Child Grooming ‘Normal’ In Parts Of Manchester

Child Grooming 'Normal' In Parts Of Manchester

Child Grooming ‘Normal’ In Parts Of Manchester

By Shaun Gibson : @ShaunyNews

Child sexual exploitation is a “real and ongoing problem” that has become “normal” in some parts of Greater Manchester, according to a new report. It suggests that youngsters are exposed to an increasing amount of explicit music and pornography which it is claimed is fuelling the problem.  The independent report by Ann Coffey, Labour MP for Stockport, was commissioned by Tony Lloyd, the Greater Manchester Police and Crime Commissioner, in response to a number of high-profile child exploitation cases. Home Secretary Theresa May described its findings as “shocking”.

In 2012, nine Asian men were jailed for grooming girls with alcohol, drugs and gifts before forcing them to have sex with multiple men.

The case led to claims the authorities had ignored the problem for reasons of “political correctness”. Ms Coffey said: “My observations will make painful reading for those who hoped that Rochdale was an isolated case. This is a real and ongoing problem. “I have been concerned about the number of people who have told me that in some neighbourhoods child sexual exploitation had become the new social norm. “This social norm has perhaps been fuelled by the increased sexualisation of children and young people and an explosion of explicit music videos and the normalisation of quasi-pornographic images. “Sexting, selfies, Instagram and the like have given rise to new social norms and changed expectations of sexual entitlement, and with it a confused understanding of what constitutes consent.”

Some schoolgirls told her they were regularly approached by older men in the street and urged to get into cars on their way home from school. The problem will not be tackled unless there is a “sea change” in public attitudes away from a culture of blaming children and young people for bringing about their own sexual exploitation, the report claimed. Nicola Pomfrey first became the victim of exploitation from the age of 14. She said the man she was with controlled every aspect of her life.  She told Sky News: “It felt like we were friends at first, he kept buying me food and cigarettes. Then it turned into a relationship. “But as time went on I felt like I was trapped, there was no-one I could turn to and I became isolated from friends and family.

Handling Of Abuse Slammed

Handling Of Abuse Slammed

“I was vulnerable, I needed the attention and I got it from the wrong place. “At the time I didn’t feel like telling the police, or a social worker or a teacher would do any good. I suppose I didn’t think they would believe that I was a victim.”

Home Secretary Theresa May said a public consultation would be held on whether teachers, doctors and other officials should have a duty to report any suspicions – or face the law. “This is yet another disturbing report which highlights unacceptable failings by authorities at a local level to ensure the protection of children,” said Mrs May. “The report’s findings about the scale of child sexual exploitation and attitudes towards it are particularly alarming.”

Hayley Harewood, chief executive of Oldham-based charity Keep Our Girls Safe, which helps around 200 young girls at risk of sexual exploitation, agreed with the report’s findings. “It is true that in some areas child sexual exploitation is normal. It is often the first experience many girls have in terms of a relationship,” she said. “On most occasions the girls don’t realise what’s happening to them until it is too late and they are trapped.”

The 148-page report, titled Real Voices – Child Sexual Exploitation In Greater Manchester, recommends a radical new approach to tackling the problem led by young people, which recognises that the police, justice system and children’s services alone cannot succeed in protecting children.

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Amelia Earhart Mystery: Plane Fragment Found?

Researchers say this strip was from a repair to Earhart's plane

Researchers say this strip was from a repair to Earhart’s plane

By Shaun Gibson : @ShaunyNews

A fragment of metal found on an uninhabited Pacific atoll came from the missing plane flown by legendary US pilot Amelia Earhart, researchers claim. She disappeared on a round-the-world flight in July 1937 – a mystery that has enthralled aviation enthusiasts ever since. The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery (TIGHAR) says it has forensic evidence the strip of aluminium discovered in 1991 on the island of Nikumaroro is from her aircraft. The organisation says the 19in by 23in piece came from a repaired window unit on her Lockheed Electra aircraft. Earhart, who became the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic in 1932, went missing five years later during a circumnavigation of the globe. She and her navigator Fred Noonan had just taken off from Papua New Guinea en route to Howland Island, three-quarters of the way through their trip. TIGHAR believes the pair landed on Nikumaroro, which is in the republic of Kiribati, after running out of fuel, then died there as castaways. It is not the first time TIGHAR has linked this patch of metal to Earhart’s plane.

Amelia Earhart disappeared in July 1937

Amelia Earhart disappeared in July 1937

The organisation’s spokesman Ric Gillespie was greeted by scepticism when he made the claim at a news conference in Washington DC in 1992. Critics pointed out that the piece did not match any component of a Lockheed Electra. Mr Gillespie, who has been investigating the Earhart mystery for 26 years, went away and conducted extensive further research into the strip of aluminium. But the aviation sleuth could not match its rivets to any other plane that flew over the Pacific. TIGHAR then looked again at a Miami Herald photo of Earhart in the Florida city, when she had her plane repaired in May 1937 during her record attempt. It shows she had a specially installed window on the aircraft covered with a strip of aluminium. TIGHAR hired forensic imaging specialist Jeff Glickman to compare the rivet lines and other features of the metal fragment in the photo. Mr Gillespie says it is a perfect match. “That’s the fingerprint,” he told Sky News. During a previous TIGHAR expedition, sonar imagery detected an anomaly 600ft underwater off the island, where its researchers believe Earhart’s plane drifted into the ocean. The organisation plans to return to the atoll in June next year with a remote operated vehicle to investigate the object.

Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan

Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan

The atoll of Nikumaroro

The atoll of Nikumaroro

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Fake News!! CNN & BBC Busted!! ISIS Is A Fake Threat!! 2014 (AS I HAVE SAID)



By Shaun Gibson : @ShaunyNews

I have said MANY times now Al Qaeda and ISIS are fake and are run by the USA and the UK. Well thanks to social media like me, WE HAVE BUSTED IT ALL WIDE OPEN! If you watch this video and still think the BBC and Fox News are still telling  the truth, if you watch this video and believe ISIS and Al Qaeda are REAL you are a fool. I BEG YOU WAKE UP AND WATCH THIS VIDEO. I can only share what I am sent, I can only open the door, you are the one who must open your mind to the truth and walk through the door. Russia, China and many European countries are WELL AWARE the USA and UK are telling lies. This is a game changer, we have the proof. Now what? This happened in the Boston Bombing, this happens ALL THE TIME so gullible people watching Fox News and the BBC will believe and allow and support War against who?I will tell you why, FOR OIL! And War makes money. Links and videos below. TIME TO WAKE UP GUYS. Please at least watch the video. It is real and it has been confirmed several times the sources are real. I will have more later, for now, BUSTED USA, BUSTED UK! There is an agenda by certain global Elite that want war, they are trying to destabalise the Middle East to get a foothold in there. China are aware of this and are buying HUGE amounts of land in Africa, check: January 13th, 2013! I knew then and I know more now. We as a species best wake up before they Elitists actually get to their goal. That goal is complete control, the fact I can write this and others (I AM NOT A LONE VOICE) can tell the same story. Go Google or search on You Tube, you will see, I am one of Thousands of people.


Video thanks to and FisherOfPeople


I have asked SEVERAL times now, why did the US Military say this below. Who are they talking to? Who (PLEASE ASK) Who are they asking to wake up? Who? why? COME ON, THINK PEOPLE!






images (1)






Shocking proof that crisis actors, green screens, CGI, and paid propagandist are being used to fake worldwide events in order to scare people into giving up liberties, go to war, and create a one world government!! Rotten to the core. Lying, warmongering, propagandising filth. IF YOU DENY THIS, YOU ARE A SHEEP, YOU ARE BRIAN DEAD, BREAIN WASHED. PLEASE WAKE UP!




Small Example


Get used to is


We must wake up


This woman is saying “Tower 7 has fell” Look behind her left shoulder. Link below is a man BEATING THE BBC IN THE LONDON HIGH COURT FOR LYING ON 9/11 TO THE UK PUBLIC!




He was the UK’s Foreign Secretary at the time. He called it, the truth. He was murdered weeks later. I went to School with his son. I know the family. Robin Cook (Go check) is from Edinburgh. This peaked my attention in the year 2000

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Guidetti Puts Partick To The Sword As Celtic fire into the Semi’s (Video)


This lad just gets better and better, we MUST get him signed

Shaun Gibson

Shaun Gibson

For the first 20 minutes of this game Celtic were in a game with Partick, the away team were creating chances with Celtic hitting on the break. Say what you want about Ronny and his team, when they play, THEY PLAY! The game changed on 43 minutes when a terrible tackle on John Guidetti by Stuart Brannigan and off he went. Celtic were already 1-0 up at this point with a superb free kick from new Celtic star player Super John Guidetti, he won the free kick and hammered it high into the net, this was half an hour in and seemed to settle Celtic as we got more into the game
Half time, Celtic 1-0 Partick Thistle

Guidetti 1-0 Video. Thanks to @Celticgoals 

Partick go down to 10 men

Partick go down to 10 men, video below

Wakaso replaced Callum McGregor at half time and Wakaso to be fair can cross a ball well. 2 minutes into the 2nd half it was 2-0, Stokes played the ball over the Partick defence with a chip, he was looking for Scott Brown but over hit it, there was Emilio Izaguirre to get to the ball and hammer home for 2-0
We waited under 5 minutes for 3-0, again Guidetti with a free kick and this lad just oozed class. If Celtic have not already offered this kid a deal I would be surprised. I am told he was on £15,000 a week at City with bonus’s that were huge should he play 1st team football, so we should be able to offer the kid a 15 year contract! Joking aside I would be throwing a luxurious 5 year deal at the kid, he is the best player since Larsson in that position. He has a mixture of Nakamura, Sutton and Larsson in there and that is a hard player to find. We have him, let’s keep him!


