Police in Cameron Security Scare, proving Obama vote video was staged


Inquiry Call After PM's Collision

Inquiry Call After PM’s Collision

By Shaun Gibson : @ShaunyNews

Lets go back a week to this blog here, and video first.

Chicago man to Obama: ‘Don’t touch my girlfriend’ – Obama’s Security does ‘nothing’



Now I stated I believed the above video with Obama and Mike was ‘Staged’ ‘Set up’ to make Obama look like your ‘Average Dude’ No security detail ON EARTH would allow any man to say that, so close to the Worlds most powerful man (If you believe he is)

Now today. A guy out in London running got arrested for running NEAR David Cameron. I wish I was making this up. A man walks past Obam pointing and makes a threat, NOTHING. A man in London running IN A PARK towards a group of men in suits and is arrested. I hear from people in the area that the man was screaming “I am late for my bus, f*uck off” The video is below.

Scotland Yard has launched a security review after a member of the public appeared to collide with the Prime Minister in Leeds. Former close protection officers and MPs have also called for a full inquiry into David Cameron’s security arrangements after the runner was able to get close to him and members of his protection team as they left the city’s Civic Hall. Video footage shows the man, identified as Dean Farley, heading towards the group at speed while the Prime Minister visibly braces himself. Farley then appears to bump into Mr Cameron before security personnel step in and wrestle the dreadlocked 28-year-old out of the way. The PM appears to be alone for several moments before the team got him into a waiting car.

: Man Held After PM Security Alert

Man Held After PM Security Alert

Mr Farley, who is understood to have been on the way to a local gym, was briefly arrested. He has since been released without charge. He later posted on his Facebook page: “So im all over the news as ‘the protester that attacked david cameron in leeds’ yeah if you call brushing into someone while running then assaulted by half a dozen coppers in suits attacking…” Speaking from her home in north Leeds, Mr Farley’s mother said she had spoken to him and he was “very upset by the whole situation”. West Yorkshire Police, which is taking part in the review by Met Police, said there was “nothing sinister” about the incident and it was “just a man in the wrong place at the wrong time”. 

A Downing Street spokesman said the PM “has gratitude and confidence in the protection teams who look after his security on a daily basis” and will “cooperate in full” with the Met review. After returning to London, Mr Cameron laughed off the collision as he appeared before MPs in the House of Commons. He said former deputy prime minister John Prescott, who once punched a protester who threw eggs at him, had been with him in the Civic Hall. The Prime Minister said: “John Prescott was in the room as I gave the speech. So as I left the room I thought the moment of maximum danger had probably passed. But clearly that wasn’t the case.”

But in the wake of last week’s attack at the Canadian parliament and with the UK terror threat level raised to severe, there are heightened concerns about the security of British dignitaries. Conservative MP Mark Pritchard told Sky News that a police inquiry must ensure “lessons are learned” from Monday’s incident. “The Met Police have some of the best close protection officers in the world. However, this was a clear breach of security and could have been far more sinister in outcome,” he said. Former diplomatic protection officer Steve Park also hit out at the PM’s security team, saying they took “their eye off the ball”.

Last week's attack at the Canadian parliament

Last week’s attack at the Canadian parliament has caused all leaders to be worried, sadly

They “should have been looking metres ahead expecting an attack like this, especially nowadays,” he said. “Had the attacker coming towards them had a knife or a pistol I think it could have been really grave for the Prime Minister.” Sky’s Home Affairs Correspondent Mark White said: “Maybe it does raise questions about the kind of security bubble you put around VIPs when they are put in the public like this. “But you can see from the video that it did happen very quickly, and the security personnel that were with the Prime Minister did react to pull this person away.”

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