The Universe In All Her Glory – WOW

Photographic technology allows us to see further and further

Photographic technology allows us to see further and further

Sometimes we must take our minds away from our small spec of dust in a cosmic beach and realize we are but a tiny grain within a trillion others, jaw dropping images I think.  I believe if we all had a chance to go to space and look down on the beauty that is ‘Earth’ We may become better, she is amazing, yet we kill her. Look further afield and we see how insignificant we actually are in the grand design of the Universe 

This is what it looks like 3 years after a stellar outburst:

The Glowing Eye of NGC 6751, a type X nebula in the Milky Way:

A beautiful new image of part of NGC 2174, also known as the Monkey Head Nebula:

The Eskimo Nebula:

Hubble Mosaic of the Majestic Sombrero Galaxy:

The magnificent starburst galaxy Messier 82:

The Hourglass Nebula:

The Whirlpool Galaxy (M51) and companion galaxy:

This is a runaway galaxy that was captured hurtling thru space:

This is a nebula called The Mystic Mountain..The colours in this composite image correspond to the glow of oxygen (blue), hydrogen and nitrogen (green), and sulphur (red):

Ever wonder what it looks like when 2 galaxys begin to collide?:

Spectacular Hubble view of Centaurus A:

Something a bit more closer to home, Saturn in natural colors:

Brace yourself for this one, this is not CGI, this is a real photo!
The star cluster Pismis 24 located in the core of the large emission nebula NGC 6357:

Quadruple Saturn moon transit snapped by Hubble

Most detailed image of the Crab Nebula:

This one here I like alot, its a very good angle and distance from a galaxy to offer additional detail…just a little closer than usual, I give you the Flocculent spiral NGC 2841:

Hubble images searchlight beams from a preplanetary nebula:

Ever wonder what our Earth looks like from really far away? Like around 114 Million Miles away? The 2 bright lights In the bottom left portion of this image are the Earth and Moon imaged by the Messenger spacecraft,
taken on May 6th, 2010:

And finally a new updated photo taken of the Hubble Deep Field, each spot of light here is a galaxy. This may be the most profound space image I have ever seen. Space really is infinite: