The Universe In All Her Glory – WOW

Photographic technology allows us to see further and further

Photographic technology allows us to see further and further

Sometimes we must take our minds away from our small spec of dust in a cosmic beach and realize we are but a tiny grain within a trillion others, jaw dropping images I think.  I believe if we all had a chance to go to space and look down on the beauty that is ‘Earth’ We may become better, she is amazing, yet we kill her. Look further afield and we see how insignificant we actually are in the grand design of the Universe 

This is what it looks like 3 years after a stellar outburst:

The Glowing Eye of NGC 6751, a type X nebula in the Milky Way:

A beautiful new image of part of NGC 2174, also known as the Monkey Head Nebula:

The Eskimo Nebula:

Hubble Mosaic of the Majestic Sombrero Galaxy:

The magnificent starburst galaxy Messier 82:

The Hourglass Nebula:

The Whirlpool Galaxy (M51) and companion galaxy:

This is a runaway galaxy that was captured hurtling thru space:

This is a nebula called The Mystic Mountain..The colours in this composite image correspond to the glow of oxygen (blue), hydrogen and nitrogen (green), and sulphur (red):

Ever wonder what it looks like when 2 galaxys begin to collide?:

Spectacular Hubble view of Centaurus A:

Something a bit more closer to home, Saturn in natural colors:

Brace yourself for this one, this is not CGI, this is a real photo!
The star cluster Pismis 24 located in the core of the large emission nebula NGC 6357:

Quadruple Saturn moon transit snapped by Hubble

Most detailed image of the Crab Nebula:

This one here I like alot, its a very good angle and distance from a galaxy to offer additional detail…just a little closer than usual, I give you the Flocculent spiral NGC 2841:

Hubble images searchlight beams from a preplanetary nebula:

Ever wonder what our Earth looks like from really far away? Like around 114 Million Miles away? The 2 bright lights In the bottom left portion of this image are the Earth and Moon imaged by the Messenger spacecraft,
taken on May 6th, 2010:

And finally a new updated photo taken of the Hubble Deep Field, each spot of light here is a galaxy. This may be the most profound space image I have ever seen. Space really is infinite:

10 Mysterious Photos that cannot be Explained…


The Solway Firth Spaceman Mystery

By Shaun Gibson – @ShaunyNews

As a lad who has always been drawn to the unnatural and unreal in life I am always on the lookout for things to spark my imagination and get me thinking. Many ask me “Shaun, how can you sleep at night doing all this” The answer is simple, I am open minded and I don’t scare easy. I never understand where %s for canvassing comes from but one I seen today told us this

People who believe in God are 73% less likely to politically and socially confront injustice in this life.

Basically people who believe in the good book and God are less likely to ask questions others do. I am a believer in “Live and let live” a moral God and Bible lovers alike should also try and be, not all, but the majority. I added ‘John Lennon – Imagine’ to my sidebar on right there and I got a reply “Oh no Shaun, I can’t have that, why would we want to heaven” Now the person was referring to the lyrics “Imagine there’s no Heaven” NOW…I ask many questions of many people as I crave knowledge so when debate happens I can hold my own a little. I asked a religious person “How could Noah have got 2 of every Animal onto a boat, he had no way of going to say Australia and getting 2 Kangaroos” The answer is the same EVERY TIME “It’s a metaphor Shaun” Well, the Song Imagine speaks of a World where there is no religious hatred, no intolerance towards others and peace on Earth, something we will never see as throughout history we see we are a species of war, power and wealth, the haves and have not’s = THE SONG IS A METAPHOR FOR PEACE ON EARTH, AGAIN, SOMETHING NONE OF US WILL EVER SEE

Anyway, a video and the images to go with it, I find this stuff truly fascinating, to open one’s mind to possibilities we can’t imagine is a good thing, as above with the % re: God, I could not live a life with a one track mind believing only what a book tells me, but trust me, I respect anyone and everyone’s will, who am I to judge anyone? I am not perfect, nobody is, yet we judge anyway




10. Does The Babushka Lady Have Evidence To JFK’s Assassination?


Many mysteries still cloud the 1963 assassination of John F. Kennedy. One of them is the Babushka Lady, a nickname that was given to an unidentified woman who was repeatedly recorded at the scene of the shooting, using a video recorder. Police tried tracking down the woman, in hopes that her footage would reveal clues that could help with the investigation, but to this day, she has never been identified.

