Norwegian Kid Martin Ødegaard to choose Celtic – Video


This kid can play

This kid can play

When we see talent of a football player that is amazing we stand and clap, when that talent is 15 years old and has a paper and milk round we stand back in disbelief, he turns 16 mid-December. This kid is astonishing. He has the pick of Europe but Ronny Deila his mentor and teacher has control over this one, Ronny said as much in a recent interview

“I have control over that situation. I know what is happening there, This is more about his choices What is his thinking? “Is it go to a big club and try to break in there and go through that road or go to a smaller club in not such a good league but it makes it easier to make the first team? “He’s a very good player but we must stand in line – there are 20 clubs, maybe more, who want him. “He has been to clubs all over Europe – to Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Dortmund and Liverpool. PSG wanted him but he hasn’t had time to visit so there is some hard competition.”

Hans Erik Ødegaard

Hans Erik Ødegaard

Ronny is best friends with Martin’s father Hans Erik Ødegaard (left) who is a coach in Norway himself, Ronny has told the kid the money will come, the millions will arrive, but he has asked him to wait. I am hearing he is Celtic bound with a nominal fee being paid to Strømsgodset with a sell on clause. Martin was spotted at Liverpool’s training ground and the presumption was ‘He will go to Anfield’ Well it looks like Celtic have won the race for a kid who could go to any club he wants. I think things are starting to happen with Ronny and Celtic, the style of play is starting to show, it is almost like the players can’t keep up with the fast passing Ronny has introduced, but it is coming and I truly believe Ronny will one day be a man Celtic fans won’t want to see leave the club

Martin Ødegaard & R onny (1)

Ronny has brought Martin through the ranks and gave him his chance

Martin at age 15 is a Norwegian full internationalist at his tender age and that is mind blowing. I have seen a few videos of the kid, the one below is amazing, this kid is going to light Paradise up and fall in love with the club then Celtic will make silly money on him when he is ready to walk into a one of the top sides who can pay silly money. I don’t really have a source, it is common knowledge in a few football circles. Anyway if you have not seen this video, ENJOY! 


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