USA: “We Are In The Bullseye!” Expert Warns, “By Midweek, All Hell’s Going To Break Loose!”


50 FOOT WAVES! When Michio Kaku talks, YOU LISTEN!

50 FOOT WAVES! When Michio Kaku talks, YOU LISTEN!

By @ShaunyGibson  Used to be @ShaunyNews

When Michio Kaku talks, you listen. I have heard a few people saying the storm front coming could be so cold air travel could stop, November 15th/20th and maybe early December. I like this guy, he is always spot on. The CBS guys try and laugh it off but they fail badly. The Earth has changed and will keep changing, this is a result of this. America, get your boots scarf and hat!

Michio Kaku joins CBS This Morning to warn 250 million Americans that “we are in the bullseye” and by midweek, “all hell’s going to break loose” as America prepares to be pummeled by something sounding almost Biblical, ‘BomboGenesis’. Kaku warns that air, train and vehicle traffic could be paralyzed next week, and schedules disrupted: “A massive disruption that will peak around November 13th to November 15th” Kaku informs us, before telling us that we could feel the ‘ripple effects’ throughout November. Kaku also warns “the Earth is changing” and we need to get used to seeing more “violent swings.”


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