words…

I, Mary Pitcaithly the chief counting officer hereby announce Scotland has voted to become an independent Sovereign Nation”

The Woman above will be the first person on the planet to know if we votes yes or no, I pray as do my Kin for a yes vote, it can’t be anything else