Why Are So Many Drs and Nurses Getting Ebola?

Why are we not closing borders or flights World wide?

Why are we not closing borders or flights World wide?

By Shaun Gibson : @ShaunyNews

I know Dr’s and Health workers are more likely to be exposed, but the USA has the CDC and the protocol in dealing with Ebola or any other Global killer should be 110% in action. It is not, these poor health workers and Dr’s are getting sick. I am only asking why this is. There should be precaution in place, Hazmat suits washed before and after. I am asking how these people are being infected. Just so people who don’t know read the blog and comment only on the title know. So why did I write this? Hmm…lol

Today we seen another new case of a Dr with Ebola in New York https://acenewsdesk.wordpress.com/2014/10/24/new-york-doctor-tests-positive-for-ebola/ , more aid workers are catching the disease as each day/week passes, so we have to ask, is Ebola Airborne? I think if Ebola was Airborne we would be seeing thousands already in Hospitals, but keep in mind this is a different strain of Ebola. Dr’s were sending people home in West Africa with the Flu because they couldn’t pick up this new strain of Ebola. People are acting as if “This won’t effect me” or “It’s not that bad” Well the stark truth is, if people become relaxed or a country becomes too relaxed over Ebola they risk giving the planet Ebola! Britain was first to stop flights to West Africa and there were talks about stopping all flights totally to our small Island if it looked like it would take hold, as we stand it has not taken hold, but after 5 days of no bad news out side Western Africa we now have a Dr in New York who, I am hearing has been ill for days and been in and out of work, shopping malls etc. Wow did he get it? He MUST know the rules of wearing the Hazmat suit and being cleaned off before taking it off. This tells me people are being exposed in another way, if it is not Airborn then how are people getting Ebola who work in these areas? All it takes is one sick person to walk through a shopping centre or mall. He sneezes or coughs and he leaves his spit all over that area and people can catch Ebola this way

The people treating the effected in Africa and America must use 100% perfect protocol when dealing with Ebola. We look and see pictures of sick/vomit from the man in Dallas who died, Eric Duncan being cleaned by men in regular clothes with a water spray!!  That vomit should have been cleaned by the  CDC not rented clearers of a housing property, this is what happened in the case of Mr Duncan, his landlord was left to clean up the vomit and hired some company, People in the photos aren’t in Level 4 Hazmat suits IN THE USA!

What is missing? Level 4 suits, that is what is missing!!



I will tell you what is missing! Level 4 Hazmat suits,

This lad look to be prepared to deal with a house of a dead Ebola patient? Because he did!!

This lad look to be prepared to deal with the house of a dead Ebola patient? Because he did!!

Everyone in Hazmat suits but one with a suit on. Makes no sense right?

Everyone in Hazmat suits but one with a suit on. Makes no sense right?

So we must be real careful, we were told by the Major of New York, Mayor Bill de Blasio that is was really hard to catch Ebola and he is right, but when we see the infected and how their vomit is being cleaned that MUST send Alarm bells ringing with both the CDC and W.H.O, also in the elevator/lift in the Hospital it was cleaned by cleaners not in proper suits,  and if it doesn’t send that message, then we are all doomed,  VERY DOOMED, as one reader kindly told me earlier this week. ‘Doom’ now Miss kind reader? Yes one person thought they would come into my blog and poke fun and say “Doom” in a joking way. I wonder how that person feels today as they live in New York. I wonder how that person feels today. Ebola being in that person’s area, I wonder if that person finds it oh so funny now? We all, every person, every city, every country treat Ebola like an enemy. Sadly and I know this as a fact, the reason Ebola is in the USA is because of money, see the USA don’t spend high amount’s of money unless it’s on War. So Ebola, sadly, could be thriving all over the North East of the USA due to people acting like they are above the threat of the biggest threat to humanity when it comes to bacteria is SHOCKING!.. We can’t see Ebola, we only see what it does. Sadly people are too relaxed over Ebola.

That relaxed attitude can and will kill 90% of the Worlds population if people don’t start taking this serious and stop watching Fox News etc

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