Salmond: I’m standing for Westminster



As many of us already knew

By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews

He said “I will not stand down” after the Referendum whatever the outcome. Lets just say Alex is a VERY, VERY CLEVER MAN 😉 Watch this space. He is going to corner certain people into a corner. You will see…


Former First Minister Alex Salmond will end months of speculation and open a new chapter of his political career when he announces on Sunday that he is standing for Westminster at next year’s general election.

Salmond, who had hinted heavily that he will seek a return to the House of Commons, is expected to confirm that he is to contest the Gordon seat in the north-east as an MP. He already represents much of the area as an MSP.

One of Salmond’s closest aides told the Sunday Herald: “At our last constituency meeting over 100 local people turned up in New Deer and unanimously asked him to stand. We fully expect a positive answer in Ellon on Sunday.”

Salmond stood down as an MP in 2010 but he has spent most of his political career at Westminster. He was an MP for over 20 years between 1987 and 2010 and has served at Holyrood for around nine years.

However, the highlight of his political career was becoming First Minister in 2007 and leading his party to a landslide victory four years later.

Although he fulfilled his ambition of giving the people of Scotland a constitutional referendum, he fell short of his ultimate goal of independence.

He resigned as First Minister after Scotland voted No in the referendum, paving the way for his deputy Nicola Sturgeon to succeed him.

Within weeks of his resignation, he told BBC’s Question Time programme that the door was not closed on a return to Westminster.

The Salmond constituency aide said: “Alex can win this seat for the SNP, given that he already represents the greater part of it in the Scottish Parliament.

“His candidature will be a strong sign that the SNP intend to contest the Westminster elections to win, with a view to enforcing the vows made to the Scottish people in the referendum.

“There is great excitement that Gordon will be seen as a key seat in ensuring that Scotland makes progress and that the Westminster parties are not allowed to renege on their commitments to Scotland.

“There is no-one better able to rumble up Westminster and enforce the vow than Alex Salmond.”

It is understood Salmond will be a key part of the SNP strategy to win next year’s general election in Scotland.

If elected, is it is believed he will help put pressure on the UK Government to transfer more powers to Holyrood than was offered by the cross-party Smith Commission.

Opinion polls show the Nationalists winning a majority of seats and defeating Labour.

A recent YouGov poll, based on a sample of 1103 people living in Scotland, had the SNP leading Labour by 46% to 26%. The Liberals trailed on 6%.

The Gordon seat Salmond will contest next year is broadly similar to the Aberdeenshire East constituency he represents at Holyrood.

The Liberal Democrats won Gordon in 2010 with a majority of 6,748, but sitting MP Sir Malcolm Bruce is standing down.

His replacement is journalist and lecturer Christine Jardine.

In 2007, Salmond overturned a 4071 LibDem majority in the north-east constituency.

The SNP conference last month voted to allow non-members to stand as party candidates at the general election.

The move is aimed at activists who campaigned for Yes during the referendum, but who are not members of the SNP.


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The ‘Elite’ building an Underground World, why? Ozarks, Denver Airport


Below Denver Airport


This is said to be deep below the Airport. What is going on here?

Are you ready?

By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews

The image above is where we are about to go. Read on and know, or close the page and be scared, you have choice 

Hold onto your hats people as I am about to change your perception on reality. I did 2 articles yesterday, after more research I stumbled across the “Ozarks” – The Ozarks, also referred to as the Ozark Mountains, Ozarks Mountain Country, and the Ozark Plateau, are a physiographic and geologic highland region of the central United States. It covers much of the southern half of Missouri and an extensive portion of northwestern and north central Arkansas. The region also extends westward into northeastern Oklahoma and extreme southeastern Kansas. The Shawnee Hills of southwest Illinois, which lie near the eastern edge of this region, are commonly called the “Illinois Ozarks” but are generally not considered part of the true Ozarks. Now this is the official story here on the Ozarks So nothing to see here right? …RIGHT? Well there actually is. The World biggest underground bunker/World under a World is being build there, right below this property owned by  60-year-old Steven T. Huff, who used to own a company that makes software for military and intelligence agencies, further fueling speculation about the complex’s use. According to him, it’s just a large second home