A woman named Beverly Oliver came forward in 1970, claiming to be the Babushka Lady. She said that either FBI or Special Agents had tracked her down years prior and requested to develop the film she had taken at the scene of the crime, which she handed over. They then vanished, and she never heard from them again. Oliver’s claims have been highly discredited due to various inconsistencies with her story, mainly the fact that she was 17 years old at the time, when the photos seem to show a middle-aged woman, and her inability to correctly identify the model of the camera she was known to be using. In 1994, Oliver wrote a book chronicling her memories of Dallas the day of the shooting, entitled, Nightmare In Dallas. Oliver was also the basis for a scene in John Oliver’s film, JFK.

9. Hessdalen Lights: Alien Or Natural Battery?


The Hessdalen Lights are a spectacular, but unexplained light show, that can be seen various times throughout the year in the skies over Norway. The lights were most active from 1981 through 1984, when people traveled from all over the world to camp out and see the lights which were said to be visible 15-20 times per week. These days, the sightings are down to about 15-20 times a year.

A scientific explanation for these lights remains unproven, leading many to hypothesize that they are caused by alien spacecraft. Other sightings including headlights, mirages, astronomical bodies and aircraft have been noted.

However, as of May 2014, some scientists think they might have uncovered the mystery. The hypothesis is that the metallic rock inside the mountains, combined with the heavy amounts of sulfur in the river, have created a battery. When ionized gas is created from the fumes, the lights become visible. This theory is still not proven, though, and the mystery continues.

8. The Mystery Of The Hook Island Sea Monster


If these photos of the Hook Island Sea Monster were taken present day, they would largely be accused of Photoshop. However, they were taken on December 12, 1964 and have been widely circulated since then. And, in case you’ve forgotten, there was no Photoshop in 1964.

Robert Le Serrec and his wife were off the coast of Stonehaven Bay in Hook Island, Queensland. When his wife spotted the alarming mass on the lagoon floor, they took several photos while trying to identify it. They are reported as saying it looked like a giant tadpole-like creature, with an estimated length of 75-80 feet long. The assumed creature didn’t move and the couple thought it might be dead, so they approached it in hopes of gaining recorded footage of it. But when the creature began moving and opened its mouth, they hurried back to their boat in which time, the creature swam away.

7. The Solway Firth Spaceman Mystery


When Jim Templeton took photos of his wife and daughter on a sunny day in Cumbria, England, during the summer of 1964, he didn’t know he would soon become a permanent debate among conspiracy theorists and UFO believers. But that’s what happened when he had his film developed and noticed, what appears to be a man in a space suit, standing behind his daughter. Templeton said that he did not notice anyone other than his wife and daughter at the time of shooting. When he took the photos to the police, they gave it back to him and said there was nothing suspicious about it. But when his local newspaper picked it up an hour later, it was soon circulating worldwide.

Many people have debunked this photo by saying that, what appears to be a spaceman is nothing more than the girl’s mother standing farther up the hill behind her, washed out by an optical illusion of light and shadows. Others firmly stand by the claim that it is a spaceman, with legends of a missile launch that was set to take place in the same area, that was abruptly aborted because of sightings of two men in white spacesuits that match the description of the figure in the Templeton’s photo.

6. The S.S. Watertown Phantom Faces


James Courtney and Michael Meehan were cleaning a cargo tank on the S.S. Watertown on its way to New York City, in 1924. The men were overcome with gas fumes and died. As customary of the time, the two men were buried at sea. But for days following their sea burial, the reflections of the two men’s faces were seen in the water. The faces were so clear, Captain Keith Tracy followed orders to get a photograph of the two phantoms, which he did.