Izzy gets into the action with 2-0, great run from a Stokes chip over the defence


Guidetti makes it 3-0 with a SUPERB free kick, 3 in a row now, Video below

4-0 came on 55 minutes Guidetti had the ball in the box stand side and was fouled, penalty and he slotted home for a brilliant hat trick for a man we are all growing to love, I get the feeling John is loving us back. He is good friends with Jordon Larsson, yes, Henrick’s son. So I am guessing John has been told how special a club we are. John had tried the Premiership and got nowhere, he is the type of player who NEEDS wanted and adored by all around him, he gets that from the fans, his team mates and the club, as Ronny said “This looks like his home” Let’s hope a deal has been offered already as John can speak to anyone in about 8 weeks

Penalty scored and a Guidetti hat trick

Penalty scored and a Guidetti hat trick

Stokes came off for Griffiths on the hour mark and it was Leigh who made it 5-0, a superb run and cross by Izaguirre and Griffiths headed home, delighted he was and rightly so, he said he would fight to get into the team and he did himself no harm tonight.

Griffiths heads home his 1st

Griffiths heads home his 1st and Celtic’s 5th

Celtic at this stage were just powering through Partick, Van Dijk had a shot on the turn curled just past the far post as Celtic kept creating and on the night it could have been 10 easy. Scepovic came on with half an hour to go and he should have buried a couple of chances. 6-0 and the final goal was comedy gold but Leigh Griffiths won’t be complaining. Partick Thistle right back played the ball back to the Thistle keeper he went to kick long but Griffiths was having none of it, he got a foot to the goalies kick and it went in, 6-0 to Celtic and the Semi Final of the League cup awaits. The draw is on Saturday at 5pm. Do we dare dream of getting Sevco? or would we rather hammer them in the final? I don’t know, maybe not getting them at all would be better, it will only generate money for them

Man of the Match – John Guidetti – The best find in many a year, we MUST get this lad signed

Final Score. Celtic 6-0 Partick Thistle


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Robin Williams’ Children and Billy Crystal In ‘Baseball Tribute’ – San Francisco Giants

Zak, Zelda and Cody Williams join the actor's best friend Billy Crystal to pay tribute before a San Francisco Giants game.

Zak, Zelda and Cody Williams join the actor’s best friend Billy Crystal to pay tribute before a San Francisco Giants game.

By Shaun Gibson : @ShaunyNews

Knowing how Sport can bring us together, this really touched my heart, I have been involved in Football in Scotland since I was 8 years old, I am 41 now. I played, coached then managed, now I am just a fan and I understand the connection. The ‘San Francisco Giants Family’ certainly showed Sport is more than just a game, it is a religion in a way to many, a church of Sport a friend from the USA told me, she was right. Sport brings people together. I thought this was just ‘WOW’ We all miss Robin, but his kids, his partner and all his friends must be hurting badly. I have never met the man and I feel sad. He and Scottish Comedian and Actor Billy Connolly were best friends. The last person Robin spoke to was Billy, who also has Parkinson’s disease, Robin and Billy would talk to each other and make fun of it. They would say on the phone “Who are you” 😀 And this was the measure of the man, Robin Williams, ‘Rest In Peace’

Sport, more than a game:

Amazing tribite this:

Robin Williams’ son Zak has paid tribute to his father by throwing the ceremonial first pitch at the start of a World Series baseball game in San Francisco. The late actor’s smiling face, in a variety of his best-loved characters, adorned the big screen at AT&T Park before the San Francisco Giants took on the Kansas City Royals. Zak, the oldest son of the Academy Award winner and comedian, launched the ball at Billy Crystal in front of the thousands in the crowd. He was joined by his siblings Zelda and Cody who all wore jerseys with Williams on the back.



Zak raised both arms into the air before embracing Crystal when he caught the ball. Williams and Crystal were great friends and the pair starred together in the 1997 film Father’s Day. “We are honoured to be here in tribute to our father, someone who loved his hometown and especially the Giants,” Zak, Zelda and Cody said in a statement. “For all of us, it is a tremendous delight and a little surreal to throw out the ceremonial first pitch of a World Series game for our team to our dad’s best friend.” Williams committed suicide at his San Francisco home on 12 August. He had been suffering from depression after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

Giants remember longtime fan Robin Williams

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Celtic FC Players – Show Racism the Red Card – Video By The Football Club


By Shaun Gibson : @ShaunyNews

I did this article on Glasgow Celtic Football Club, my club, my first love, the reason my childhood made me smile, the memories I have for a lifetime, the reason I played football from the age of 8 till 23. Sadly my playing career was cut short when I was tackled hard and my left leg was left in an ‘L’ shape leaving me in agony today still and stopping me doing what every kid in Europe and around the World wants to do, that’s play Football. I did this article

The Famous Green and White 'Hoops'

The Famous Green and White ‘Hoops’