Meet Steven Huff

Meet Steven Huff

Via PayDroVideos on You Tube

There is a 72,000 Sq. Ft. Eco-Mansion Going Up in the Ozark Mountains, this is it below, built by Mr Huff, who has a US National Security clearance higher than the President Of The United  States Of America. Hard to believe right? Yeah, I had trouble with this also, but there is the proof guys. I never make a claim without implicating the people or companies. More links at the bottom. Below, I believe is the doorway to an underworld ground. Lets share some more images and take the story to Denver shall we?


Entrance to the underground


Underground World


Underground World


Underground World


The front door…25,000 Tons of earth was moved just for the house, how much more for below?


Underground World


Underground World


Underground World


Underground World


Underground World


Underground World


Articles that almost back up this one, did both yesterday




Back in March of 2013, Beforeitsnews carried this story confirming that there are indeed underground cities beneath America and that they were being ‘stocked up’, as confirmed by a truck driver, also in this video. These tunnels and cities stretch from Area 51 to the Denver International Airport (NWO home base), from Maine to Washington DC (now we know what they were ‘building’ under the White House). This compilation video explores all the proof that we now have that the ‘elite’ are preparing for ‘something big’ and that their ‘underground bunker systems’ were completely stocked up as of March 2013. With talk of impending ‘doom’ ranging from economic collapse to an approaching 2nd Sun and a pole shift on our sun, there’s a wide range of disasters they might be preparing for.


Now lets look to Denver Airport. 

The Denver Airport conspiracy theory refers to a collection of theories surrounding Denver International Airport (DIA) that most commonly claim the airport to be a new, secret headquarters or compound used by the Illuminati, New World Order, Neo-Nazis, or Reptoids. These claims are usually based on a vague Swastika shape that the runways and taxiways make when seen from the air, as well as murals, sculptures, and other engravings claimed to be secret code or “alien” language

What does a big blue horse represent? Religious? You should know

What does a big blue horse represent? Religious? You should know

Denver Airport is VERY Masonic. It didn't need to be built and it's build way out of town..Lets see why

Denver Airport is VERY Masonic. It didn’t need to be built and it’s build way out of town..Lets see why

This is Denver Airport, scary images and masonic signs, why? Check! 

We must understand these symbols, this video explains, please watch! Via debraisepic

Sword man, killing a dove. It means "To Kill Peace"

Sword man, killing a dove. It means “To Kill Peace” These are on the walls inside the Airport


Dead girl holding Mayan Tablet and Masonic sign, go research “Masonic Signs” you will see this ‘G’


Denver Airport1



images (1)


Many famous people, The Queen of England along with many others are buying properly near this Airport, why? 

Sometimes we must look to the past to understand today

Sometimes we must look to the past to understand today

Lets look below Denver Airport


STILL!! They did down the way


I can’t comment on this image. I don’t know what it is, only that it’s below Denver Airport

images (2)

This is said to go down half a mile


Forget UFO perhaps, why are they building a super city below the Airport?


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IT’S OFFICIAL: America is now No. 2 – The puzzle is taking shape

A Bank of China branch under construction early this year in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province.

A Bank of China branch under construction early this year in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province.

By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews

Chinese economy overtakes the U.S.’s to become the largest


The blog a few down regarding USA and Russia make sense now: I have been keeping up to date with this:


Hang on to your hats, America.

And throw away that big, fat styrofoam finger while you’re about it. There’s no easy way to say this, so I’ll just say it: We’re no longer No. 1. Today, we’re No. 2. Yes, it’s official. The Chinese economy just overtook the United States economy to become the largest in the world. For the first time since Ulysses S. Grant was president, America is not the leading economic power on the planet.