5. Is There An Alien Satellite Orbitting Earth?


Could there possibly be a satellite that has been orbiting earth for the past 13,000 years, that was put there by aliens? If you believe the Black Knight conspiracies, then the answer is yes. Some have tied it to the “long delayed echoes” and a radio signal that Nikola Tesla picked up in 1899, which he believed to be coming from outer space. The rumors of it being a satellite originated in the 1950s, when newspaper stories were published, attributing UFO researcher Donald Keyhoe, to claims that the U.S. Air Force had reported finding two satellites orbiting the Earth when none had been launched from Earth at that point.

4. The Cooper Family’s Unwanted Dinner Guest


Legend has it, when the Cooper family (shown in the photo) moved into their new house, this was the first photo that was taken. When the picture was developed, the image of a body falling from the ceiling was clearly visible. Further investigation on this story yields no more information on this story, though, leading many to believe that it’s just some sort of image trickery or hoax. The origins of the photo and when they first surfaced are unclear.

3. Are There Pyramids On The Dark Side Of The Moon?


What exactly is lurking up there on the dark side of the moon? If you believe the moon skeptics, there’s a whole lot more than NASA ever let on, and this photo proves it. Taken by Apollo 17 during the last flight to the moon, this photo was listed as blank in the photographic index. While it definitely is washed out by exposure and noise problems, there does seem to be a formation, not unlike a mountain or a pyramid. Some believe that there are great pyramids, as well as castles on the moon and that NASA has been covering it up all along, but that this photo slipped through the cracks and reveals the truth to what they’ve known all along.

2. Goddard’s Squadron Photograph Of Freddy Jackson


In 1919, Freddy Jackson was accidentally killed by an airplane propeller while working as an air mechanic in the squadron of Sir Victor Goddard. Two days later, the squadron took a photo together – but when Goddard had it developed, he noticed something, the impossible – Freddy Jackson was in the photo. When he showed it to his crew, the men agreed that it was indeed, Jackson, despite the fact that he had died two days prior to the photo being taken, and that the group photo was held on the same day as Jackson’s funeral. It is believed that Jackson’s spirit was unaware of his death and showed up to have his picture taken as scheduled.

1. The Mysterious Death Of Elisa Lam

Elisa Lam was a 21 year old student staying at the Hotel Cecil in Los Angeles, when she went missing in January 2013. Her body was found contaminating the water two weeks later in the hotel’s water tank by the maintenance man. Lam reportedly suffered from bipolar disorder. At first glance, this story could be chalked up to a freak accident. However, there are many very notable and extremely strange coincidences surrounding her death.

The first bit of evidence is the bizarre video, and last known sighting of Lam. Getting onto an elevator, Lam proceeds to push numerous floor buttons but the elevator doors do not close. Then she begins to seem as though she is hiding in the corner from something passing by, but nothing shows on the video. Then she gets out of the elevator, looks around erratically, back into the elevator again and back out – all while the doors have never budged. Minutes go by, as her strange behavior continues and after Lam vanishes from sight, the elevator doors close, re-open, close again, and proceed to the next floor.

Those who don’t believe her death was an accident are also very quick to point out that two serial killers have stayed in the Cecil hotel, where there has also been a murder on premises and three reported suicides, making this a “murder hotel.” Other strange coincidences include a test for a tuberculosis outbreak that had occurred a few blocks from the hotel, which was called the LAM-ELISA. No one has been able to explain how Lam was able to get onto the roof, which was barricaded at the time. And then there’s the fact that someone updated her blog, six months after her death.

Needless to say, Hollywood snatched this story up immediately and announced early 2014, that a film based on Lam’s most mysterious death would be released in 2015.

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SNP condemns UK plans to allow fracking drilling below people’s land


By Shaun Gibson : @ShaunyNews

The Scottish Government has condemned UK plans to allow fracking companies to drill below people’s land without their agreement.

