USA: “No Refusal” Blood Draw Checkpoint Planned for Ohio

What is happening in the USA?

What is happening in the USA?

I did an article a few months back asking if the USA is close to Nazi Germany 1932/1935 when this is happening in the USA was slowly happening in Germany. I have asked if the USA is a Police State, I have asked why the constitution is being ripped up and re-written while the American people watch TV and think their life is good. Sadly America, your country is Fascist to say the least, this is VERY SAD. I think the questions I have been asking are being answered, surprisingly by certain US Media outlets. I know dozens of Americans who want to leave the USA but can’t afford to, they are FORCED to have Health Care Insurance and if they don’t take it they pay a fine every month, many pay the fine as it’s cheaper, 600 people a day die in the USA due to having no Healthcare. And this is the “World’s Leader”? This is the World’s beacon for freedom, a country that war’s all over our planet in the name of ‘Democracy’ and a democracy they can’t and don’t afford to their own populous at home in the USA. Anyone within the USA who can’t see the slow but steady change in the USA to a Police State to Fascism. Many asked me “Do you really think the USA is like Nazi Germany” Well if you research like I do the parallels are the same.

A “no refusal” checkpoint where drivers will be forced to stop and potentially submit to having their blood taken on the side of the road by law enforcement authorities is planned for Clark County, Ohio tomorrow. “Every car will be checked to ensure that drivers are not impaired. If there is sufficient probable cause to believe that a driver is operating a vehicle while impaired, law enforcement will seek a blood search warrant from a “neutral and detached magistrate,” reports ABC 22. The time and location of the checkpoint will not be released until hours before it is set to begin.

Once a search warrant is obtained, a nurse will draw blood to check for alcohol or drugs. It is not specified whether the blood draws will take place on the side of the road or at a nearby jail. Although the practice of taking blood from motorists suspected of being under the influence has been the law in numerous states for years, many remain unaware of how those who refuse to consent to the procedure are treated. Last year we highlighted shocking video footage out of Georgia which showed police officers forcibly strapping down citizens accused of drunk driving before putting them in a headlock and having a nurse draw blood. As the clip shows, even compliant individuals who are showing zero resistance have their heads forcibly pushed down as the blood is taken.

“We all are American citizens and you guys have me strapped to a table like I’m in Guantanamo f***ing Bay,” complains one individual. Another man screams “what country is this?” as officers hold him down and take his blood without consent. “Holding down and forcing somebody to submit to this is really intrusive in terms of that level of invasive procedure into someone’s body is ridiculous for investigating a misdemeanor,” Attorney David Boyle told Fox 5 Atlanta, describing the forced blood draws as an “unreasonable search” under the 4th Amendment. In 2005, the Supreme Court ruled that it is not unconstitutional for the state to hold down Americans and forcefully withdraw blood. A January 2013 ruling affirmed that a warrant must be obtained for the process, although police could dispense with the warrant requirement in an “emergency”. As we reported last December, citizens are also being intimidated into participating in so-called “voluntary” drug survey checkpoints, during which private firms working on behalf of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy take DNA samples from motorists by swabbing their cheek. Evidence clearly indicates that sobriety checkpoints have little to do with saving lives or catching drunk drivers and everything to do with revenue generation. In states like California, the number of vehicles impounded as a result of license violations is seven times higher than the number of drunk driving arrests during checkpoint operations.

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