It just happened — and almost nobody noticed. The International Monetary Fund recently released the latest numbers for the world economy. And when you measure national economic output in “real” terms of goods and services, China will this year produce $17.6 trillion — compared with $17.4 trillion for the U.S.A. As recently as 2000, we produced nearly three times as much as the Chinese.

To put the numbers slightly differently, China now accounts for 16.5% of the global economy when measured in real purchasing-power terms, compared with 16.3% for the U.S. This latest economic earthquake follows the development last year when China surpassed the U.S. for the first time in terms of global trade. I reported on this looming development over two years ago, but the moment came sooner than I or anyone else had predicted. China’s recent decision to bring gross domestic product calculations in line with international standards has revealed activity that had previously gone uncounted

These calculations are based on a well-established and widely used economic measure known as purchasing-power parity (or PPP), which measures the actual output as opposed to fluctuations in exchange rates. So a Starbucks venti Frappucino served in Beijing counts the same as a venti Frappucino served in Minneapolis, regardless of what happens to be going on among foreign-exchange traders.

PPP is the real way of comparing economies. It is one reported by the IMF and was, for example, the one used by McKinsey & Co. consultants back in the 1990s when they undertook a study of economic productivity on behalf of the British government.

Yes, when you look at mere international exchange rates, the U.S. economy remains bigger than that of China, allegedly by almost 70%. But such measures, although they are widely followed, are largely meaningless. Does the U.S. economy really shrink if the dollar falls 10% on international currency markets? Does the recent plunge in the yen mean the Japanese economy is vanishing before our eyes?

Back in 2012, when I first reported on these figures, the IMF tried to challenge the importance of PPP. I was not surprised. It is not in anyone’s interest at the IMF that people in the Western world start focusing too much on the sheer extent of China’s power. But the PPP data come from the IMF, not from me. And it is noteworthy that when the IMF’s official World Economic Outlook compares countries by their share of world output, it does so using PPP.

Yes, all statistics are open to various quibbles. It is perfectly possible China’s latest numbers overstate output — or understate them. That may also be true of U.S. GDP figures. But the IMF data are the best we have.

Make no mistake: This is a geopolitical earthquake with a high reading on the Richter scale. Throughout history, political and military power have always depended on economic power. Britain was the workshop of the world before she ruled the waves. And it was Britain’s relative economic decline that preceded the collapse of her power. And it was a similar story with previous hegemonic powers such as France and Spain.

This will not change anything tomorrow or next week, but it will change almost everything in the longer term. We have lived in a world dominated by the U.S. since at least 1945 and, in many ways, since the late 19th century. And we have lived for 200 years — since the Battle of Waterloo in 1815 — in a world dominated by two reasonably democratic, constitutional countries in Great Britain and the U.S.A. For all their flaws, the two countries have been in the vanguard worldwide in terms of civil liberties, democratic processes and constitutional rights.

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ANONYMOUS: Campaign to Highlight UK’s HighProfile Pedo Ring #OpDeathEaters



Shared By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews – Via  AnonSocialNetwork

Below is a share from  << Source


DISCLAIMER: Any action and/or affiliation we mention within this post is of a journalistic nature only. Anyone, including ourselves seen mentioning illegal activity pertaining to ‘suggested involvement’ and/or advocating suggested measures will be subject to the T&C and will be acted on accordingly. Please remember that when discussing the following topic.

Wait till you see what Anonymous are going to tell us. If you are against criminals and the ‘Elite’ who exploit us for money and power, YOU are Anonymous. There is not one leader, just a hive of MILLIONS of people trying to change the World, stop Wars, stop greed, expect them!

Welcome to ITCCS.ORG and The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State

Via ANONYMOUS on You Tube





I myself have exposed you to what I know and will keep sharing what others have and will share themselves. We can change our World, we must open our minds to other possibilities, to things we dared not think. The INFO is coming, it will RUIN the beasts in power.