Had it not been for my love and passion of the “Celt’s” I would have stopped,I never, I went on to manage and coach football teams for 15 years before the pain won, now I write Football in many places, I love it, it’s all I have left of football. Celtic are a club open to any supporter, any fan, any player. Unlike other football clubs in Scotland we pride ourselves not just on our Irish roots but also opening our club up to the World. We have players from playing for us as I type from Honduras, Israel, Serbia, Norway, Nigeria, Ghana, Guinea-Bissau, Sweden, Belgium, Holland, Bulgaria, Poland, Italy, The Czech Republic, Australia, Iceland, Finland,Wales, Republic Of Ireland, Northern Ireland, England and of course Scotland. All the players who pull on the famous Green and White Hoops are from all these countries. Some are in the 1st team, some in the under 20 team, some are out on loan, but this diversity my club has given us a Football Club open to anyone. We do charity events all over the World, we have Football Academies all over Earth, Our International Partners are Worldwide,  Boston, New Jersey, Florida, San Diego Football Academy, St Louis, all the USA. We have supporters clubs in Australia, Canada, USA, Ireland, Africa, India, Japan, China, Russia and many in South America. We touch ever part of the globe.

Celtic and charity, Celtic was initially founded to raise money for the poor in the East End of Glasgow and the club still retain strong charitable traditions today.
On 9 August 2011 Celtic held a testimonial match in honour of former player John Kennedy. Due to the humanitarian crisis in East Africa, the entire proceeds were donated to Oxfam. An estimated £300,000 was raised.
In 1995 the Celtic charity fund was formed with the aim of “revitalising Celtic’s charitable traditions” and to August 2011 has raised over £3 million.
Celtic hold an annual charity fashion show at Celtic Park. In 2011 the main beneficiaries were Breast Cancer Care Scotland.
Yorkhill Hospital is another charity with whom Celtic are affiliated and in December 2011 the club donated £3000 to it. Chief Executive Peter Lawwell said that; “Celtic has always been much more than a football club and it is important that, at all times we play an important role in the wider community. The club is delighted to have enjoyed such a long and positive connection with Yorkhill Hospital.”

This is why I am proud to say “We Are Celtic Football Club” 

Video Via Celtic Football Club I am delighted to share



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Canada: Dead babies in Winnipeg storage unit ‘tragic beyond belief’

6 Babies confirmed in one of these U-HAUL Containers

6 Babies confirmed in one of these U-HAUL Containers

By Shaun Gibson : @ShaunyNews

RAW VIDEO: Winnipeg Police update media on discovery of 4 dead babies in storage locker

Video From CBC News

Six days ago now this story and it JUST  flagged up on me, many will know, if you don’t, I ask simply ‘WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO OUR SPECIES’ The word for people who do this is ‘Neonaticide’ – Neonaticide usually refers to the killing of a child during the first 24 hours of life in medical publications. However, Romania defines that infanticide can only occur in the first 24 hours around or after after birth of a baby, it’s that common it has a WORD As I said, what makes our species do these barbaric acts on each other. This is just one in thousands of ways we kill or harm each other. Where is God in all this. Sorry I had to ask. It is always said ‘God works in mysterious ways’ Why can’t he work in obvious ways? Like he did in the Bible (Only) when he showed himself all these hundreds of years ago now, where is that God. I sometimes as ‘Has God forsaken us as a species’ We all know in the trillions of Sun’s just in our Galaxy that life MUST be elsewhere, has God gone to look after another World? America and Canada are having a REAL hard time just now, Canada especially. For and to my Canadian friends, I am so sorry, you know I am, I am that type of person. I sometimes close my eyes and put myself in the shoes of baby murderers or other evil acts and I never come close, the shoes never fit. Am I the only one (My God I know I am not the only one) I pray to MY GOD every day, same place, same time if possible. I don’t use a book nor Religion. I ask God a lot “Why do these things happen” a voice will appear in my placebo mind saying “Free will is what I can’t stop.

The woman was charged with concealing six infants was just in court last month being sentenced on fraud charges. Andrea Giesbrecht, 40, has been charged with six counts of concealing bodies of infants and breaching probation after the bodies were found in a U-Haul storage locker on Monday afternoon. it could be months before they know who the infants were, how they died and how long they had been inside.

Winnipeg U-Haul locker contained 6 dead babies

A court decision from December 2013, shows Giesbrecht wrote fraudulent cheques to a Winnipeg woman, who was a friend of her parents, to pay back money she lent her. During the sentencing hearing, court heard the amount was $7,850. At a sentencing hearing on Sept. 30, court heard Giesbrecht has a gambling problem and marriage problems. She also has little money to pay the woman back as she works at Tim Hortons and has two young boys. In the hearing, it was revealed that Giesbrecht moved into her parents’ home after they passed away and that’s how she got to know the woman who lent her the money. Giesbrecht told the woman, who was 73 at the time, she needed money to pay bills and the house was going to be re-possessed. Giesbrecht promised to pay the woman back as she was getting $25,000 to $30,000 from her father’s life insurance. Court heard the woman gave Giesbrecht money four different times. At one point, the woman was supposed to meet Giesbrecht at a bank to get the money paid back, but discovered Giesbrecht didn’t bank there and hadn’t for at least two years.

