Psychics, Mediums, Card & hand readers and other trickery


Before we start, this is all about money

By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews

Being the geek I am when it comes to computers and the internet I always need an answer for things, this topic is no different. I was asked in one of the blogs I did on Ghosts at 2 football matches in South America basically “Where do you find all this stuff” The only answer I can give is boredom lol. Really there is no or rhyme nor reason for what I can find to write about. I decided to start a ‘Taboo’ section on this blog page and my Editor Ian, brilliant man hasn’t said don’t so here we go again 😀 When people ask me, Where do you get the stuff you write from, really, it’s observational, I look at our World well, nothing seems to pass me by without me saying “But hold on…” lol

All of the above, for me are fake, I know 100’s of people who have gone to visit a Physic or a medium, whatever for many reasons. Some want to make contact with people in their lives who have passed, that I can understand. If a connection is made it gives that person some peace of mind that their loved ones are ok. But is that not a fake way of having peace of mind? Kinda the same as Religion in a sense, people need to be comforted by something. This is in our DNA as people, as a species, we need to be assured we are ok, our loved ones are ok, it’s something I analyze a lot this placebo effect people fall into, this is presuming I am correct of course, please keep in mind I NEVER claim to be right, I give my opinion, take it, leave it, that is the gig with writing yeah? I know a couple who lost their Daughter who was 8 years old to leukaemia and they went to the ‘Other World’ in search of comfort for their Daughter. So much money spent and no end result, not one Psychic or whoever got the connection. This is a story I hear all too often.

Then we have the people who ‘swear to God’ “That Psychic knew things I have never told anyone” And this is a very simple trick Psychic’s use. They get the person comfy and use suggestibility in a way they almost control the person. I am of course talking one on one session’s. The hall ones I laugh at, where 300 people turn up to see some Psychic. The Psychic will say something like “I have a David coming through around this side of the hall” no answer from anyone. Psychic will say “Yeah it’s David or Davie” something like that and point to the whole hall, then someone will raise their hand. Now think about it, 300 people (Sometimes more, sometimes less) in one hall, there is a high possibility of someone in that hall knowing a David who has passed, be it someone real close or someone they know or even someone they know knew. Then take in all this information. I have watched Psychic’s at work and I laugh, they are good. Some make £$ Millions from doing this. They are just clever people

There is a man in the UK called Derren Brown and he is SUPERB. He isn’t Psychic but he can act like one, he can amaze people by telling the most intimate things and then explain how he did it. The video below is one Derren did to explain how Psychics work and make it work

Via godless messiah on You Tube

Derren is absolutely amazing. I will leave one of his shows at the bottom, he looks and seems Psychic, but he isn’t and it leaves you totally puzzled, he is GOOD! Anyone in the UK will know him and be amazed by him. Outside the UK I say ‘please watch a little of this guy’ he will BLOW YOUR MIND AWAY. There is nobody in the World like him today. Below is a live show he did with total strangers in a huge hall in England. If you watch the first 10 minutes you WILL WATCH IT ALL. Derren is just WOW. When we watch him here in the UK we say “He must be Psychic or SOMETHING” He claims not to be and in the video above he always explains how it ‘seems’ he is Psychic or whatever he is doing.

Via Katie Wilson on You Tube – Full Show, BRILLIANT!

This is a Taboo thing in the way that if someone was claiming to be Psychic they wouldn’t tell anyone. They would be mocked and life ruined. The only people who can pull it off are people who can read a person’s mind well. Like when we meet people we get a rough idea about them right away. This is what I mean. So to sum up, I think it’s all fake. I have given you the reader 2 video’s to back my claim up and I really hope some of you will watch these video’s.








…For now.  Shaun


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