November the 20th saw the term ‘DeathEater’ being used on social media, relating to the nature of allegations involving child abuse, murder and cannibalistic practices being committed. A week later #OpDeathEater was announced and a press release was posted on Pastebin followed by a video subsequently uploaded to YouTube.

Here is an excerpt from the official press release regarding Operation: DeathEaters.

Greetings world, We Are Anonymous.

The biggest story of our generation is unfolding in the UK to near complete silence in the international corporate media. The UK media that cover it at all depict it as a ‘sex scandal’ committed by ‘child lovers’.

What the UK media depicts as “child sex” has left children missing the lower half of their bodies. These so-called ‘sex scandals’ involve children provided for torture as bait to blackmail political opponents in Northern Ireland. The UK has open files on 200 missing boys from 1977 and 1983 The investigation has so far involved a huge circle of UK establishment from media, politicians, police and intelligence, known to police as The Untouchables. There are international ties being ignored.

To the people of the UK, your ruling classes are preying on you. Not just in the ways you always knew they were. Our friends in the UK, just like our friends in Gabon, have a political class that is torturing and murdering their children and mutilating their bodies. Unlike in Gabon, the UK media is following the direction of the Paedophile Information Exchange and telling you these people are child lovers who need understanding and tolerance. They are telling you this is sex. Who controls the words controls your thoughts.

This is not sex. These people feed off the agony of others. They cause wars and destruction during their working hours and they torture and murder children as recreation. These are not child lovers. These are death eaters.

To the people of the world, this story is not limited to the UK. Unlike us, death eaters have no borders. Human trafficking is the biggest criminal industry in the world. Death eaters have global networks.

Resistance is existence.

We are Anonymous.
We are everywhere. We are legion.
We are those you have left without a home.
We are those you have murdered.
We are voiceless no more.
The world will change.
We’ll change it.

Tyrants of the World,
Expect Us!

Via S.U. WIZARD on You Tube

Now whilst we will not entertain conversation at this time relating to the ‘Shadow Elite’ or the ‘Illuminati’ as they are more commonly referred to, theorists have for years; spoken about Death Cults and child abuse connected to these echelons of aristocracy. And though once thought of as conspiratorial flights of fancy, now are considered worthy of investigation. Indeed this practices appear to exist, the ball has started to roll and their house of cards is slowly tumbling down. We ask for no more silence, more transparency and thorough independent investigation regarding these matters. No more media black outs or ‘D-notices’ placed on effects of personal embarrassment.

Conspiracy of silence:

Without going into too much detail, Conspiracy of Silence was a documentary set to expose a large pedophile network within the U.S., their investigation took them further up the chain than they could have imagined. This documentary was due to air in the UK in 1994. Just before airing, The Discovery Channel withdrew support and reimbursed Yorkshire Television the half a million dollars it cost to make. To this day this documentary has never been aired. The video quality is poor but worth a watch if you haven’t seen it. Keep an eye on this site http://1fjmhcnr/

Via Illuminati Conspiracy on You Tube

I have shared info already:

I said it, then it happened, I am saying, it will happen again. People out there want to destroy this ‘Elite’ of criminals in power, they won’t stop:

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US Declares War on Russia (Step One)


By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews

Have been keeping an eye on this since Russia entered Ukraine and the USA sent troops to ‘So I am told’ fight for the Ukraine, it seems to me to be a set-up, made to be. People talk Population control and I never buy because, as I always believe that the powers that be want all our Money. Should we apply logic WWIII makes sense sadly. Our World is in a real bad place and it’s beyond fixing. WWIII is a matter of when and not if. An article I done on my old blog and transferred over to Ace News tonight is one where I guess I first really seen the game that was being played out infront of us AGAIN! Do not expect to read this on Main Stream Media or on Main Stream TV News, I do alternative news as well as Main Stream, so look around you will see many are running this story tonight