Defrauded woman felt sorry for Giesbrecht

The woman also said she felt sorry for Giesbrecht because she was having problems with her marriage.  Court heard when the woman was asked by police if she thought she would ever get her money back, she said she didn’t expect that she wouldn’t.

u haul scene

U-HAUL had no idea

Andrea Giesbrecht, 40, who is charged with concealing six infants after their bodies were found in a U-Haul storage locker Monday, was in court last month being sentenced for defrauding a 73-year-old woman of more than $8,000. (CBC) “No. I felt sorry for her. She has no father or mother as they passed away and she said she was having problems in her marriage and said she has two young boys so I really thought she needed the money. My husband warned me not to because she always came by when she knew he wasn’t there,” she said.

Court heard the woman also felt “taken advantage of.” The Crown said in a pre-sentence report that Giesbrecht had a gambling addiction and the report showed she is a “low risk to re-offend.” The Crown also said Giesbrecht had a good upbringing, had “great” relationship with her parents and family members – including her husband – were aware of her addiction. That addiction had been going on for 14 years.  In a victim impact statement dated March 20, 2014, the victim said Giesbrecht was an only child and she tried to get her to pay back the money. “I am 73 years old. My pension and old age security benefits are small. I continue to work in the housecleaning staff of a seniors’ residence to make ends meet,” the woman’s statement said, adding she gets up at 4:30 a.m. to be across town for 6:30 a.m.  “I’m very sad and disappointed by these events. I always saw the best in people and trusted them. Now I find I am suspicious of people. I feel distraught and severely taken advantage of by Andrea Giesbrecht. She exploited my trust and stole from me,” the woman’s statement said.

Crime called despicable

Where do you go in your mind as a person to do this?

Where do you go in your mind as a person to do this?

The Crown called the crime “despicable.” The defence said Giesbrecht wanted to pay the money back and she was “always going to make the slot machine come through for me.” The defence said Giesbrecht didn’t have much money and she works at Tim Hortons. Her parents were also gamblers and their home had liens on it. In the end, the judge sentenced her to two years suspended sentence with supervised probation with conditions to get counselling, not gamble, write an apology to the victim and start paying restitution of $200 per month starting Oct. 15, 2014. Other court documents show Giesbrecht also got a loan of $3,300 from a different woman. A civil suit filed said Giesbrecht also tried to pay the money back using fraudulent cheques.–279908702.html

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Is There an Older City Under the Ancient City of Cusco Peru?

This blows my mind away, LOVE this stuff

This blows my mind away, LOVE this stuff

By Shaun Gibson : @ShaunyNews

I totally LOVE this stuff, Inca capital city of Cusco a road has been dug up because they think there is a City below an ancient road! Now this blows my mind. I love to find new things, research new things and allow Science to be right sometimes. It is an old INCA road, it’s possible this pre-dates the Inca’s themselves. Can you imagine? A Pre-Inca civilization! I mean that is as WOW as it gets. I have the short video, I have tons of Images. If this is your thing, prepare to be WOW’d

Thanks to and Brien Foerster Via You Tube 

We can clearly see stairs here

We can clearly see stairs here

A wall under a few thousand year old INCA road

A wall under a few thousand year old INCA road

Whole Street Closed to search and preserve!

Whole Street Closed to search and preserve!


A wall that could pre-date the INCA civilization, now, I mean, WOW, this would throw a LOT of what our species know about our planet into space


A road, under a road, that leads down into, well who knows what, YET! This could be the find of the Century at least


Closer look at the stairway, WOW!

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60 Minutes – Nurse says Duncan died on Saturday, not Wednesday (AS DID I) – Also sloppy clean up!

Eric Duncan, R.I.P = Why did the Media, Hospital, Government lie?

Eric Duncan, R.I.P – Why did the Media, Hospital, Government lie?

By Shaun Gibson : @ShaunyNews

Remember when we a few saw that news story from the Israeli newspaper that said Duncan was dead days before the US media announced it? At the 10:25 minute mark, the male nurse recounts his death – and says very clearly that it was on SATURDAY, not Wednesday like we were told. I called the death of Eric Duncan on the same day, October 6th, and a few people called me a liar! Well for anyone who thinks I make things up, here is the truth and the proof. He died on the day I reported, not when the media reported. So we now ask, WHY DID THE MEDIA DO THIS, WHY DID THE GOVERNMENT ALLOW THIS? Also these Dr’s tell about the AWFUL SLOPPY CLEAN UP!

Duncan died on Saturday, not Wednesday, as I said! 

Video thanks to Scott Anthony on You Tube – Flash News Network

The following is a script of “Treating Ebola” which aired on Oct. 26, 2014. Scott Pelley is the correspondent. Patricia Shevlin and Gabrielle Schonder, producers.

You’ve heard a lot about the Dallas hospital that treated Thomas Eric Duncan, the first Ebola patient diagnosed in America. But you’ve never heard what actually happened from the people who fought for his life at the risk of their own. You’re about to meet four nurses who treated Duncan from the time he came into the emergency room, to the moment that he died. The staff had been blindsided by a biomedical emergency that burst into their ER like a wildfire. Contrary to reports that the hospital bungled the response, the story the nurses tell sounds more like a heroic effort to stop an outbreak. On September 28, Duncan was rushed by ambulance to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital. He was isolated in a separate section of the ER and nurse Sidia Rose, starting the night shift, was briefed on the special precautions required for what they now suspected was a case of Ebola.

