Why Is Sex Still Taboo?



Why is it so Taboo?


 By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews

shhhhhh_by_emsvangothSomething all species must do to keep life going. Sex is something we all do, enjoy, look forward to. We all have different likes and dislikes. The question is ‘Why is sex Taboo” why do people get so embarrassed talking about the ONLY think we all do?

For me there are two forms of sex, for others there is one, for many there are dozens. People tying each other up. If this is what some people do, fair play, who am I to judge. Some sex is between gay people. Sex is enjoyment. BUT..Making love is the most amazing thing we can do. I don’t mean having sex and cuddling in, proper eye contact love making. That is a gift and a free one at that.

We have what others would call rougher sex, a sex where there is love, but sex becomes more animalistic in this form. As a species us humans are the only species who hide away from the debate that is sex. Every other species do it regardless of where they are or who is watching. Got a dog? Then you will see where I am going. Dogs will shag each other male on male, shagging each other’s faces or even its owners leg, sex for a dog is a seasonal thing, some force we humans can’t see comes into play and our dogs just won’t listen to a thing and just want to shag, other dog optional

For me I only have sex when there is meaning in it. When I was a kid it was “Fucking” Nothing more, nothing less. As a 40 year old lad now, there must be meaning. Sure things can get rough and having Fibromyalgia is a challenge when sex is around, but because the human brain releases chemicals it makes it easier.

I am not expecting everyone to reply to this and explain their sexual habits. Here in Europe sex is something we see on  TV and it gets  talked about on TV after the 9pm watershed. I shh-youll-wake-my-momhave seen many famous American people come onto ‘whatever’ chat show on TV and can’t understand our ways. We are very liberal with Sex in Europe and this is a good thing. What I mean is, there is choice. If people want to watch porn or TV shows about sex, they can. I believe as a human we have the right to ‘Choice” Many in religion will disagree, I know some who do, but why can’t religion (worldwide) just think “Don’t like, won’t watch?” I mean sex isn’t going anywhere, it keeps our species alive and it’s pleasure. In a World where life can be hard (No pun intended) and life can become difficult. For a moment, sex can take it all away. Sex to get pregnant, sex for fun, sex because of love, whatever your reason, good on you.

I never do understand many things in our World. So as long as my Editor Ian is ok with it I am going to explore ‘Taboo’ topics from time to time and I hope it can be fun. I expect some sad person to moan and complain, but these are people probably not getting sex where love is involved. I always have thought people who get all angry at talking about sex have never experienced Sex at its best, whatever that best is for you. For me, eye contact and love, being one soul, it’s a feeling I can’t explain. Two people becoming one.

It can be real love

It can be real love

It can be fun

It can be fun

This song below is just SUPERB. The lyrics are on screen.


Kings of Leon – Sex on Fire (lyrics)

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4 responses

  1. unfortunately religion has made sex for many people into a taboo and something to be ashamed of. In times gone by people understood sex to be important but joyous and something to be celebrated. It symbolised the return of the sun after winter, it represented the reincarnation of the soul, it showed the abundance of nature and was not something to be ashamed of.

    In these modern times sex is everywhere, not love but plain, lustful sex. It’s in every advert on every billboard, every tv show, everywhere you look and there’s not a hint of love in any of it. It portrays sex as opposed to making love, to be something that we must all strive for, if we’re not ‘sexy’ in the conventional, stereotypical way then we are not worth anything. Adverts would have you believe that being sexy is more important than anything else, love doesn’t come into the equation at all.

    Sure sex can be fun and it can leave you feeling good but love is a different beast altogether. Love leaves you feeling like you are the most important person on the planet, it leaves you feeling whole and complete, worthy of love. Making love gives you a way to say things that you don’t have the words for, a means of reaching a deeper connection with your partner than you can with just words. It is a way of affirming your relationship, a way of surrendering yourself completely in a show of trust. In that place you don’t see only the surface but the important stuff underneath. That kind of sex can make the world feel right, it makes you feel like anything is possible because you have the right person by your side, the one who loves every part of you without question or judgement, without demands or expectations.

    Sex and fibro are a difficult combination to get right. By it’s very nature sex is a physical thing, a spontaneous thing, pain and stiffness in the wrong places can really put a dampener on things. Pain reduces libido, it affects how we see ourselves and how we think others see us but if we can find a way through all that it can makes us feel so much better, at least on the inside, we may end up stuck in bed for a week but it’s worth it.

    Of all the things I miss since losing my husband it’s that connection you get when making love with the most important person in your life. You can’t get that any other way. It’s not even just the act itself because love never stops, it’s the smile in their eyes when they look at you, the touch of their hand as they move past you, it’s the way they say your name, it’s the silly texts, the pet name, the laughs, the feeling safe because they are in your world, all of that stuff is part of making love rather than having sex.


    • WOW…
      Amazing reply, your thoughts are the exact same as mind in this Consumerism “Lady in the magazine, I must look like” by girls World.
      I have a little Sister and I often worry she is caught by the trap. Here is the reality of beauty. I have blogged about this SO many times..
      Here are a few blogs I did on my old Blog…

      There is a video in here that shows the fakery you talked about


      There were more but some got deleted I guess.
      But brilliant reply Mandy!


      • One of those replies where I didn’t have to think about what i was writing, it just happened. Love writing like that. 🙂

        Frank and i taught our sons that beauty is on the inside and they very much feel that way. They thankfully haven’t been brainwashed by society’s warped ideals which is being aimed at young men now too. They both have long term partners and are genuine, honest lads that respect women and themselves. Neither of them have been into all that sleeping around, one night stand stuff which just eats away at what’s good and honest about sex and love. It’s getting harder and harder to raise kids like that nowadays but if we don’t nothing will change.

        i checked out your other blogs and i agree with what you’ve written there too. So many beautiful people are never seen, never acknowledged because they don’t match up to society’s idea of beautiful on the outside. I don’t much care how someone looks on the outside, for me it’s about the energy they send out, about how they are inside. As for the modelling industry, it’s just out to makes obscene amounts of money by trampling on the insecurities of young women and brainwashing people into believing they can only be loved if they fit into the mold the fashion industry says they should.