Celtic Labour Into the Europa League last 32

Scored 2 should have made it 4-4 with late header

Scored 1 should have made it 4-4 with late header

Zagreb 4-3 Celtic and a game that in reality didn’t matter, a strange game in the sense that apart from a dreadful start to the 2nd half it’s a game we should have won. I know Ronny wanted to rest players and give youth a shot at European football but for me tonight, and I don’t like saying this, Commons made Johansen less effective. The first half we shot ourselves in the foot twice with two goals given away by Adam Matthews and a few saves by Gordon also kept Zagreb at bay. 

Zagreb took the lead on 14 minutes when a cross to the back post left Matthews exposed, he jumped in allowing Pjaca to fire Zagreb ahead. 10 minutes later it was 1-1 when a Virgil Van Dijk free kick looped into the air Commons was first to the dropping ball to head the ball past the keeper, 1-1 and Celtic were starting to dominate. 2-1 and a deserved lead on the half hour mark when Commons’ free-kick cannoned off the bar, Biton headed it back into the mix and Scepovic turned and volleyed it home. 2-1 to Celtic and we were on top at this stage, I was thinking 3-1 we were doing well

For all Celtic’s possession on 40 minutes Zagreb made it 2-2 when awful defending by Matthews took a bad touch in the box instead of clearing allowing  Pjaca to fire home a deflected shot off Biton’s leg, 2-2 and half time. At this stage Celtic looked like we could go and win this game

The 2nd half started and before anyone could sit down and finish a half time beer or cup of tea it was Zagreb 4-2 Celtic. Gordon made two good saves but on 50 minutes a cut back to the edge of our box and the unmarked Brozovic to hammer home from the edge of the box, good finish to be fair but where were the runners tracking back? Things got a lot worse a minute later when Pjaca was allowed to run unchallenged and hammer an unstoppable shot from 25 yards past Gordon and into the far side of goal. 4-2 and game over it seemed

Then as Celtic do we came back into the game, McGregor, Commons and Henderson all had shots saved or just wide, with 80 minutes on the clock cracking one touch football played Izaguirre through he cut it back and it looked like a Scepovic goal but an own goal from Pivaric made the last 10 minutes tense, Celtic gave it a lot in the last 10 minutes and to be fair had we played like this throughout we would have won tonight with key players missing. Scepovic had a brilliant header come off the post on 87 minutes, Henderson chipped the ball over the keeper who done well to tip it over.

Celtic huffed and puffed but in the end bad defending and lack of creativity behind Scepovic didn’t help. I still think we needed Johansen behind Scepovic, Commons although hitting the bar for one goal and scoring himself was very poor tonight, I would always rather see Johansen bombing forward. Biton was good tonight and was my man of the match as he didn’t do too much wrong, he has started the last few games and tonight he done the easy things and made it look easy. We missed Brown and we really miss Lustig and Denayer for sure. 

We were already through but to lose our last 2 group games we did well to progress to the last 32. We will have Guidetti and maybe new players for that round. If we had been told we would finish 2nd and make it to the last 32 before a ball was kicked in this competition we would have taken it. 

Top of the league
Semi Final of the League cup
Still in the Scottish Cup
Last 32 of the Europa League

On paper it looks perfect, but in reality we all know we need to improve in defence, Gordon is saving us time and time again. 
Ambrose gives me chest pains, Scepovic showed tonight he can play and like everyone I hope he can take it from here, he looked like a proper striker tonight







The Parallels between the 1933 Hitler Reichstag Fire and 2001 9/11



By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews

This is an article many will read the headline and move along and that is a real pity. Before I suggest ANYTHING I must say I pray for all who died on 9/11 and the millions who perished at the hands of Hitler and his SS and say ‘Rest in peace’ The events that took place in both were shocking, horrific and both events changed our World in ways I don’t think many understand. I am asking a simple question, ‘What are the The Parallels between the 1933 Hitler Reichstag Fire and 2001 9/11’ Something you might want to learn is ‘Problem reaction Solution’ it was first used by the Roman Empire. Create a problem, react to it gaining public support to then impose the solution.

Problem reaction Solution is a manipulation technique illuminati uses to:
1) shape public opinion about current events
2) condition desired attitudes about our future agendas

This technique works in the following way:
A) We create or invent a problem.
B) We want a desired reaction from the public (e.g., fear)
C) we offer our desired solution to the problem;
a solution that will always further our goals.

