Sturgeon says she will work ‘in good faith’ with Lord Smith

Ms Sturgeon said "language of substantial radical change" was used by UK parties in the days before the vote

Ms Sturgeon said “language of substantial radical change” was used by UK parties in the days before the vote

By Shaun Gibson : @ShaunyNews

Few days old this now, but with the Clegg ‘Promise below this’ I though it fitting to remind ourselves, Nicola means business! 

The SNP’s Nicola Sturgeon has pledged to work in good faith with the commission set up to boost Holyrood’s powers in the wake of the referendum. Ms Sturgeon, who is bidding to lead the SNP after Alex Salmond’s resignation, said the Smith Commission had to go a long way to deliver on promises made. The main UK parties have said they were committed to devolving new powers, expected to include welfare and tax. Ms Sturgeon said the parties would face a backlash if they were not delivered. She told the Sunday Times: “I’ve said it directly to Lord Smith – we go into this in good faith. We won’t get everything we want from it. “It is not going to deliver independence but it has to go a very long way to deliver what people out there think was promised to them. It has to be a comprehensive package. “Between the 45% who voted ‘Yes’ and a sizeable number who voted ‘No’ because they thought that was the route to more powers, there is a powerful public majority out there for change. “In the few days before the referendum the language being used was the language of substantial radical change – devo max, something close to federalism, home rule. That is the expectation that has been generated. “Unless we end up with a package that is substantial the backlash against the Westminster parties is going to be severe.”

‘Draft legislation’

Earlier this week Lord Smith – whose appointment was announced by Prime Minister David Cameron in the wake of the referendum – warned it will “not be easy” to get agreement from political parties. He said those involved in the talks would require “courage” and “compromise” – but he was confident they would rise to the challenge. The Smith Commission aims to get agreement between the SNP, Scottish Labour, the Scottish Liberal Democrats, Scottish Conservatives and Scottish Greens on the way forward by 30 November. A “command paper”, setting out the issues, is also due to be published by 31 October, with draft legislation unveiled by 25 January.

Independence rally

Meanwhile, on Saturday, thousands of supporters of Scottish independence took part in a rally outside the Scottish parliament. The rally, organised under the Voice Of The People banner, heard from speakers urging people to carry on with the campaign. Speaking at the event, SNP MSP Marco Biagi said: “True power has not been given back to Westminster, it has been lent to them and one day we will take it back.” At an event in Perth on Saturday for Liberal Democrat activists, Scottish Lib Dem leader, Willie Rennie, has warned independence supporters not to seek an “ultra-extreme” form of devolution. He said: “An attempt from nationalists to redefine home rule and federalism in an ultra-extreme form is perhaps understandable but it is not something that will create a sustainable settlement that will stand the test of time.”

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Clegg ‘guarantor’ for new Scottish powers


Nick Clegg said new powers would be delivered, despite Conservative “noises”

By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews

More stalling for time? More lies? Bit of good news? Call it as you read it.. I think it’s stalling tactics for a Government who’s back bencher’s are saying ‘No’ to Devomax..

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has declared himself the “guarantor” in government over delivering more powers for Scotland. At the same time, he has expressed irritation with Prime Minister David Cameron in linking the issue with English votes for English laws. Meanwhile UK Chancellor George Osborne said Westminster ministers would soon publish a paper on new Scots powers. SNP ministers have warned of a “backlash” if they are not delivered. In the wake of the independence referendum “No” vote, Mr Cameron said the UK government would deliver the new devolved powers promised to Scotland, but argued that the question of the voting rights of Scottish MPs at Westminster had to be addressed at the same time.

Devolution ideas

Ahead of the UK Liberal Democrat conference in Glasgow, Mr Clegg told BBC Scotland: “David Cameron did not mention it to me when we discussed across parties about how we would join forces to make that commitment to Scotland. “As the guarantor, if you like, in government, as the party which has the only Scottish people around the cabinet table, I can guarantee you that those powers will be delivered. “Whatever the noises from the Conservative party and others – it will be delivered in full on time, as promised.”

Meanwhile, Mr Osborne said the “command paper” on devolving further tax and spending powers, which the Westminster government had committed to releasing before the end of October, would be published within the next fortnight. Addressing business leaders at the Institute of Directors’ annual convention in London, Mr Osborne said: “There is the argument across the political parties that Scotland should have more devolution coming out of the Scottish referendum. “I can tell you in just over a week’s time, we will publish a command paper which will set out some of the ideas for further devolution for tax and spending to Scotland.”

Draft legislation on new powers for Scotland is due to be unveiled by 25 January.

