Racist America – I told you what a Police State was – Staged Verdict made it look worse

♫ Hands Up Don't Shoot ♫

♫ Hands Up Don’t Shoot ♫

By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews

I Have said for as long as I have been writing that the USA is a corrupt police state. Now how people react to what I have to say will determine how right I am.
The Police in America ‘Seem’ to be racist. I have heard so much today saying “American Cops hate Blacks” Even Obama admitted there was a mistrust between Cops and Black people. He is of course right. America has the biggest jailed populous in the developed World. America has more people in Prison than anyone else. So we must ask why this is.

I believe Racism is a HUGE problem in the USA. Many are quick to say “That Black Kid” when the expression should be “That Kid” As long as you the people and the Media play “That Black Kid” there will be problems. I don’t have the answers to a nation returning to Racial divide and things getting worse and I don’t know who has. Black people get treated worse than white people. I have seen it all too many times. America, you are a young nation, the rest of the World has been through this. You will get there, but I still think last night was all too staged. Why tell at that time? Why allow the streets to fill up and give the verdict? Get past that question then you see the truth, this, for me was made to happen. Think about it, why tell the people at 8pm? This just puts black people in a worse light so America can say “Told you so, look at THEM” and I don’t like that

I have spoken to many Americans and more than a few have said “The Blacks are the problem here” So I ask, Are the black’s to blame or is it as a people they are penned into places with liquor stores and pawn shops. I have done a much research a man could do with this. I think the EASY ANSWER IS “Blame Blacks” The verdict was given at 8pm, a time when it’s SO MUCH EASIER TO CAUSE TROUBLE. Why not tell the verdict at 9am? For me this was all too easy. Tell Ferguson at a time when they would get angry and show it and make the Black people look worse. I think America, you got this ALL WRONG.
Police State USA is on the go, it will get worse. I will be doing research on this some more. I want percentages of who is in jail, why they are in jail. I have shown MANY times Cops killing and seriously harming people.


It is so sad this happened, but it has.

May I say “RIP Michael Brown”

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