Muirhouse church fire: Looks to be deliberate



Like watching an ex house I lived in gone to ruin

I think I broke the news on this one as it was happening thanks to a friend living opposite it. To see a part of your youth in that state is more that sad. I have so many memories of this building. They used to do “Poor oots” at Wedding where the newly married couple would throw loose change for the kids to fight over. ‘Poor oots’ was from 200 years ago when the rich married in the big churches they would throw money to the poor, so, ‘Poor oots” I research the oddest stuff. It’s just so sad, many family memories for me when I lived down there as a kid

St Paul’s, in the Muirhouse area of Edinburgh, was engulfed by flames at around 9.30pm on Sunday. A group of youths were seen near the building less than an hour before the blaze started. Fire crews managed to get the flame under control by midnight and worked through the night dampening down the building. An investigation into the cause of the fire will started on Monday.


The outside looks almost ok, then we see the windows above, or lack of

Inspector Alan Carson said: “This was an appalling attack on a religious building which, despite its closure, was still of importance to the local community in Muirhouse. It was a reckless act which could well have resulted in serious injury or worse. “We are eager to talk to anyone who may have witnessed anything suspicious around the church on Sunday night. “We are particularly keen to trace a group of youths who were seen near the church less than an hour before the fire was reported. Tracing these young people would significantly help us with our enquiries.”

The Catholic church, which welcomed its first worshippers in 1971, closed in October. The 11,745sqft site is currently up for sale as a potential industrial or residential development. Anyone with information about the blaze is asked to contact Police Scotland on 101 or through Crimestoppers on 08000 555 111.

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