Lord Smith said he wanted to her the views of members of the public

Lord Smith said he wanted to her the views of members of the public

However, the SNP seized on a report in The Herald newspaper, quoting an unnamed UK government minister who said Scotland would have to wait until 2017 for the full implementation of enhanced powers to Holyrood. SNP Westminster leader Angus Robertson, said: “The vow the Westminster leaders made to the people of Scotland in the run-up to the referendum promised to deliver substantial and ‘faster’ new powers. “In the event of a ‘Yes’ vote, independence would have been delivered in 18 months. Three years for further powers is simply not good enough. “It is time for the Scottish Parliament to have the powers we need to make Scotland a fairer, more equal country and address the causes of inequality.” Elsewhere, the Smith Commission, which is responsible for agreeing new powers for the Scottish Parliament, will hold its first full meeting later in the month.

Public input

Representatives of Holyrood’s five political parties will gather in Edinburgh on 14 October, ahead of aiming to get agreement on the way ahead by the end of November. Lord Smith has also asked members of the public to contribute their views on strengthening Holyrood’s powers before the deadline of 31 October, using the e-mail address “The referendum showed Scotland to be one of the most politically engaged countries in the world,” he said. “The campaign transcended normal politics with passionate debate happening online, over dinner tables and in the workplace. “Although the referendum is over the discussion has not finished; it has moved on to how the powers of the Scottish Parliament should be strengthened within the UK. “It is vital that the political process now under way properly engages the Scottish public so that their voice is heard as agreement is sought on new powers.”


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Been asked to remove a video I posted of ‘Possible Vote Fraud’ – I asked 5 times ‘What Video?’ – Can the person contact me? RT!

Vote Rigging

I have been sent MANY video’s and images of ‘Alleged’ vote fraud

By Shaun Gibson : @ShaunyNews

I have been asked 5 times now to remove a video of a woman at a vote count, I have been sent more video’s than I have shared from well over 100 people. I have no idea what video @Polarskates from Dalry, Edinburgh (This info on where this person lives is shared on his Twitter account) want’s me to remove.


If you know this person, PLEASE ask him what video I have to remove, and it is removed. Simple.

I smell a rat, but if it is your partner, I am sorry, I will remove as soon as I know what to remove mate. Sorry it came to me blogging it buddy, but I have asked you several times now and even called the Police myself to ask if a complaint was made, no complaint was made, no complaint has been made. So I will take it serious until I know it’s not. I am just saying what I think I know, if I am wrong, many sorry’s, but no complaint’s to police at all. I must say I smell an obvious RAT as the person has not gotten back to me, they have not talked about it on their timeline, so I smell a rat to be fair. Of course if I am wrong, I retract 100%

@Polarskates tweeted me:

For me to remove the video, I must  add this, sorry, you won' tell me what video.

For me to remove the video, I must add this, sorry, you won’ tell me what video. Asked October 1st!!! Also I do not like being WARNED yeah!

Can I ask the person in question to contract me above where it says “Contact Shauny” and I will 100% remove the video. I have no reason to not remove any video. I do ask the person proves it is his wife and at least tell me what video it is. All you have to do is follow me on Facebook, send me the video and 100% it’s gone, that is a promise. I feel there was no need to say “WARNED” 1st time you asked me. I am a decent person, I have been working very hard, whilst disabled and sore and no sleep for days on end to write about the Scottish Referendum. ANYONE who knows me knows I will remove the video AS SOON AS I KNOW WHAT VIDEO IT IS. This is a no voter may I add

So to the person ‘Warning’ me on Twitter. Contact me any of the above contacts there, any way you want or the links below and I will HAPPILY remove the video and give you a sorry. I can’t remove 24 video’s because of one being asked to be removed. So PLEASE get in touch with me or anyone I may know and let me know, PLEASE what the offending video is. I may say however, all video’s have been seen at least 10,000 times. I am surprised the person asked me on October 1st, nearly 2 weeks after the vote, when I last posted a video around the 20th/22nd of September. I find that very odd. Are you a no voter trying to scare me? I tweeted yesterday and asked friends and anyone to RT to get this person to tell me ‘what video’ it is, a few dozen Re-tweeted it and I got nothing back. So thank you those who are trying to help me find this guy so I can remove the offending video. I still say this is odd, all the video’s I have up on my blog are STILL on You Tube, I checked earlier. Has @Polarskates asked the others on You Tube to remove? Obviously not, every video I posted is still live on You Tube accounts as I type


Again my “Contact Shauny” is above and these groups below you can join. If you are for real, PLEASE tell me in a private message it is you who wishes me to remove the video. Otherwise it stays where it is, I can’t remove what I don’t know what to remove! Any more warnings and I will call the police. Do we have a deal? 😉

Just let me know what video you want me to remove, send me it via email, or PM on facebook and it’s gone, I promise

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USA Officials: Second person being monitored for Ebola

USA in panic, how many more have this?

