Advanced Imaging Reveals a Computer 1,500 Years Ahead of Its Time


The Antikythera mechanism

The Antikythera mechanism

By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews

Since I was a young lad I have always felt and believed a large part of Earth’s history has been lost or is missing. I believe Religion, mainly the Catholic Church is to blame for much of this, they stopped Science for 2,000 years as we all know. So if Religion hadn’t stopped Science, would we know more about Earth’s history? I always believe Religion has harmed this World, but not Religion itself, Religion is man made, it’s the people in Religion that blow it for the rest of us. Finds like this will get all covered up and main stream media in certain countries won’t cover it because it PROVES religion wrong. This Antikythera mechanism pre-dates everything we know. It has been carbon dated to 1,500 years old. But the latest and newer version of carbon dating has this at 20,000 years old!!! Why does Religion, same Religion that kills this planet stop us all from knowing our Worlds past? Anything that goes against Religious timelines just “CAN’T BE TRUE” And as a researcher, this annoys me a little, anyway, enjoy this find, I did! This is how I feel below…

It looks like the Mars rover mineral detector print.
Like we’ve been here before scouring this earth on a mission from another planet, looking for a place to live.
History repeating itself with the same ideology and technology , just a different time.
The next time, and here we are.

X-rays and advanced photography have uncovered the true complexity of the mysterious Antikythera mechanism, a device so astonishing that its discovery is like finding a functional Buick in medieval Europe.

17ivczre33vjbjpgIn 1900, some divers found the wreck of a Roman vessel off the Greek island of Antikythera. Among the other treasures remanded to the Greek government was an unassuming corroded lump. Some time later, the lump fell apart, revealing a damaged machine of unknown purpose, with some large gears and many smaller cogs, plus a few engraved words in Greek. Early studies suggested it was some type of astronomical time-keeping device – researcher Derek J. de Solla Price laid the groundwork by establishing initial tooth counts and suggesting that the device followed the Metonic cycle, a 235-month pattern commonly used to predict eclipses in the ancient world.

The full function and beauty of the Antikythera device remained hidden until recent studies subjected it to more advanced imaging techniques. First, it was photographed using a technique that exposed the surfaces to varying lighting patterns. This created different levels of contrast that allowed the researchers to read far more of the inscribed Greek text than was previously possible. Then, x-ray imaging was used to create full 3-D computer models of the mechanism, which revealed for the first time some of the more complex and detailed gear interactions. The Greek National Archaeological Museum’s discovery of some boxes filled with 82 additional mechanism fragments added new information as well.

The findings, published in Nature, are probably best described as “mind blowing.” Devices with this level of complexity were not seen again for almost 1,500 years, and the Antikythera mechanism’s compactness actually bests the later designs. Probably built around 150 B.C., the Antikythera mechanism can perform a number of functions just by turning a crank on the side.

Using nothing but an ingenious system of gears, the mechanism could be used to predict the month, day and hour of an eclipse, and even accounted for leap years. It could also predict the positions of the sun and moon against the zodiac, and has a gear train that turns a black and white stone to show the moon’s phase on a given date. It is possible that it could also show the astronomical positions of the planets known to the ancients: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.

Thanks to Heritage Key – Video about the Ancient World on You Tube
This thing is precise for EVERY season on Earth and for all the Planets in our Solar System (AMAZING)
This is a scientific reconstruction made from all the parts found

The Antikythera mechanism wasn’t just a scientific tool – it also had a social purpose. The Greeks held major athletic competitions (such as the Olympics) every two or four years. A small dial within the Metonic dial showed the dates of these important events.

The true genius of the mechanism goes beyond even the complex calculations and craftsmanship of a mechanical calendar. For example, the ancients didn’t know that the moon has an elliptical orbit, so they didn’t know why it sometimes slowed or sped up as it moved through the zodiac. The mechanism’s creator used epicyclic gears, also known as planetary gears, with a “pin-and-slot” mechanism that mimicked this apparent shifting in the moon’s movement. This use of epicyclic gears is far ahead of what anyone suspected ancient technology was capable of. Scientific Americanhas a two-part video about the mechanism and the imaging techniques used in the research.

This pre-dates EVERYTHING

This pre-dates EVERYTHING

he mystery of who built the Antikythera mechanism remains. It has been linked to renowned ancient inventor Archimedes by the writings of Cicero, but this particular device was built after Archimedes’ death. Still, the engraved words revealed by the new photos pinpoint the device’s origin to Corinth, or possibly Corinthian colonies. Sicily was such a colony, and the Sicilian city of Syracuse was Archimedes’ headquarters. The researchers theorize that the Antikythera mechanism is based on an Archimedian design, and might even have been built by a workshop carrying on his technological tradition. But if the design has been “industrialized” in such a way, why have we never found another one like it? Mysteries remain.

The complexity of the mechanism shows that ancient humans were capable of intellectual and engineering feats that boggle our modern minds (and it puts the lie to all those “ancient astronaut” theories). The upheavals of war and natural disasters over 2,000 years have probably caused us to lose many more works and wonders that will never be found.


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      Imagine it was real, it could very well be real. It changes EVERYTHING..
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