#AceNewsDesk – Nov.09 – There is so much l could say about this guy. But the best l can say is if you need a friend Shaun’s your man. He is deleting this site in 24 hours, but he has a home with Ace News Group, we never ever abandon people in need. So goodbye Shaunynews and hello Shaun – Ace New Group – Chief Researcher and Reporter. Ian Draper Chief Editor of Ace News Group

Will be deleting this site Sunday night UK time (GMT 0) I do enjoy writing but I enjoy the research side of things more. It has been good fun over 3 years. I have met some amazing people sadly also met some “Unusual” people along the journey also. I feel I hit a brick wall with what I write. I see people getting 200 likes for a picture of a flower or a 4 line poem. I write about the greed and money greedy people in our World and get little response these days. I live in a World where when I am off-line I care about family, friends and live. When I am online I research as much as I can to wake people up to a truth that I will admit is way too strong to accept. I speak with many people and some refuse to accept what I PROVE to them. Some take it in and go research themselves. This is what happened to me. I was told a story many years ago and thought “Who is this idiot” about the man who told me. I got bored one day open the internet and researched. Within a week my jaw had dropped as each and every thing he told me ‘Seemed’ to be true.
Man DID land on the moon. Alien Life DOES NOT visit Earth. So we must be careful what we believe and what we research. I am going to do an Audio blog later tonight and then delete the blog around 24 hours from now. I will still be here and here so if you want to keep in touch, please, add away. Many don’t like Facebook groups due to the “Notification Ping” It can get annoying. SO TURN IT OFF!! Go into the Facebook group, right hand side you will see 3 small dots, next to them “NOTIFICATION”, left click and “Turn notifications off” Really is that easy.

How to turn off group notifications so you don't get a "PING" every 2 seconds

Again it has been an amazing time. I have said always, “When things become work-like, I stop” and this is where I am. I have given up on us as a species. I see individual acts of kindness and love, but on the World stage we are a brutal, hating, gossiping, annoying species. But I lose no sleep over any of that. I believe in living my life a certain way, we all have different ways, so who am I to judge? Writing here is just not for me anymore. I got a message from a few people I Spammed, put so all posts to me would be in spam. And all I got was hate and nasty. So yeah, time for Shaun to fuck off and find something new. I am REALLY looking forward to doing this and the new site here and of course I will still write for the Editor here is a good man and I look forward to helping him (If I can) making AceNews bigger and better.

So, for now…………….

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  1. Well, I will be seeing you Shaun on those other sites etc. Yes blogging is a funny thing when comparing content with Likes, I tend to blog for my personal satisfaction as I know that I write about what I think is important. Likes and comments are a bonus, of course. Good luck! I have certainly enjoyed your news and many a time you were the first to alert me on important issues. Cheers


    • Wasn’t so much about likes etc. As John says above I think I just got disalusioned with writing about what I was writing about. I was planning a series of blogs that were REAL interesting. But please, feel free to follow me on my AceNews page…

      Good luck for the future…
      Shaun x

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      • Cheers and sure will – you pick the news that touch a “nerve” and that is important because it is not dry reporting but always with other sources and meaning to people. Very important. Cheers and see ya out there 🙂




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  1. Indeed. When one door closes, another opens. Look forward to following here. It is terrible that people lash out in ignorance instead of opening their eyes to the truth or at least another possible truth. Peace, dear.