Sinkholes have been appearing all over the World due to Fracking and there is no guarantee it wouldn’t happen in Scotland, this is the Sinkhole to anyone unsure 



A sinkhole which swallowed a car on a driveway in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire



The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) said it will press ahead with proposals to simplify underground access for oil and gas developers despite the objection of 99% of respondents to a consultation. The UK-wide plan would give companies the right to drill at depths of 300 metres or more under private land without negotiating a right of access. Energy Minister Fergus Ewing said decisions on oil and gas drilling in Scotland should be made by the people who live there, and powers relating to the issue should be included in the current devolution process. Mr Ewing said: “UK Government proposals to remove the right of Scottish householders to object to drilling under their homes, without so much as debate in the Scottish Parliament, flies in the face of Scotland’s cautious, considered and evidence based approach on this issue. It is also fundamentally an issue affecting land ownership rights.

“Whatever your view on the issue of unconventional oil and gas – and it is clear that there are both opportunities and concerns – there is only one way that the people of Scotland can determine the approach in Scotland – including beneath their homes and land. “That is with the devolution of the necessary powers to Scotland and the current devolution process for the “extensive new powers” promised in the vow should include these powers. “Unconventional oil and gas developments should only ever happen under a robust regulatory regime, and the Scottish Government takes this issue particularly seriously.”  Hydraulic fracturing or fracking involves pumping water, chemicals and sand at high pressure underground to fracture shale rock and release the gas trapped in it. Wells can be drilled horizontally, leading to exploration under land around the site.


The DECC ran a consultation from May 23 to August 15 asking respondents whether the government should legislate for underground access to gas, oil and geothermal developers below 300 metres. Of the 40,647 people who responded, more than 99% opposed the idea. In their submissions opponents said there should be more focus on renewable energy sources and that “changing laws that protect people’s private property to aid the extraction of unconventional gas is wrong”. People who supported the plan said there was significant economic benefit in easing access for developers.

The Government response, published today, said: “We acknowledge the large number of responses against the proposal and the fact that the proposal has provided an opportunity for the public to voice their concerns and raise issues.

“However the role of the consultation was to seek arguments and evidence to consider in developing the proposed policy. Whilst a wide range of arguments were raised and points covered, we did not identify any issues that persuaded us to change the basic form of the proposals. “Having carefully considered the consultation responses, we believe that the proposed policy remains the right approach to underground access and that no issues have been identified that would mean that our overall policy approach is not the best available solution. “We will therefore put before Parliament primary legislation to implement the policy proposals set out in the consultation paper. Parliament’s scrutiny of the provisions will provide further opportunities for public engagement on the issues.”

The consultation stated that under the present system a single landowner had the power to significantly delay a development “even though the drilling and use of underground wells does not affect their enjoyment of their land”. “We intend to change this system by making it less burdensome for companies to gain underground access rights,” it said. Companies looking to develop shale gas and oil would still need to obtain all the necessary environmental and planning permissions but the proposed legislation would effectively remove the issue of trespass at depths of 300 metres or more. Under the proposals people living on the ground above a horizontal well extending more than 200 metres would receive a payment of #20,000.


Mary Church, head of campaigns at Friends Of The Earth Scotland, said: “It is absolutely outrageous that the UK Government has ignored over 99% of responses to this consultation, and the stated objection of the Scottish Government, that the removal of people’s rights to object to fracking underneath their homes is simply unacceptable. “This is literally legislating for the 1%. “(David) Cameron and (George) Osborne’s blinkered dash for gas risks putting the UK on course for climate catastrophe and endangers the health and wellbeing of communities across central and southern Scotland.”

Scotland – Is Our World Waking Up To Corporate Greed?