Behind the White House’s political smokescreen in Ferguson and New York, US lawmakers were busy sliding through a pre-declaration of war against Russia.The latest resolution by the US Congress, most likely drafted and presented to the speaker by Washington DC-based Neoconservative think tank, Foreign Policy Initiative (formerly Project for a New American Century), calls for renewed political, and military support for Fascist and NeoNazi-sympathizing regime in Kiev, Ukraine, which will include:

The latest resolution by the US Congress, most likely drafted and presented to the speaker by Washington DC-based Neoconservative think tank, Foreign Policy Initiative (formerly Project for a New American Century), calls for renewed political, and military support for Fascist and NeoNazi-sympathizing regime in Kiev, Ukraine, which will include:

– US aid for Kiev regime to keep using military against ethnic Russians in east Ukraine.
– US funding for more weapons and military support in the Ukraine.
– More US funding for foreign language, pro-US, and anti-Russian propaganda throughout eastern Europe and in countries bordering Russia.

In all but name, this US resolution is preliminary declaration of war, moving Washington right up to the final step, which is a formal declaration of war. Based on its recent record of engaging in foreign conflicts, it is unlikely a final declaration will come, as the US has already set numerous precedents already by waging Wiemar-style undeclared wars, or by simply bypassing its domestic checks-and-balances by waging any war through NATO.

They say a picture can speak 1,000 words

They say a picture can speak 1,000 words

It’s believed that the US-funded propaganda portion of the operation is already underway. As Zero Hedge reported today, the Kiev government announced to formation of what it calls, “The Ministry of Information Policy”.

“The Ukraine government has established a department that critics are calling the ‘Ministry of Truth’ in a dystopian reference to George Orwell’s 1984 (apparent instruction manual). Run by a close ally of President Poroshenko’s close ally, while its main objective appears to be confronting Russia’s formidable propaganda machine, the Ministry is likely to also restrict free speech and inhibit journalists’ work – particularly in war-torn eastern Ukraine, according to observers.”

In addition to ‘on the books’ warfare, there would normally be additional budgetary provisions included in this latest initiative for funding and directing proxy war and terrorist guerrilla against Russia through non-state actors in the region – which has already been done by the US already against Iran, as reported by New Yorker Magazine’s award-winning investigative reporter Seymour Hersh in 2008:

“President George W. Bush signed an intelligence finding in late 2007 that allocated up to $400 million for covert operations intended to destabilize Iran’s government, in part, by supporting militant organizations.”

Bush allocated the ‘start-up’ fund help ‘sponsor’ (pay-off) terrorist groups in and around Iran to help Washington in its effort to first destabilize and overthrow the ruling government in Tehran during his second term in the White House. A similar, clandestine operation is believed to already be underway in the Russian region of Chechnya, as weapons used in today’s terrorist attack there were found to have come from abroad.

As NATO expands eastward fulfilling the organizations plans for the encirclement of Russia, a number of high-profile opposition voices have pointed out the obvious – that this alone is an overt act of war. Former Congressman Dennis Kucinich warns about the House’s reckless adoption of the HR 758:

“NATO encirclement, the US-backed coup in Ukraine, an attempt to use an agreement with the European Union to bring NATO into Ukraine at the Russian border, a US nuclear first-strike policy, are all policies which attempt to substitute force for diplomacy,” (Truthdig).
According international watchdog Human Rights Watch (HRW), the US-backed junta in Kiev has refused to investigate its army’s use of banned cluster bombs against ethnic Russian civilians in eastern Ukraine. It also has recommended that Kiev be subject to charges in the International Criminal Court, in order for a proper investigation into its war crimes to take place in public view.

The Project for a New America Century is still alive and well, and in terms of party politics it’s color blind, and its facilitators include both Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush, as well as Secretary John Kerry and Senator John McCain alike.

This is one of the final, formal steps towards a world war…

House of Representatives passes resolution against Russia

House of Representatives passes resolution against Russia

Putin: America is a bully and threat to stability

Via RT America You Tube

The US House of Representatives has overwhelmingly approved a document which strongly condemns Moscow’s actions against its neighbors, calling them a policy of aggression.

