♫ Evanescence – My Immortal ♫ To the families hurting from the Washington shooting, we ask WHY?


As I sat and watched the news coming in from Washington, kids, kids shot. Kids shot by a confused kid. We must change our ways as a species, we all talk about kids in Africa and Palestine, everywhere in the World we pray for our kids, isn’t it about time we looked after our own. The kid who done the shooting it is easy to hate that boy, but we must look deep into our souls and ask ‘Why’ He is a casualty of a broken World, a casualty the same as the two 14 year old girls in Hospital we are praying for. They are all casualties of a system where it just should not have happened. It could have been stopped, but it wasn’t. Nobody noticed the kid with the gun was in a bad place, nobody stopped to say “You ok son?” Once we start caring BEFORE THE EVENT. Then we have a chance in this World. I dedicate this song, with lyrics to EVERYONE hurt, hurting, who have passed. Human lives were taken, kids lives were taken. WE MUST CHANGE OUR WAYS x

More love, less hate..