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By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews

So many hundreds of years ago now, when God interacted with the people on Earth on a level he gave knowledge and rules, in the flesh so to speak, he gave some guy 10 rules, 10 things you must do or God will send you to hell for ever and ever and you will burn for all of time for ever and ever and ever………………..


Yeah I stole this from George Carlin. I love to research, if you know me well enough and read my blog you will know I have an open mind and apply logic to life something religion can’t. Now keep in mind I used to be religious, I used to have to read this book. Then I grew up, got my own mind and dropped it all and kept God. What George says in the video below is brilliant. Now I ask people who are religious to just forget religion and a book for 5 second and understand “Comedy” See comedy sells the same as religion. As George you will hear say, ’10 Commandments’ sounds official right? 11 would feel wrong, 9 would be strange, 10 is just perfect to sell to brain dead people in a different World than it is today. We all know the bible was written when people were living in mud huts. We all know God called Moses up to the mountain, and there He gave him the 10 Commandments. These 10 Commandments would teach the people more about God. It showed that He requires the high standard of perfect behaviour because he is perfect and well, kinda bossy. I have a HUGE problem with the 10 commandments because we ALL break them every day, yes, even you. These were rules and books written for a different World than today.

Anyone think that God should maybe talk to someone again to write a Bible for a 21st Century World. Maybe also call some other dude up a mountain with a list for the 21st Century. Things like “Thou shall not support a nation of Genocide” or “Thou shant throw stones” Because religion has this to PERFECTION! Maybe also throw in “Thou in religious positions shall not have sex with kids” You know, logical things for a 21st century World. I would add “Thou shall not buy and make War” Something the most religious place on the planet does. Ironic huh? 

Apply logic and this becomes comedy? Where is God now?

Apply logic and this becomes comedy? Where is God now?

Well here is what I know most religious people won’t watch because it is ‘Uncomfortable’ for them. When Religion/Bible/Scripture is challenged religious people get a bit lost and stutter a lot. There is never an answer. I know people who ACTUALLY BELIEVE Noah got 2 of every animal on a big boat he build. Now apply logic (I know Religion, this is hard) to this story and you will find it is UTTERLY IMPOSSIBLE for Noah to get 2 of every Animal on Earth onto a boat. I will give you the best reason, since Noah and the big boat story thousands of new species have been discovered, maybe millions. Also how did God get to Australia for a Kangaroo? How did he get other indigenous species of animals from whatever country onto a boat? And how did he feed them and wash up the poo? See, when Logic is applied to religion, you see how ridiculous these books are. People will say to this “But Shaun, it’s a Metaphor” But when I add “Imagine” by John Lennon, religious people say “WHY WOULD YOU WANT NO HEAVEN?” Well it’s a metaphor 😉 And number 5 “Honour thy Father and thy Mother” What if you have bad parents who sold you for sex? This happens all over the World. So God ask’s people to love their parents NO MATTER WHAT? I could go through all 10, but I will let the MASTER of such matter tell the story below, George Carlin


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