Masked and Armed Anonymous Protesters Swarmed the Beavercreek Walmart For #OpJohnCrawford


anon_crawford_1By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews

Following the refusal of the Beavercreek Chief of Police to meet any of the very reasonable demands of the Ohio Students Association and other protesters against the shooting of John Crawford by Officer Sean Williams, the “hacktivist” group Anonymous initiated Operation John Crawford early last month.

This Saturday, the #OpJohnCrawford protests continued with a second wave, right outside of the Walmart where John Crawford was shot, early in August of this year.

My Way Of Thinking

My Way Of Thinking

In the past, many of the protesters who have turned out at protests demanding justice for John Crawford have been associated with Ohio Student Association, and even Ohio Open Carry. But as many of the traditional protesters have seemingly grown weary, the Anonymous presence at each and every protest has increased exponentially. By last Saturday, nearly everyone at the protest – whether primarily representing other organizations, or not – had turned out in the traditional Anonymous “Guy Fawkes” masks of the hacktivist group.

Via Anonymous F3AR on You Tube

Local media, as well as representatives from Counter Current News and our friends at The Anti Media, were present to give voice to the Anonymous protesters. Anonymous protesters have been at John Crawford protests from the very beginning, including at the Ohio Open Carry protest outside and in the very same Walmart, where protesters marched to the very spot where the African American father was gunned down, while on the phone with the mother of his child. But now there was something of a convergence. As each protest was organized, Anonymous protesters turned out in greater numbers, often armed like their traditional open carry counterparts. Anonymous was open carrying, and open carriers were finding tremendous anarchistic and libertarian overlap with Anons.


Dear Citizens of Beavercreek and of the world,

It has come to our attention the cold blooded murder of 22 year old John Crawford. Due to video evidence released by Walmart, we will now begin OpJohnCrawford.

Our demands are simple. Fire and/or disarm officer Sean Williams. Bring criminal charges against 911 caller Ronald Ritchie. Publicly apologize to John Crawford’s family. These demands must be met or we will take steps to ensure justice will be served.

We have already taken down Beavercreek’s main site for hosting info about the police. We will leak any and all information about ALL police officers of Beavercreek, and the government officials.

A message to the Beavercreek government: You have caused this by your ignorance in not responding to the murder of an innocent man. We will target any and all sites that support you.

We are Anonymous.
We are a Legion.
We do not Forgive.
We do not Forget.
Government and Officials of Beavercreek, you should have expected us.

F3AR, and the rest of Anonymous.


As the larger protests seemed to wane, following the refusal of the now-outgoing Chief Evers to comply with any of the Ohio Student Association’s demands, the underground support for John Crawford has been rising to the surface. Now #OpJohnCrawford has followed with a second wave, and Anonymous activists are telling us that the “doxxing” of Officer Sean Williams and Ronald Ritchie’s home addresses will be used for upcoming protests.

Several Anons could be heard openly discussing plans for these upcoming protests. Several protests boldly took their message of justice for all to the middle of the road. Beavercreek police officers told them to leave, but after initially complying, all returned to the median where they had been previously. The police did not make a move to arrest any of them, even after they openly defied the department where killer-cop Sean Williams is still employed.


Both addresses of Williams and 911-called Ronald Ritchie have been obtained and are circulating privately amongst activists in Beavercreek, Ohio. For our part, Counter Current News has verified both addresses as belonging to Williams and Ritchie, but we have refrained from releasing them publicly at this point. We have been informed that a date for the “home protests” should be announced by the beginning of December. We are told that these “home protests” will all be within the boundaries of the law, and will be on public property.


As a warm up for those protests, Anonymous says that rallies like Saturday’s keep the momentum going, and force the community not to forget or sweep the injustice under the rug. Synced up with the #OpJohnCrawford protest were members of Cop Block, Ohio Open Carry, Awakened Cincinnatians and the Hashlamah Project Foundation. It’s worth noting that Crawford himself was a Cincinnati resident, who was visiting the Beavercreek area the day he was shot and killed by Officer Williams.

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