Passed with 411-10 votes, the resolution slams Russia’s “continuing political, economic, and military aggression” against Ukraine, Georgia, and Moldova and the “continuing violation of their sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity.” “The US, Europe and our allies must aggressively keep the pressure on Mr. Putin to encourage him to change his behavior,” Rep. Adam Kinzinger, the resolution’s sponsor, said. The resolution calls for Russia to stop supporting local militias in eastern Ukraine and for the cancellation of Crimea’s decision to join Russia. In addition, it calls on Moscow to withdraw its troops which the US claims are in Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova. The House calls on President Barack Obama to provide Ukraine with defense equipment and training…

“Ukraine is clearly in need of urgent military assistance,” Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen said as quoted by The Hill.
Previously Obama declined Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko’s plea for lethal military aid. During his visit to Washington in September, Poroshenko addressed Congress calling to provide Kiev with “more military equipment, lethal and non-lethal” drawing applause from the audience.

Sept. 18, 2014: NeoFascist Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko addresses a joint session of the US Congress

Sept. 18, 2014: NeoFascist Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko addresses a joint session of the US Congress

Thursday resolution also urges NATO members and US allies to suspend military cooperation with Russia. Addressing Obama, the House urged him to review the readiness of US and NATO armed forces under the Conventional Armed Forces in Europe Treaty (CFE).
The lawmakers agreed that the president and State Department should also find a way to “distribute news and information” in Russian to countries with Russian-speaking populations.
RT’s Gayane Chichakyan asked US State Department spokesperson Marie Harf whether this is a fight for more US influence in the region during Thursday’s daily press briefing.
Harf denied that US wants to fight for influence, saying that it plans to “fight for the people of Ukraine and indeed the entire region to get the truth about what’s happening on the ground” and to “talk about exactly what is happening in a much more truthful way.”…

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Are You Ready For Nuclear War? I have pieced a few things together


By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews

Blog done on June 6th 2014, as a lead up to my next blog I added it to AceNews

Before I share this article with you, I have to tell you that this was a HUGE leap in my mind, but after ‘RESEARCH’ and having material I wish I had not, it seems obvious to me now. Remember Saddam Hussein? Gaddafi? These guys don’t play the “Game” The illusion of “Russia hates the USA and China hate the USA” is just an illusion. The Russian Asteroid that came in last year was hit on the way in, what was that? Let me tell you a HARD TRUTH! They are all in it together. I shared a video below by Daboo7 and this lad has been 100% all the time. I think we are very close to WWIII and I fear the Nuclear option is VERY close. Don’t believe me, do your own research. I have and I wish I had not. Below is the article I need you to read and video’s you NEED to watch. This is staged, this is set-up. I have said of America many times now the illusion of Red and Blue is just that. I think the war in Ukraine will be the fire cracker to lift the rocket. I sat on this for 3 days now, pondering, worried, afraid of it’s truth. This is real, I have no doubt, sadly I just can’t share it with you. All I can do is offer you article and videos below. I hope I am wrong, I pray I am wrong. But depopulation of this planet is on the list and it’s at the top. The Georgia Guide Stones, in the USA  that hardly any Americans are even aware are there tell the story. Here it is May I ask, please, who was aware of these stones, carved into 12 languages, for all mankind, who built them and why is a mystery today, but I think the mystery may soon become a reality. Should I be correct and so is everyone else walking this story just now, to depopulate the planet China must fall, China is 3/7th of the planet, India is 2nd at 1 Billion, so between China and India, there is 4 Billion people, go look.

Research takes days, weeks..But to find a story, one must step out of reality for a while. I wish I had not

Research takes days, weeks..But to find a story, one must step out of reality for a while. I wish I had not


The Georgia Guide Stones in the USA!