Sidia Rose: I went over and met with a nurse who gave me a report. She also went over the protective gear that we would be wearing that night. She gave, you know, finished briefing me on what was going to happen, and I literally burst out in tears.

Scott Pelley: Why?

Sidia Rose: It’s very scary. I know about Ebola, and the only reason I do, it’s because I’ve been just researching it on my own. Since January, I kept hearing the word popping up in the news. And I just wanted to find out about it.

Richard Townsend: When our supervisor said that we had a potential Ebola case, I don’t want to call it calamitous but there was a lot of concern, people became very vocal, understandably it’s the boogie man virus.

Emergency room nurses Richard Townsend and Krista Schaefer made sure that Rose was suited up properly. As per the hospital’s protocol, she worked with Duncan alone, with Townsend watching over her.

“I got myself together. I’d done what I needed to get myself prepared mentally, emotionally, and physically, and went in there and did what I was supposed to.”

Scott Pelley: When you went to approach Mr. Duncan for the first time, what did you do? How did you prepare for that?

Sidia Rose: I gathered myself together. I put on my protective wear and I went in and introduced myself to him and you know just let him know that I would be the nurse helping him tonight.

Scott Pelley: What were you telling yourself?

Sidia Rose: I was very frightened. I was. But and I just dried my tears, rolled down my sleeves, so to speak, and went on about my night.

Scott Pelley: But why do you go in there? Why don’t you say, “You know, this one’s not for me”?

Sidia Rose: As a nurse, I understand the risk that I take every day I come to work and he’s no different than any other patient that I’ve provided care for. So, I wasn’t going to say, “No, I’m not going to care for him.”

Scott Pelley: But you were risking your life to take care of this patient.

Sidia Rose: Oh, I know that. And that’s why I, as frightened as I was, I didn’t allow fear to paralyze me. I got myself together. I’d done what I needed to get myself prepared mentally, emotionally, and physically, and went in there and did what I was supposed to.

Though Duncan’s test results wouldn’t be known for two days, she was certain she was witnessing Ebola.

Sidia Rose: The first time when I went in and he vomited, I was standing in front of him, he was sitting on the commode, and there was just so much it went over the bag, it was on the walls, on the floors. I had two pairs of gloves on and shoe covers. And I had my face shield on. I didn’t have two masks on at the time, I had just one. No, we didn’t have any head covers. But I wiped down the walls, wiped down the floor with some bleach wipes.

Richard Townsend: He was having so much diarrhea and vomiting that he, you know, she was constantly having to give him the little bags that we have for people to vomit into.

Richard Townsend: All of that was hazardous waste and it had to be bagged and then double bagged and then put into a separate container that could then be disposed of later. Because anything that has any of his bodily fluids on it has the potential to be lethal to somebody else.

“And that’s when he said to me his family had suffered a loss. That he had buried his daughter who had died in childbirth.”

Eric Duncan was 42 years old, from Liberia, which is ground zero for this outbreak. Half of all the cases in the world are in Liberia. He flew to Dallas to visit family, became sick a few days later, and then made his first visit to the Dallas hospital.

It was the night of September 25 when Duncan first came into this emergency room. According to the hospital records, he had a temperature of 100.1. Over the course of the four hours or so that he was here, his temperature spiked to 103, but then it dropped back down. Again, according to the hospital records, he told the staff that he had come from Africa, but did not specify West Africa or Liberia. About three o’clock in the morning, with his symptoms not very severe, the staff decided to send him home with antibiotics.

But three days later he was back in the ER gravely ill and about as contagious as he would ever be. The virus is not transmitted though the air but physical contact with a single viral particle can cause infection. The hospital notified state health authorities immediately. And they wanted Sidia Rose to ask several urgent questions of Duncan.

Sidia Rose: I explained to him, “We are under the impression that you may have been exposed to Ebola. And I said, “Where are you from?” And he told me Liberia.

Sidia Rose: And I asked, “Have you been in contact with anyone who’s been sick?

Scott Pelley: He said?

Sidia Rose: No. He said no.

State and federal health officials wanted to know if Duncan had been with anyone who had died in Liberia.

Sidia Rose: And that’s when he said to me his family had suffered a loss. That he had buried his daughter who had died in childbirth.

But nurse Rose says Duncan told her it wasn’t Ebola that killed his daughter. Rose told us that she reported this to the Texas Department of Health, but then Duncan denied his own story when he spoke to those officials.

Scott Pelley: What information was it that he denied to the health officials?

Sidia Rose: About his travels, about him burying his pregnant daughter who had died in childbirth. He denied that. He said that’s not true.

Scott Pelley: So he wasn’t honest with them.

Sidia Rose: Yeah.

“And we held his hand and talked to him and comforted him because his family couldn’t be there.”

This is nurse Richard Townsend, who dressed in the protective gear that was recommended by the CDC at the time, just as Sidia Rose did.