Wait, I thought it was 45%

By Shaun Gibson : @ShaunyNews

If you have no desire to debate this as an Adult, do not reply, your opinion if hateful will be deleted, nobody will see it, lets be adults ok, please, educate yourself here. And if I am wrong tell me where, if I am right, tell me why

Fascism is a word we hear and just hop we are not it, but define Fascism, here this is Fascism


When a voice of hope comes, we kill it, it’s been this way for hundreds of years and won’t change soon

Fascism (/fæʃɪzəm/) is a form of radical authoritarian nationalism that came to prominence in early 20th-century Europe. Influenced by national syndicalism, fascism originated in Italy in the immediate aftermath of World War I, combining more typically right-wing positions with elements of left-wing politics, in opposition to liberalism, Marxism, and traditional conservatism. Although fascism is usually placed on the far-right on the traditional left–right spectrum, a number of academics have said that the description is inadequate.
Fascists sought to unify their nation through an authoritarian state that promoted the mass mobilization of the national community and were characterized by having leadership that initiated a revolutionary political movement aiming to reorganize the nation along principles according to fascist ideology. Fascist movements shared certain common features, including the veneration of the state, a devotion to a strong leader, and an emphasis on ultranationalism andmilitarism. Fascism views political violence, war, and imperialism as a means to achieve national rejuvenation, and it asserts that stronger nations have the right to expand their territory by displacing weaker nations.
Fascist ideology consistently invokes the primacy of the state. Leaders such as Benito Mussolini in Italy and Adolf Hitler in Nazi Germany embodied the state and claimed immense power. Fascism borrowed theories and terminology from socialism but replaced socialism’s focus on class conflict with a focus on conflict between nations and races.Fascists advocate a mixed economy, with the principal goal of achieving autarky to secure national self-sufficiency and independence through protectionist and interventionist economic policies. Following World War II, few parties have openly described themselves as fascist, and the term is usually used pejoratively by political opponents. The terms neo-fascist or post-fascist are sometimes applied more formally to describe parties of the far right with ideological similarities to, or roots in, 20th century fascist movements.

Does any of that look familiar to anyone? Political decisions dictated by a corporation, big global companies dictating political issues and in sometimes I would guess do more than influence. Look at it this way. When Obama and Cameron, USA and UK respectively, are given huge amounts of money by big banks and CEOs of global companies and then win the election and then become ruler of that country, I ask simply, does that leader look out for you and I or do they look out for their friends and funding friends from the financial sector? I think you now know the answer
10 years ago or so I was on Internet chat rooms, forums, whatever telling this exact story and got laughed at, well Scotland you seen Corporate Greed, Power over all, lies and crime by our leaders up close and personal. The very thing I noticed myself way back when I was younger and new to the workings of the internet, I had to research, but we must be careful, you see if one person comes into this blog here, Facebook or Twitter and utters the word ‘Conspiracy’ People will then look away, or will they? The45% in Scotland, what you seen on September the 18th was a Worldwide Machine come into play. Many are cunning and will ask “Why if it was fraud did Cameron come up to Scotland almost crying for people to vote no” It leads people to think ‘Yeah that’s true, oh well, I accept the vote. This is giving into the Machine of lies, the media are bought and paid for and they, the leaders care about wealth and power for them and their friends. But did man land of the moon? of course, there is proof, does Alien Life visit Earth? NO! It is test flights of planes we will see 20 years from now. See you must be careful what you believe, it it so very easy, trust me, to get drawn into every so called lie ever said. Once I did, now I am older I educated myself to the real truth, and this is it, and now YOU have seen it in your face

A message 73 year ago, worth it’s weight in Gold today still, see NOTHING changed, we are a War Species 

I believe the World is waking up, look around the World today and you will see people against Power, Political power. The USA were in-fact the first Country to actively try through The ‘Anonymous movement ‘ We in Scotland say we are the 45% I say we must become the 99% also. The lies and crime that caused a no vote in Scotland, I guess I should have seen, stupidly I thought my country was different and away from all that, had we won, we would have be away from War, yeah the War just announced through a ‘Fair Parliamentary vote’ that the UK will spend money on bombs and more. A fraction of what the UK will spend in the coming Months in this war could close 2,000 food banks in the UK or fund more, and don’t think for a second this will be quick. Remember this from George Bush?

Proof, if needed Politicians lie, look at the years in difference

This was on 1st May 2003m it is 2014 and back we all go in to fight a force called IS/ISIS or whatever you call them, a force manufactured, made up and money spent on. Don’t believe me, what about this guy? Robin Cook, he died after saying this here

A nutter? Or the truth?

A nutter? Or the truth?

The Real World Was Never Going To Allow Scotland To Be Free, why? BECAUSE WE HAVE TOO MUCH OF THAT BLACK STUFF, OIL! Scotland, oil is why we go to War, this is why Scotland was never going to keep her Oil. Anyone with half a brain here in Scotland is slowly seeing the harsh truth I and many others seen unfold over the last 20 years or so, maybe longer. JFK from the USA made a remarkable speech, 10 days later he was dead in Dallas. How many videos must I share. You ever noticed, through history, when someone with a voice of hope comes along, we kill them!  JFK and his Brother were 2, there were many more as I posted above, that image should be a warning to us should we ever feel we need one

The Speech that got JFK killed, we all know this now 


Lets look at the World




422098_244818158991649_1285795377_n (1)




internet will fight back


Now lets look closer to home Scotland 




images (1)



Now it becomes clear I think. No matter what we do, we lose. Can we win? I doubt it, it will mean standing up hard Scotland 




UK purchases 20 Tomahawk missiles ahead of ISIS operation – Slapping our poor in the face

A Tomahawk cruise missile is launched against ISIS targets from the a U.S. Navy guided-missile destroyer in the Red Sea September 23, 2014

A Tomahawk cruise missile is launched against ISIS targets from the a U.S. Navy guided-missile destroyer in the Red Sea September 23, 2014

By Shaun Gibson : @ShaunyNews

A complete slap in the face of the people of the UK this is. While food banks (Below) go up and public sector cuts are on the rise, Westminster ‘somehow’ find money for war. I do believe IS/ISIS need to be hit and hit hard, but the facts are, the USA and UK created IS/ISIS by destroying Iraq that was a functioning country, Libya that was working for it’s people. I know people from both countries, now places these radicals live, grow and kill are. Had we left well alone we would not have to clean up the mess. Maybe one day soon the people of this World will realise War = Money. Go research the Rothschild and Halliburton and sit down when you do, you won’t believe the truth that will be there waiting

In preparation to join the fight against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militant group, the United Kingdom has purchased 20 Tomahawk missiles from the United States, the Daily Mail reported on Friday. The $32-million transaction comes after a majority of British MPs voted in favor of joining U.S.-led efforts against the militant group, namely in the form of airstrikes in Iraq. Tomahawk missiles, fired from submarines and can turn around a corner upon a computer command, have been used by the U.S. and Arab states in their bombardment of ISIS. The missiles can hover around above a target for more than two hours and can be retargeted while in flight, the Mail said, adding that the newly-acquired weaponry will be used by the British army in Operation Shader.

While the strikes are limited to ISIS targets in Iraq, Operation Shader will be directed from a bunker in the al-Udeid airbase in Qatar where it will be linked directly to U.S. Central Command. Targets will be drawn from a list compiled by the U.S. military but the Royal Air Force will also survey the ground for mobile ISIS units prior to issuance of orders to strike. British Special Forces units known as Smash teams have already conducted reconnaissance to provide up-to-date information on the militants, the Mail said.

Beyond the air strikes

British forces will reportedly use a technique called ‘painting a target’ in which a site is pinpointed to be struck using a laser beam from a portable device that bounces off a structure a few hundred meters away detected by an aircraft or a missile sensor which deploys the weapon. Operation Shader will also make use of Tornados, warplanes flown by the RAF will also fly Tornados in both Gulf Wars and Afghanistan, and will carry Paveway bombs for small targets, Storm Shadow bunker busters and supersonic Brimstone missiles capable of targeting and hitting moving objects like cars or motorbikes.


Always money for War and not our kids

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