In this presentation, we will give you a few examples of this technique in practice; to enlighten you about this technique in the best possible way:

Example 1

Let us say I want the ice cream that belongs to a child. I cannot just ask the child, “can I have your ice cream?” I know he will most certainly say “no”. So I use the following technique to manipulate him into wanting to give me his ice cream:

Stage 1. I invent a fake problem:
“If you dont give me your ice cream, a ghost will haunt you in the night”.
“If you dont give me your ice cream, God will send you to Hell”
“If you don’t give me your ice cream, you will be very unlucky”
(of course I know it is not true, but the child doesn’t)

Stage 2. I get a desired reaction from the child:
Fear: “please save me from this danger”

Stage 3. I now offer the solution to the problem I invented:
I will save you from this danger if you give me the ice cream.
“I will talk to God”
“I will chase away the Ghost”

Agenda behind solution:
I want the child to give me his ice cream.

Example 2

Let us say we want the oil in Iraq. We cannot just say to the countries of the world: “hey, let us go to iraq and take their oil”. The public as well as the countries of the world will not agree to such a thing. So we use the PRS manipulation technique:

Stage 1. We invent a fake problem:
We use the media to say: “Iraq has nuclear weapons and poses a threat to the world”

Stage 2. We get a desired reaction from the public:
Fear: “please big brother America, save the world from destruction”

Stage 3. We offer the solution to the problem we created / invented:
“You must let us invade iraq in order to save the world”

Agenda behind solution:
After the countries of the world have agreed to our invasion and occupation of the target country (Iraq), we can then use the occupation as a way to secretly steal oil in the target country.
During the occupation, the oil companies – owned by illumicorp members – may secretly fund and even bribe some of the military forces within the occupied areas to kill innocent civilians that get in the way of our plans.
Illumicorp then silently takes possession of the oil within the occupied territory without the world ever knowing about it.

Example 3

We want the oil in Afghanistan

Stage 1. Problem:
We create a 9/11. We blame 9/11 on Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan.

Stage 2. Desired Reaction from the public:
Fear: “please America, save us from Usama Bin Laden.”

Stage 3. Solution to the problem we created:
The people demand the big brother of the world – America – to step in and invade & occupy Afghanistan.

Agenda of the solution:
We want the oil in Afghanistan.

Example 4

Let us say we want the people to behave the way we want them to behave. We cannot just say to people: “Behave the way we want you to behave”. People would not obey us. They would rebel against such a statement. So we use the PRS technique in order to manipulate the public into behaving the way we want them to behave.

Stage 1. We invent a fake problem:
“There is an invisible, jealous, vindictive and judgemental God in the sky. If you dont behave, he will send you to a place called Hell.”

Stage 2. We get a desired reaction from the public:
Fear / guilt

Stage 3. We offer the solution to the problem we created / invented:
“If you behave, we will talk to God and he will forgive you. And do not forget to pay the church tax.”

Agenda behind solution:
We want the people to behave the way we want them to behave, and no other way.
We want to maintain our dominance and control over the population.

Example 5

We use the same technique when we want
the public to vote for new laws that give us
more control over the people; laws they
would normally not vote for had it not been
for the PRS technique.

Let us say we want to introduce a new law that further our control over the population (i.e., more CCTV cameras and surveilance). We cannot just say to the people: “let us have more cameras so that we can have more control over you”. They will say “no”. So we have to scare the public into demanding the cameras themselves – democratically -. We use the Problem Reaction Solution Technique:

Stage 1. We invent a fake problem:

Stage 2. We get a desired reaction from the public:
Fear: “please America, save us from the terrorists”

Stage 3. We offer the solution to the problem we created / invented:
“allow us to have more cameras in order to prevent future terrorist attacks within the country”
(The people democratically demand that they are controlled, in order to be protected from the terrorist)

Agenda behind solution:
We want more cameras and more police control over the people, to further our control over the population. So we have to give the public a valid reason to democratically vote for it.