Pay close attention to Steven Starr’s article, “The Lethality of Nuclear Weapons.” Washington thinks nuclear war can be won and is planning for a first strike on Russia, and perhaps China, in order to prevent any challenge to Washington’s world hegemony.

The plan is far advanced, and the implementation of the plan is underway. As I have reported previously, US strategic doctrine was changed and the role of nuclear missiles was elevated from a retaliatory role to an offensive first strike role. US anti-ballistic missile (ABM) bases have been established in Poland on Russia’s frontier, and other bases are planned. When completed Russia will be ringed with US missile bases.

Anti-ballistic missiles, known as “star wars,” are weapons designed to intercept and destroy ICBMs. In Washington’s war doctrine, the US hits Russia with a first strike, and whatever retaliatory force Russia might have remaining is prevented from reaching the US by the shield of ABMs.

The reason Washington gave for the change in war doctrine is the possibility that terrorists might obtain a nuclear weapon with which to destroy an American city. This explanation is nonsensical. Terrorists are individuals or a group of individuals, not a country with a threatening military. To use nuclear weapons against terrorists would destroy far more than the terrorists and be pointless as a drone with a conventional missile would suffice.

The reason Washington gave for the ABM base in Poland is to protect Europe from Iranian ICBMs. Washington and every European government knows that Iran has no ICBMs and that Iran has not indicated any intent to attack Europe.

No government believes Washington’s reasons. Every government realizes that Washington’s reasons are feeble attempts to hide the fact that it is creating the capability on the ground to win a nuclear war.

VIA DABOO7 – You Tube

The Russian government understands that the change in US war doctrine and the US ABM bases on its borders are directed at Russia and are indications that Washington plans a first strike with nuclear weapons on Russia.

China has also understood that Washington has similar intentions toward China. As I reported several months ago, in response to Washington’s threat China called the world’s attention to China’s ability to destroy the US should Washington initiate such a conflict.

However, Washington believes that it can win a nuclear war with little or no damage to the US. This belief makes nuclear war likely.

As Steven Starr makes clear, this belief is based in ignorance. Nuclear war has no winner. Even if US cities were saved from retaliation by ABMs, the radiation and nuclear winter effects of the weapons that hit Russia and China would destroy the US as well.

Daboo7 hits the nail on the head about the Russian Asteroid that got hit on the WAY IN!

The media, conveniently concentrated into a few hands during the corrupt Clinton regime, is complicit by ignoring the issue. The governments of Washington’s vassal states in Western and Eastern Europe, Canada, Australia, and Japan are also complicit, because they accept Washington’s plan and provide the bases for implementing it. The demented Polish government has probably signed the death warrant for humanity. The US Congress is complicit, because no hearings are held about the executive branch’s plans for initiating nuclear war.

Washington has created a dangerous situation. As Russia and China are clearly threatened with a first strike, they might decide to strike first themselves. Why should Russia and China sit and await the inevitable while their adversary creates the ability to protect itself by developing its ABM shield? Once Washington completes the shield, Russia and China are certain to be attacked, unless they surrender in advance.

The 10 minute report below from Russia Today makes it clear that Washington’s secret plan for a first strike on Russia is not secret. The report also makes it clear that Washington is prepared to eliminate any European leaders who do not align with Washington.

Readers will ask me, “What can we do?” This is what you can do. You can shut down the Ministry of Propaganda by turning off Fox News, CNN, the BBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, by ceasing to read the New York Times, the Washington Post, the LA Times. Simply exit the official media. Do not believe one word that the government says. Do not vote. Realize that evil is concentrated in Washington. In the 21st century Washington has destroyed in whole or part seven countries. Millions of peoples murdered, maimed, displaced, and Washington has shown no remorse whatsoever. Neither have the “Christian” churches. The devastation that Washington has inflicted is portrayed as a great success. Washington prevailed.

Washington is determined to prevail, and the evil that Washington represents is leading the world to destruction.





Fukushima will kill millions, job done..H.A.A.R.P Anyone?



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