Looking back on Scotland’s ‘No Vote’ – Why?

English people pretending to be Scottish

English people pretending to be Scottish

By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews

Looking back on the whole year we all wrote, read and tried to free Scotland from a Union we still could and can leave within a few years, it makes me sad. I done so many articles, Audio blogs and said “VOTE FOR SELFISH REASONS WE WILL LOSE” This is EXACTLY what happened peeps https://acenewsdesk.wordpress.com/2014/07/13/why-we-cant-be-selfish-in-this-vote-scotland/ Some of us fell for the BBC Lies, the lies about Banks, banks who never actually said these things same as the Oil industry, the BBC tricked us, yet people STILL watch the BBC and pay a TV Licence. Some fell for Gordon Brown’s promises, yeah the same Gordon Brown who has retired a Multi-millionaire not a million miles from me to live his life in utter riches, same as Johann Lamont who after the no vote ran for the hills KNOWING she did wrong and to be fair her conscience got the best of her. Some believed DAVID CAMERON AND ED MILIBAND!  And most of the %’s of people who votes no were lied to in 1979 when we actually freed ourselves but were not allowed to leave. I still shake my head at the selfish people who voted no. Tommy Sheridan is a man I still have TONS of respect for, he did a talk almost every night for 130 days, in the end his voice gave way. I feel for everyone who pushed the Yes vote hard. But listen, we vote SNP next year! We can be free. SCOTLAND, DO NOT FALL FOR THE LIES AGAIN, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are nearing an election, so I thought I would start the ball rolling

A modern day Nobleman who went with English kings

A modern day Nobleman who went with English kings

I did this article here 




And one last thing, you who voted no, WE ARE YET TO HEAR 1 REASON WHY YOU VOTED NO! 

This is what happened for real



♫ Stanley Odd Son I Voted Yes ♪

Scotland, listen and be at one with our future!

Alex Salmond – This is our time

Why Scotland must vote yes




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