Labour Face Catastrophe as new poll suggests Labour on track to lose all of their Scottish seats to the SNP

Leaving Scottish Labour in ruin

Leaving Scottish Labour in ruin

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Westminster/Hollyrood bombshell for Miliband and Labour. Been reading this all night, it seems Labour could lose at least 37 out of it’s 41 SMP’s seats at Hollyrood. This would turn Scotland yellow, like the image below. I believe in Karma, Labour sold their souls in the Scottish Referendum. With 2nd in charge Anas Sarwar resigning days after the Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont, with Lamont leaving and letting UK Labour leader Ed Milliband know in no uncertain terms why, she said “Labour’s leadership in Westminster had undermined me, thwarted my attempts to reform the party and treated the Scottish Labour Party like a “branch office” all this has had a huge effect on Scottish Labour members. There is a loophole where the SNP could force another Referendum in 2015 elections for as early as 2016/2017, or just walking from the Union. Others will be better placed than I to call that one. Jim Murphy is making noises about becoming new Scottish Labour leader when it’s likely he will lose his seat in 2015. The shadow international development minister said: “I’m standing not just to be the Scottish Labour leader, which would be a privilege in itself, but I am standing to be our candidate to be first minister.” Personally I don’t trust politics/Labour just now, this could all be staged to fool the easily fooled, SCOTLAND ‘KEEP THE HEID, DON’T BE STUPID AGAIN!

Via STV News You Tube

A remarkable Ipsos Mori poll out onFriday (30th) putting Scottish Labour on just 23%, a massive fall from the 42% they won in 2010 and miles behind the SNP, who rocket to 52%.

STV reports:

“Those who would lose their seat include Jim Murphy, who is standing to be the next leader of Scottish Labour, Douglas Alexander and Margaret Curran… The only Scottish Labour MPs who would survive would be Willie Bain in Glasgow North East, Tom Clarke in Coatbridge, Chryston and Bellshill, Gordon Brown in Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath and Ian Davidson in Glasgow South West.”








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