Invisible killings: Israel’s daily toll of Palestinian children


Palestinian youths throw stones during clashes with Israeli border police after Moatez Higazi, a man suspected of trying to kill a hard-line Jewish activist in Jerusalem, was shot in east Jerusalem on Oct. 30, 2014

Palestinian youths throw stones during clashes with Israeli border police. WOW Stones DO kill you know!

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Kamal Shawish is too old to throw stones, but he understands why a generation of young Palestinians has again turned to stone-throwing as a form of protest against Israel. “We are conquered here. What can we do, we are stuck here against one of the World’s biggest war machines? Demonstrations? This is not enough,” said Shawish, 78. “We do what we can do”

Shawish is a Palestinian with Israeli residency who lives in the East Jerusalem suburb of Shuafat. He met US Media in the middle of the day as he shopped on the main street of the affluent neighbourhood. It was a quiet day. Over the din of traffic, you could hear a bell ringing to warn of the approaching light rail transit train. At night, Shuafat has turned into a place where violent confrontations between young Palestinians and the Israeli security forces have broken out frequently in the past four months.

Uprising without organization

Two of the most violent attacks against Israelis recently have taken place a few stops down the light rail line. Again, this gets reported but NOTHING about Palestinian Deaths/Murders

Earlier this month, two people, including an Israeli border police officer, were killed when a Palestinian man rammed his van into a crowd of security forces, then into those waiting at the tram stop. A similar attack at a nearby LRT station two weeks prior left two dead, including a three-month-old baby girl. Again, one sided story. Anyone STUPID enough to believe this one sides propaganda is either a religious freek or too stupid or just plain ignorant

Last week, an Israeli soldier and a young woman were killed in two separate stabbing attacks on the same day. One attack was in Tel Aviv, the other near a settlement in the West Bank it was claimed, but are the media going to tell the story of the Palestinian Bus driver being killed? The Daily Mail have, stange as it is other media outlets have left it out, surprised? Yeah, didn’t think so

Palestinian rioters have also smashed ticket machines at LRT stops. They’re now covered by sheets of metal. Many of the traffic lights no longer work, as the power cables have been cut. For many Palestinians, this is a new kind of struggle, an uprising without leadership, where individuals are moved to act against the Israeli occupation and policies. These attacks, along with the frequent outbreak of clashes between Palestinians and Israeli security forces, have led to a great deal of discussion here about whether a third intifada is underway.

Mustafa Barghouti, a member of the Palestine Liberation Organization, said there is little doubt that another uprising has begun. “What is happening today in the occupied Palestinian territories in response to occupation and oppression is a popular, mainly non-violent resistance in the form of demonstrations,” Barghouti said. He says because of the anger, he understands why some Palestinians have chosen violence.

Above is from the America media. I am not even surprised by it’s one sidedness. It is an outrage but again, is anyone surprised? Isreal blew up Gaza’s ONLY powerstation in July and charged Gaza’s for fixing it then put prices up.

When will the World realise that Palestine is land locked? These people can’t all go elsewhere. They are up against probably one of the top 5 War machines on the planet. This is David Vs Goliath if we want to quote stupid scripture that keeps Israel ok. People say “Oh but people want to destroy Israel” That won’t happen, there are over 100 Nuclear sites and protection sites around Israel that belong to the Israeli’s or America. America is the ONLY Country in the Word to back Israel this much. American people back Israel while the rest of us human beings with a bit of humility can see past religious hatred and understand all the propaganda to make Israel look innocent. This should be a UN cause and I think it really will be one day. Israel can’t keep treating Palestine like a Zoo.

Invisible killings: Israel’s daily toll of Palestinian children

When your land has been occupied by a foreign army as long as your children have been alive, and this occupying army regularly brutalises and humiliates the friends and relatives of these children, stopping kids from confronting the invaders is naturally going to be very difficult. Convincing the Israeli adults in control of this weaponry in civilian areas that they should not be using it to kill children who are merely stone throwers should not be difficult. The statistics sadly tell a different story, of a deep-rooted Israeli contempt for the lives of Palestinian children that should inspire Western outrage. Photo by Musa Al-Shaer.

When Israelis are killed and injured by a Palestinian attack, the TV news networks are quick to cut to “breaking news” reports. Harrowing footage from the scene and interviews with outraged Israeli government officials are swiftly broadcast, and harsh statements are quickly issued by government and UN officials to appear in tomorrow’s front page newspaper stories.

Meanwhile, the steady killing of Palestinian civilians, many of them children, by the Israeli occupation army goes largely unnoticed and unreported.

By consistently emphasizing the suffering of Israelis, and downplaying or ignoring the killings of Palestinians, the media convey a false impression that Palestinian “attacks” are the principal feature of the conflict.

Statistics unambiguously clarify that this impression is the exact opposite of the reality on the ground. A total of 1,926 Palestinians have been killed from 29 September 2000 up to 8 December 2002, and more than 21,000 injured. 669 of these killings occurred since Israel’s total reoccupation of the West Bank began last March, according to the Palestinian Red Crescent Society.

EI looked at the one-month period from 31 October to 2 December 2002 in detail.

According to our research, forty-three Palestinian civilians were killed during this period and dozens wounded or permanently maimed.

Fifteen of those killed and several dozen of those injured were children. A summary of the circumstances of the killing and injury of this group appears below.

Details and circumstances of Palestinian children killed by Israeli occupation forces, 31 October to 2 December 2002

December 2:
Jenin: Mutaz Odeh, 18, died of a gunshot wound to the heart when Israeli occupation forces opened fire on a group of civilians who were stoning Israeli tanks and armored vehicles. 21 others injured, two seriously. (PCHR, LAW)

November 30:
Gaza City: Hatem al-Ajla, 16, shot dead by Israeli occupation forces, with gunshot wounds to the back, according to hospital sources. (AFP)

November 28:
Hebron: Abbas al-Atrash, 3, was in his house, when he was killed by bullets fired by Israeli occupation forces. Doctors said that he was hit by a bullet in the abdomen as he stood at the window. The occupation army claimed the toddler was killed by shrapnel from an explosive device thrown at its forces. No occupation forces were injured by the alleged bomb. (Agencies)

November 25:
Nablus: Jihad Al-Faqih, 8, was shot and killed by Israeli occupation forces with a bullet to the heart. The killing occurred as many Palestinians decided to ignore the permanent curfew imposed on the city and go to school or work. Some unarmed Palestinians confronted the occupation forces who were in tanks and armored vehicles, and some people stoned them. The occupation forces opened fire on the civilians, killing Jihad, who was not among the stone throwers. 13 others were injured by the soldiers, including 7 other children and two women. (LAW, Agencies)

November 22:
Jenin: Muhammad Bilalweh, 12, was shot dead by Israeli occupation forces with a bullet to the left eye. The occupation forces opened fire on a group of children who began stoning them after an Israeli armored bulldozer had demolished a building that was home to six families. Earlier the army had entered the camp in force, firing indiscriminately. Three other children suffered serious injuries from gunshots and shrapnel. (LAW, Agencies)

November 19:
Tulkarm: Ehab Alam al-Zalqa, 16, was shot and killed by a member of an Israeli death squad disguised as a Palestinian. The killing occurred when the death squad, who had been spotted by civilians, was stoned. After killing Alam, the death squad caught and executed on the spot the person they were hunting after confirming his identity. Two other civilians were killed by the death squad, and ten others, including five children injured. (PCHR, LAW)

November 20:
Tulkarm: Amr al-Qudsi, 14, was shot dead by an Israeli soldier with a gunshot to the back. Following an earlier incident, in which an Israeli death squad killed four people in the town, a group of children gathered and stoned an Israeli jeep. The jeep stopped, a soldier got out, took aim at Amr, and killed him. (LAW, Agencies)

November 16:
Jenin Refugee Camp: Ibrahim al-Sadi, 17, was shot and killed by Israeli occupation forces. Israel surrounded a number of houses in the center of the refugee camp, including the house of Sheikh Bassam Ragheb al-Sa’di, wanted by Israel for alleged activities in Islamic Jihad. Israeli soldiers noticed al-Sadi’s son Ibrahim, 17, passing near a house with a gun in his hands. Immediately, they fired at him without warning. He was killed by a live bullet in the chest. According to eyewitnesses, the son passed by the area accidentally and he did not fire at the Israeli soldiers, rather he was trying to get away from them. Ibrahim’s brother, Abdulkarim, had been killed by Israeli occupation forces on September 5. (PCHR)

November 15:
Nablus: Imran al-Shila, 15, was killed by a bullet to the chest by Israeli occupation forces who opened fire on a group of children who threw stones at them in the Old City. (LAW)

November 14:
Nablus: Jalal Awijan, 17, was killed by a gunshot wound to the chest, when Israeli occupation forces in tanks and armored vehicles opened fire on a group of school children. (LAW)

November 13:
Rafah, Gaza: Hamed Asad Hassan al-Masri, 2, was killed by a live bullet to the chest. That evening, Israeli occupation forces began shelling Block J in Rafah refugee camp, forcing the little boy’s family to flee their home. As they left the house, Hamed was hit by a bullet fired by the occupation firces. His mother, Asmaa, 31, was critically injured by live ammunition and shrapnel to the abdomen, pelvis and limbs. (PCHR)

November 11:
Rafah, Gaza: Nafez Mishal, 2, was shot by Israeli occupation forces who opened fire on civilian homes in the Tel al Sultan neighborhood of the refugee camp. He died two hours later of a gunshot wound to the abdomen. Nafez had been sitting on his father’s lap playing with a balloon, when the balloon escaped. The toddler got up to run after it and was then cut down by a volley of bullets from an occupation army watch tower. The occupation army claimed it was “returning fire,” although all witnesses said that the soldiers had, as they often do, opened fire without provocation. Two other children, aged 9 and 14 were injured in the same incident (The Independent, PCHR)

November 11:
Rafah, Gaza: Muhammad Rifat Abu al-Naja, 9, died of wounds he sustained the previous month. Abu al-Naja was seriously wounded when Israeli forces at the Egyptian border, south of Rafah, shelled Palestinian houses in Block O in Rafah refugee camp on 17 October 2002. Six Palestinian civilians, including 3 children and 2 women, were killed in that incident, and more than 40 others, including Abu al-Naja, were wounded. (PCHR)

November 5:
Rafah, Gaza: Adham Ibrahim Hamdan, 16, shot by live bullets in the head and Eyad Nafez Abu Taha, 17, shot by a live bullet in the head. The two boys were killed by Israeli occupation forces who had invaded Block L of Rafah refugee camp, demolished three houses, and fired indiscriminately at civilians. 12 Palestinian civilians, including 4 children under the age of 18, were wounded. (PCHR)

When will our World wake up to the evil that is ‘Organised Religion” and the harm it does?


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