USA in panic, how many more have this?

By Shaun Gibson : @ShaunyNews

DALLAS — Health officials are closely monitoring a possible second Ebola patient who had close contact with the first person to be diagnosed in the U.S., the director of Dallas County’s health department said Wednesday. All who have been in close contact with the man officially diagnosed are being monitored as a precaution, Zachary Thompson, director of Dallas County Health and Human Services, said in a morning interview with WFAA-TV, Dallas-Fort Worth. “Let me be real frank to the Dallas County residents: The fact that we have one confirmed case, there may be another case that is a close associate with this particular patient,” he said. “So this is real. There should be a concern, but it’s contained to the specific family members and close friends at this moment.” The director continued to assure residents that the public isn’t at risk because health officials have the virus contained.


Zachary Taylor, director of Dallas County's health department,

Zachary Taylor, director of Dallas County’s health department,

On Tuesday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed a patient at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas was the first person to be diagnosed in the United States with the Ebola virus. Thomas Eric Duncan had left Liberia on Sept. 19 and arrived in Dallas the following day.  On Sept. 26, he sought treatment at the hospital after becoming ill but was sent back to the northeast Dallas apartment complex where he was staying with a prescription for antibiotics. Duncan’s sister, Mai Wureh, said he notified health-care workers that he was visiting from Liberia when they asked for his Social Security number and he told them he didn’t have one. Two days later, he was admitted to the hospital with more critical symptoms, after requiring an ambulance ride. Duncan, whose condition was upgraded to serious from critical Wednesday, was in contact with at least five children from four schools before he was hospitalized, said Superintendent Mike Miles of Dallas Independent Schools. Each of those children have been kept home from school and are under precautionary monitoring. “They are consulting with the county on any additional action that may need to be taken during the course of investigation,” district spokesman Jon Dahlander said in a statement. “This is part of routine emergency operations during a health incident in the county.



The current outbreak of Ebola in West Africa is the largest since the virus was first discovered in 1976. Until Sept. 30, no cases of this disease, which has a 50% fatality rate, had been diagnosed in humans in the United States.

• Sept. 19. Thomas Eric Duncan leaves Monrovia, Liberia, for a trip to the United States. He has been exposed to Ebola but is not exhibiting symptoms, so he is not contagious. It is unclear whether he knew he had been exposed.

Sept. 20. After changing planes in Brussels, Belgium, and at Washington Dulles International Airport, Duncan arrives in Dallas to visit his sister.

Sept. 24. Duncan’s family members tell U.S. authorities this is the day he first felt sick. That is when he likely became contagious.

Sept. 26. Duncan seeks treatment at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas and is sent back to his sister’s apartment with antibiotics.

Sept. 28. Duncan is transported to the same hospital by ambulance. He is critically ill and put in isolation in the hospital’s intensive care unit.

Sept. 30. The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirms that Duncan has been stricken with the Ebola virus, the first patient to be diagnosed in the USA.

Oct. 1. Duncan’s condition is upgraded from critical to serious, and health officials say they are closely monitoring a second patient who had contact with Duncan. Others who have been in contact with Duncan, including paramedics and children, are being observed for symptoms.

This is same protocol taken during things like flu and tuberculosis cases.” More than a half a dozen CDC employees arrived in Dallas after news of the diagnosis broke. The CDC and Dallas County are working together in what they call a contact investigation.  Anyone who had contact with the patient, including emergency room staff, will be under health officials’ observation for 21 days. If any of those being monitored show symptoms, they’ll be placed in isolation. The three paramedics who transported the patient in Dallas are temporarily off duty and among those under observation. They have tested negative for the virus and are being restricted to their homes.

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Tories Reveal Plans To Scrap Human Rights Act

Tories To Scrap Human Rights Act

Tories To Scrap Human Rights Act

By Shaun Gibson : @ShaunyNews

This is a VERY dangerous course the Tory’s are taking us on, imagine one day UKIP came into power? This isn’t good 

A Tory government would scrap the Human Rights Act and replace it with a Bill of Rights giving British judges and Parliament the final say on rulings. Justice Secretary Chris Grayling proposed the plans after David Cameron told the Conservative Party conference he intended to end what he called Strasbourg’s meddling in trivial cases. Mr Grayling said the “mission creep” by European courts on issues such as voting rights for prisoners had become intolerable and the new Bill would relegate European judges to an advisory role.