Scott Pelley: Was any of your skin exposed?

Sidia Rose: At that time it was just a gown that I was wearing, so yeah. Not my hands, not my legs, my face, I had my face shield on, the mask with the face shield.

Scott Pelley: So your neck was exposed?

Sidia Rose: Yes.

Scott Pelley: So the CDC protocols that you would’ve looked up the day he came into the emergency department was in your estimation deficient?

All: Yes.

Dr's saying what I have been reporting. Sloppy USA clean up's

Dr’s saying what I have been reporting. Sloppy USA clean up’s

On September 29, Duncan was carried from the emergency department to intensive care. Nurse Nina Pham, who was involved in the transfer, would become the first person to catch the virus in the United States. It took 48 hours to get Duncan’s positive test results. And by then the hospital, on its own, had equipped the staff with suits that allowed no skin to be exposed. It would be another three weeks before the CDC made this its new standard. Then the hospital moved out all of the patients in medical intensive care and reconfigured the 24-bed unit for just one patient. It was a strange scene for ICU nurse John Mulligan.

John Mulligan: By the time I came in, they had already received the Tyveks, the pappers. So we had the full hazmat gear that people are used to seeing.

Scott Pelley: Is this the full suit?

John Mulligan: This is the full suit, yes. There were always two of us in the room at all times. And we were designated two people to be in there. I’ve been in health care for nearly 20 years and I’ve never emptied as much trash as just from the waste of his constant diarrhea that he was having was remarkable. And we had these longer surgical type gloves on. They were taped to the Tyvek suit, full headgear with a circulator with a HEPA filter that would plug into the back. And the first time I got out of that suit, it literally looked like someone had pushed me into a swimming pool. I was drenched.

They were working 16 to 18 hour days, spending two hours at a time in Duncan’s room.

John Mulligan: And we held his hand and talked to him and comforted him because his family couldn’t be there.

Scott Pelley: You held his hand through the spacesuit?

John Mulligan: I did. He was glad someone wasn’t afraid to take care of him. And we weren’t.

“We asked for volunteers. Everyone volunteered.”

Richard Townsend: I have nothing but respect and admiration for everyone that was involved in his care you know everyone has someone in their lives that they love and they care about. I have a five-year-old and a three-year-old and my wife is pregnant. And the mortality rate for pregnant women with Ebola is, it’s essentially 100 percent.

Scott Pelley: But Richard, why don’t you go to the administration and say, “You know, I’m sorry. But my wife is pregnant.”

Richard Townsend: People were allowed to request not to be tasked with his care.

Krista Schaefer: We asked for volunteers. Everyone volunteered.

Scott Pelley: Everyone was a volunteer, everyone that was there wanted to be there?

Krista Schaefer: Every person, housekeeping, respiratory, physicians, nurses.

But despite all the volunteers Duncan grew worse. An experimental drug wasn’t helping.

John Mulligan: Early Saturday morning he had become very critically ill and was placed on a respirator.

Scott Pelley: He was intubated.

John Mulligan: He was intubated.

Scott Pelley: Tube down his throat?

John Mulligan: Tube down his throat, he had a dialysis catheter placed because he was not making any urine, but he needed to. And so I was in charge on those two days, so I was not in the anteroom. But at that point, we had five people back there, one of them being a respiratory therapist to manage the ventilator and four nurses taking two-hour shifts in the room because he had become so critically ill. And I’ve been doing this a long time. I’ve never seen a four-to-one-patient in an ICU. That’s how sick he was. We got through that weekend. I had heard some promising reports through the news and came back on October 8 and was the primary nurse again. Went through our protocol, showered and dressed in the disposable scrubs and put my Tyvek suit on and was double and triple checked by my team back there, the night shift team and the day shift team. There was already a night shift nurse in the room, one had just come out. So we kind of tagged off so we’d always have two in the room. And I got a report at the bedside from her. And I told her to go home to her children. She, you know, we’d been working 16, 18-hour days. By the time you get through this whole process, you’ve been here 18 hours and you’re tired and you’ve got to come back in 10 hours to do it again. And I turned around and I looked at Mr. Duncan in the bed. And at that point my partner had come in and he was still intubated. He was on a lot of medication to support his blood pressure and his circulatory system. And he was heavily sedated and he had tears running down his eyes, rolling down his face, not just normal watering from a sedated person. This was in the form of tears. And I grabbed a tissue and I wiped his eyes and I said, “You’re going to be okay. You just get the rest that you need. Let us do the rest for you.” And it wasn’t 15 minutes later I couldn’t find a pulse. And we did what was called a chemical code, per his request prior to him ever getting so sick. He did not want chest compressions done. He did not want us to shock him if he went into a lethal rhythm because he knew that that would put him at a higher risk. And that was a conversation he had with one of my pulmonologists that was on his case. And the three of us in that room chemically coded him. I pushed the drugs, knowing they weren’t going anywhere and I lost him. And it was the worst day of my life. This man that we cared for, that fought just as hard with us lost his fight. And his family couldn’t be there. And we were the last three people to see him alive. And I was the last one to leave the room. And I held him in my arms. He was alone.

