Pregnant Woman Perfectly Tells Off Anti-Abortion Protestors

These 'Anti Abortion' people need to GET A LIFE

These ‘Anti Abortion’ people need to GET A LIFE

By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews

I dislike people who judge, pre-judge and take away a persons free will. Abortion is a WOMAN’S CHOICE AND A WOMAN’S RIGHT! Nobody should be filming woman going in and out of clinics like the video below. Here AGAIN we have our good ol’ friend Religion messing with things they refuse to understand. Narrow minded people who have no life so they beat on others. I will debate ANYONE on abortion, but please, understand I live and let live. Be it right or wrong is not for me to say. How a woman comes to the decision to abort is their’s and theirs only, NOBODY should stand in the way. Human right are for the pregnant woman also. I know this is a horrible subject to talk about, but people, mainly religion (THIS IS IN THE UK) is the hardest nut to crack. Why don’t people just leave it be? it won’t stop, abortions WILL still happen. Get over it,for all our sakes and the sake of the Woman who for all YOU KNOW could have been raped, you don’t know the circumstances right?This was in London I believe..This woman who has had or having an abortion is 100% correct, what till the end.

Via Minion Funny on You Tube

Up to date statistics on Abortions via country

Up to date statistics on Abortions via country

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