“We will put in place a provision that will say the rulings of Strasbourg will not have legal effect in the UK without the consent of parliament,” he said. The Bill would include principles from the European Convention on Human Rights, but UK judges would not be obliged to take Strasbourg rulings into account when coming to decisions. “What we have effectively got is a legal blank cheque, where the court can go where it chooses to go,” Mr Grayling added. “We will put in place a provision that will say that the rulings of Strasbourg will not have legal effect in the UK without the consent of parliament. “Effectively what we are doing is turning Strasbourg into an advisory body.” But the plans have come under fire from civil-rights group Liberty which declared the proposals provocative and illegal.

The European Court of Human Rights building in Strasbourg

The European Court of Human Rights building in Strasbourg

Liberty director Shami Chakrabarti said: “As legally illiterate as politically provocative, this plan would gamble with our fragile Union and put us in breach of international law. “This so-called British Bill of Rights would diminish everyone’s freedoms and make Government even less accountable in the future.” Labour’s shadow justice secretary Sadiq Khan said there were “so many contradictions, inaccuracies and myths” in the proposal, it could only have been “cobbled together on the back of an envelope”. The Labour MP went on: “Once again, David Cameron is pandering to UKIP instead of standing up for the rights and best interests of the people of Britain. “The truth is that our courts have been free to interpret rulings by the European Convention on Human Rights for 50 years – the Human Rights Act did nothing to change that fact.” “The European Court of Human Rights does need reform, which is why Labour has called for Strasbourg to do more to improve the quality of its judges and give member states the wriggle room to interpret decisions appropriately. “But leaving the ECHR, which the Tories appear to be proposing, would be a disaster for this country – putting Britain in the same bracket as Belarus, Europe’s last remaining dictatorship.”

Justice Secretary Chris Grayling warned of 'mission creep' from Strasbourg

Justice Secretary Chris Grayling warned of ‘mission creep’ from Strasbourg

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Alex Salmond – Something you didn’t know


By Shaun Gibson : @ShaunyNews

THIS! Is why he is different. This is why the SNP are different, they are real people, the difference between the liars and thieves at Westminster, Alex puts to shame. Politicians using OUR money to pay for 2nd home’s they don’t have, for work to be done on their homes costing Millions. THIS IS WHY SCOTLAND IS DIFFERENT! 

How does this make you feel? I want to cry for Alex

How does this make you feel? I want to cry for Alex

How true are these words?

How true are these words?

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The Common Touch – Kris Commons


Kris, Lisa and kids

By Shaun Gibson

By Shaun Gibson

Kris and his family swept into Glasgow from Derby  on 28 January 2011 for £300,000 with Ranges showing real interest also, Kris picked the right team for sure. His first game was against Aberdeen where he scored a superb 25/30 yard strike at Hampden, from then on he never looked back. He had a season almost out the side under Lennon, but the reason for this remain between player and coaching staff, Kris then scored at Ibrox in a 2-2 draw not long after and now he is a Celtic icon and a player we really need in the team

His partner who is a friend of a friend of my Partner (Well known Hairdresser) has and is doing amazing work in Glasgow just now and has featured in the Glasgow paper the evening times. Lisa Hague does a lot of good work for the community and is a brilliant woman, she is as good for Glasgow as Kris is for Celtic. In my opinion

When we look at the team sheet these days we see Commons there, when he is not there we don’t play as well as we do with him on the field. The goal tonight against Zagreb proves his worth to Celtic. He can see a pass 2 passes before it arrives. Watching tonight’s goal, when Izzy  got the ball and passed it to Stokes, Commons was already turned and away into the space, let the ball run through him and bang, typical Kris Commons

Goal Vs Zagreb

Goal Vs Zagreb

I done an article on Leigh Griffiths the other day and in the main more good remarks than bad ones, but when you write you put your head on a block, not everyone will agree, but this is what I do now in several places with almost 1,000,000 views on my own ShaunyNews page. With Kris being so important to Celtic I have heard he is going to sign a new contract as this is his last year, I hope Celtic deal the lad in as we really do need him, Kris has several years left in him, his vision is just 2nd to none, he links well with others. When Hooper was here Kris, Gary and Stokes worked brilliant together

With a new manager in Ronny I do notice Kris playing a more central roll and to be fair he is doing it well. I think a 4-4-1 and a free roll for Kris Commons is his best position but what you get with Kris is a player willing to work for the team, Lennon knew what he was getting and Ronny has slowly seen what he has. Leaving Kris out of Champions League Qualifiers must give Ronny nightmares still, huge error in judgement and surprising with John Collins sitting next to him, John may have told Ronny ‘You need to play Kris’ He may not have, I think this was something Collins should have done either way

Kris from a fan, this is all I am, I put as much into Celtic as I can from here in North West Edinburgh online, I just want to tell you, I hope you stay and keep doing what you do, you will go down as a Celtic legend if you are not already one mate