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The way School works here in Scotland

By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews

My oldest Daughter Courney who is 5, a few weeks back astonished me when I asked “What did you do today at School sweetie” She replied ‘Literacy’ although both are 5 years Scotland_6d8966_535971 (2)old and 4 years old and still really small children I must say the Education system in Scotland is utterly fantastic. My 4 year old Daughter Chloe is in 2nd year Nursery before she starts Primary school next August, she is doing brilliant, she can do the whole A to Z and Count to 100 and can point out over 20 countries on our Globe ornament we have. My older Daughter Courtney is a smart kid, same as all the kids in her class. They all went to nursery together then the 50 or so at Nursery got split into two Primary 1 classes. She can name 30 words from any letter of the Alphabet, count to 500 or more and can name almost every country on the Globe, she has issues with all the Eastern bloc Countries like Albania etc.

Today we got a letter. We had heard this was coming and what was going to happen. What the SNP have done for Education in this country over the last 10 or so years has been nothing short of amazing! My little Princess is learning Spanish in Primary 1 as of January 2015 after the Christmas holidays. She will learn Spanish at a time her small brain is like a sponge. Then in Primary 4 she will learn a 3rd language. So English, Spanish and we are thinking German, we will let Courtney have a say nearer the time. To think my little baby will be speaking English of course, Spanish and German by the time she leaves Primary School that lasts 7 years till age 12 is just amazing


Language lessons at 5 years old Once in High school they get to learn one further Language, French perhaps? So by the time my two Daughters leave School they will be fluent in Spanish, German and French and one other if they decide to stay on for 2 more years at High school. I was there when both my son’s were born, I was 17, I loved them and cried but I was a kid myself. I made mistakes but made up for them. I taught them to be responsible tolerant young men, I am so proud of them both and love their partners like they are Daughters in law already

Scotland invented the technological world we see today

Scotland invented the technological world we see today

I was there for the birth of my two princess’s 5 and 4 years ago and I remember When Courtney came out, and I secretly wanted a Daughter I cried and hugged Dawn in a moment I will never forget. I live for moments, anyone who REALLY KNOWS ME will know I love moments, I love to be caught in a moment. Recently I walked my Mum down the aisle, that was a moment.

As one of my son’s leave home, the other starts his new job as a chef at a high level we have our work cut out with the girls. Sure they fight and argue but when they are upset I see they are just small bags of emotion. I STRUGGLE to give them a row, discipline them. I really can’t bring myself to raise my voice so I leave that to Dawn unless I really have to. So, to sum up, Scotland didn’t get independence, but we got ‘ALMOST’ Home rule and there is more to come. Within 5 years Scotland will be an independent nation and our Education system will get better still. Scotland invented the modern World, no, really we did.

This is what Scotland invented

I guess tonight I am just so happy to be Scottish, live where I do, have the people around me I do, and I mean my Scottish friends, some I know many I don’t. I will say a lot “Scotland is paradise” but just in a fridge 😀 But it really is a wonderful place to live. Many who come here stay here and I think I know why. We don’t have huge immigration issues but we welcome anyone. And we fight on for freedom, it will happen, and it will happen before my Daughters hit high school, we didn’t get mad, we were angry, but we dropped all the side show rubbish, now we are looking to go again. I write for Edinburgh West here Now we want to make brilliant, better, and we will do it, the will is strong, the voice is one. Being Scottish just rocks. I am passionate about being Scottish as you are for your country. Really is that simple, and I can’t hide it 😀

Well I talked more than I wanted to there but being Scottish is a blessing alone. I see a different World when I research, when I turn on the news, when I read news, I see an alien World. So I will leave you with a song I love and it isn’t really Scottish but you will see why. And if you are proud of where you live, MY GOD!! Say so..

2 minutes 10 seconds in, you will understand, this is an amazing song 


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  1. Children being exposed to multiple languages in their formative years helps them in the long run. In Singapore where I live, children learn at least two languages – English and their mother tongue ( Mandrin, Malay or Tamil ). In most of the states in India it is three languages – English, regional language and Hindi, the most commonly spoken language. Now there are European and far eastern languages taught as well.


      • That is a legacy of being a colony of the British for 200+ years. For all the economic exploitation that happened, compensation was given in the form of English language 🙂


      • Can you change that to “English Colony” ? Scotland was getting ass whipped as well as Ireland around this time… I am Scottish..PLEASE..Know it was England’s empire..No living, breathing Scottish person want’s anything to do with London/Westminster rule and we don’t anymore, we have home rule…But yeah, you are of course right..All these years under English rule..Cheers man

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      • Yes, I meant English. There were so many colonists – Portuguese, French, English – all operating at the same time to plunder and share the spoil. And in the end, they even divided the country on religious lines, the effects of which the world bears still.


      • LOL…
        Some Scottish people get REAL upset when people say this. I laugh it off. I know informed people know it was the English at this time in History…

        And yeah even today the sun never sets on England’s Commonwealth. I have English family and friends. So my anger and hatred (Maybe too strong a word) goes directly to Westminster/Whitehall/London.

        Cheers mate


  2. Shaun, you should save this for your children. I am going to make books for my kids to have long after I am gone about my time in India. You should start saving special posts that are you. This one is particularly clear on your love of your family and your special Scotland. Ah, the lone piper and Amazing Grace. . . . not much better musically anywhere , anyhow! There are book publishing sites on the web. That is what I am going to do after this trip to India, combine the posts from both trips , choosing the ones I like best. Someday a distant relative might wonder who their Miss Anne was. . . . .