“I would have nightmares, and still do, of my co-workers being infected and not being able to get to a hospital and treatment and dying.”

Scott Pelley: Sidia, you spent perhaps the most time talking with Mr. Duncan and I wonder what you think people should know about him.

Sidia Rose: He was very kind and very appreciative. Even something as simple as me just giving him cold washcloth to cool his face down because his fever wasn’t breaking, even that he was grateful for. He told me thanks.

Within days of Duncan’s death, nurse Nina Pham was admitted to the hospital with Ebola.

Scott Pelley: When Nina became sick, that must’ve sent a lightning bolt through the staff because now it’s one of you.

John Mulligan: I thought someone was playing a cruel joke until I finally looked at my phone and saw the missed text messages and the voicemails and turned the news on and went, “Oh my goodness.”

Then four days later, nurse Amber Vinson fell ill. Both nurses have since recovered; this is Nina Pham leaving a hospital on Friday. But many on the staff still wonder whether they could be next.

Scott Pelley: Are any of you, all of you, still self-monitoring for signs of infection?

Sidia Rose: I am.

Scott Pelley: You are? You’re still within the 21-day window?

Sidia Rose: For Mr. Duncan I’m passed my 21-day period. But for Nina Pham I’m still being monitored. I’ve been asymptomatic. My temperature has been rock solid.

Those who contract the virus are not infectious until they actually become sick. Members of the medical staff must take their temperature now twice a day and show the reading to a state health official. But, in at least one other way, the effect of fighting this virus could linger.

John Mulligan: I would have nightmares, and still do, of my co-workers being infected and not being able to get to a hospital and treatment and dying. And so it’s like any traumatic event, this too shall pass. It’s just going to take a little time.

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Australia issues full visa ban on Ebola-hit countries



By Shaun Gibson : @ShaunyNews

With Australia having two Ebola cases to turn out negative lately they have taken the proper steps and stopped flights from Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia

(Reuters) – Australia has issued a blanket ban on visas from West African nations affected by the Ebola outbreak to prevent the disease reaching the country, Immigration Minister Scott Morrison said, becoming the first rich nation to shut its doors to the region. Australia has not recorded a case of Ebola despite a number of scares, and conservative Prime Minister Tony Abbott has so far resisted repeated requests to send medical personnel to help battle the outbreak on the ground. The decision to refuse entry for anyone from Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia, while touted by the government as a necessary safety precaution, was criticized by experts and advocates as politically motivated and short sighted. “The government has strong controls for the entry of persons to Australia under our immigration program from West Africa,” Morrison told parliament on Monday. “These measures include temporarily suspending our immigration program, including our humanitarian program from Ebola-affected countries, and this means we are not processing any application from these affected countries.”

All non-permanent or temporary visas were being canceled and permanent visa holders who had not yet arrived in Australia will be required to submit to a 21-day quarantine period, he added. A number of U.S. states, including New York and New Jersey, have also imposed mandatory quarantines on returning doctors and nurses amid fears of the virus spreading outside of West Africa. Federal health officials say their approach is extreme.

The Ebola outbreak that began in March has killed nearly 5,000 people, the vast majority in West Africa. The disease has an incubation period of about three weeks, and becomes contagious when a victim shows symptoms. Ebola, which can cause fever, vomiting and diarrhoea, spreads through contact with bodily fluids such as blood or saliva.

Australia has contributed A$18 million (US$15.86 million) to help fight the disease but has been criticized by medical groups, opposition lawmakers and rights groups for not sending teams to affected regions. The risks to Australia were already small due to its geographical isolation, said Dr Adam Kamradt-Scott, a senior lecturer at the University of Sydney’s Marie Bashir Institute for Infectious Diseases and Biosecurity. The visa ban, he said, would do nothing to protect the country from Ebola while potentially having a negative public health impact by unduly raising fears about the disease and creating a general climate of panic. “This blanket ban actually does very little to reduce the risk of Ebola arriving in Australia. It also sends a very bad message both in terms of our humanitarian assistance program as well as Australia’s attitude towards West Africa at the moment,” he told Reuters. “This is purely just a political decision. There is very little scientific evidence or medical rationale why you would choose to do this, and this is the type of politics we find starts to interfere with effective public health measures.”

Earlier this month it was revealed that Australia had turned down requests from Britain and the United States to send personnel to Sierra Leone to assist in combating the outbreak there, as well as additional funding. Australia’s “narrow approach” to Ebola makes no sense from a health perspective, given that applicants for humanitarian visas are already screened and monitored for illnesses, said Graham Thom, a spokesman for Amnesty International Australia. Refusing to send healthcare workers while at the same time refusing entry to those most in need will further damage Australia’s reputation, already under fire over its tough asylum seeker policies, he said. “There are ways and means in which people can be monitored, quarantined to insure that those who come are free from the disease,” he told Reuters. “All it does is insure that already exceedingly vulnerable people are trapped in a crisis area and sends a signal about Australia’s commitment to actually dealing with this crisis in a responsible way as a member of the international community.”

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