Viral on-line Images That Are Totally Fake


By Shaun Gibson : @ShaunyNews

#1 Lenticular Clouds

Lenticular clouds are a rarity, but 5 piled on top of each other … yep, fake.

#2 Kissing Islands

These photoshopped islands for Pfizer went viral when people began cropping and removing the logo to make it look like real islands. The pic on the right looks like an island person with a headache.

#3 Bunny See Bunny Do

Steven Seagal wouldn’t give Vladimir Putin bunny ears. Would he?

#4 Meteor Over Stonehenge

A fireball over Oklahoma photoshopped over Stonehenge.

#5 1970’s Oil Crisis Or Car Free Sundays

This pic of some Americans having a picnic on the highway to show how severe the oil crisis was, actually took place on Car Free Sundays in the Netherlands.

#6 Eclipse from the ISS

#7 Space Shuttle Jutting Through The Clouds?

There is a real picture of it, but the fake is a composite of two pics that Richard Silvera created.

#8 LIghteing Strikes Twice

Darren Pearson, who also goes by the name Darius Twin photoshopped this lightening bolt into a long exposure light manipulation picture of a tree.

#9 The Heart River

There really is a Heart River in North Dakota, but it definitely doesn’t look like this.

#10 Harley Davidson

William Harley and Arthur did invent the Harley Davidson motorcycle, but these guys are not them.


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