Ebola: 5 Year Old Boy Being Tested

An exterior view of Bellevue Hospital in New York City

The boy, who returned from Guinea at the weekend, was moved from his home in the Bronx by emergency medical workers, reports say.

By Shaun Gibson : @ShaunyNews

A five-year-old boy is under observation at a New York hospital for possible Ebola symptoms. The youngster had returned to the US from Guinea at the weekend and had a low-grade fever, according to City Health Commissioner Dr Mary Travis. The child has “travelled to one of the three affected countries and has a fever, and that’s what triggers an assessment,” Dr Travis said. The New York Post reported that the boy had been vomiting and was transported from his home in the Bronx by emergency medical workers. He is being kept in isolation at New York’s Bellevue Hospital, and results of his test will be available later on Monday.

Ebola Cases Diagnosed In The US

Ebola Cases Diagnosed In The US

If confirmed, it would be the second case to be diagnosed in America’s largest city, after doctor Craig Spencer tested positive last week upon returning home from treating Ebola patients in Guinea. Dr Spencer, who went to the West African country with the Doctors Without Borders humanitarian group, is also being kept in isolation at Bellevue Hospital. In New Jersey, an American nurse who treated Ebola patients in Sierra Leone is being released after being quarantined despite testing negative for the disease. Kaci Hickox threatened to sue, claiming her treatment had put her under physical and psychological stress, and violated her human rightsShe wrote: “The US must treat returning health care workers with dignity and humanity.” So far, four people have been diagnosed with Ebola in the US, including Dr Spencer. The first diagnosis, a Liberian visitor to Texas in September who died, was riddled with missteps. Two nurses who treated the man contracted the disease but have recovered.



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