I got that from a well know website, it saved me typing it all out, if you scanned it you will understand ‘Problem reaction Solution’ more. I want to keep this short so I will just ask the questions. Why did Hitler burn down the Reichstag? He did so to blame the other party and curry favour with the German people who blindly followed him. Job done. Many, including family of the people who died on 9/11 want the truth, this is their website: http://www.911truth.org/ I am not making this up. Fire Fighter, Cops and people in the are were not allowed to testify in the 9/11 commission. I have read it cover to cover and it’s laughable. So we ask, why were Fire fighters, Cops and people on the streets not allowed to testify to the 9/11 commission?



A UK Man took the BBC to court and WON saying the BBC lied on 9/11



Not allowed to speak at 9/11 commission

Not allowed to speak at 9/11 commission


More than 50% of Americans don’t trust the official story.






Not allowed to speak at 9/11 commission





Firfighters want the proof and have a site












Different story, but we see it for what it is, apply logic, you see it differently. Why no laptops on? Staged? You tell me..The small details often become the biggest



They say images speak 1,000 words and many of these images above and the ones below do as such. So why the connection between Germany 1933 and USA 2001? Well I believe and so do millions of others that 9/11 was a ‘Black Ops’ to get the USA into the Middle East at ANY COST. I have proven or at least told you the USA started and funded Al Qaeda and ISIS. We all know the USA started Al Qaeda to fight Russia in the Afghan Russian War 1979, today  the USA says it is against Al Qaeda and ISIS/IS so I ask your opinion on the following images, again the smallest detail can often be the biggest right?  I ask, who are the US armed forces speaking to here and who are “America’s Al Qaeda?” Not one American person has an answer for this. Why? Fear? Outrage? NSA Concerns? Really, who are your Army/Navy and Air Force asking to wake up? Why is George McCain hanging with ISIS? Why is Rumsfeld with Saddam Hussain? THE SAME REASONS AMERICA!





The US constitution does NOT protect you if you live in the orange part, 83% of the USA's 4.6 Million people live in the ORANGE!

The US constitution does NOT protect you if you live in the orange part, 83% of the USA’s 4.6 Million people live in the ORANGE!

I WILL ASK ONE MORE TIME "America's Al Qaeda" and who is to "Wake up" ?

I WILL ASK ONE MORE TIME “America’s Al Qaeda” and who is to “Wake up” ?

Why did the USA order 20 MILLION 3 PERSON COFFINS?

Why did the USA order 20 MILLION 3 PERSON COFFINS?


This is easy to understand

This is easy to understand


America have history of funding future enemy or making the enemy, here is proof. Again, one hand shake, nothing big but in the bigger picture, HUGE


Al Qaeda did 9/11 right?

Al Qaeda did 9/11 right?

McCain with the ISIS Leader. He did it in full front of the media. Let's see where the story goes

McCain with the ISIS Leader. He did it in full front of the media. Let’s see where the story goes

 Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, strong story he died, I am yet to be convinced. This isn't the same guy!

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, strong story he died, I am yet to be convinced. This isn’t the same guy!

Go check John McCain's Twitter, these images are still there. Why did he meet IS/ISIS/Islamic State

Go check John McCain’s Twitter, these images are still there. Why did he meet IS/ISIS/Islamic State

Again HUGE images nobody wants to debate in the USA. I don’t blame the people, I don’t blame you in the USA. I blame the Media, the image at the very top of this article speaks all the truths I am trying to prove here. I am showing you America, it is up to you to look further. Ask why American families, Firefighters, Cops, Family of the passed have websites demanding the truth and were also not allowed to speak at the official 9/11 commission? Yes I asked again because I NEED ANSWERS. I am human, like others I need to know, the World needs to know. I have forever said our Politicians are hand picked. Hillary Clinton will be POTUS in 2016, trust me it’s been decided already.


Many of the men we were told were in the planes and died on 9/11, the terrorists, ARE STILL ALIVE TODAY! Go check, please





Guess this must be asked right?






Bush and Hiltler History Repeats

History is repeating. The start of WWII is playing out almost EXACTLY the same guys






Check behind ‘W’ THE GOLD EAGLES








Remember 'Problem reaction Solution'

Remember ‘Problem reaction Solution’








This is huge in the story being confusing..Look at the next image…





That is 100% proof the steel was cut with thermite, 10000%





Sound familiar in a strange sort of way



images (2)

NOW! Obama I am told and have read is in the Muslim Brotherhood. Remember this by John Kerry a few days ago, I watched in disbelief as many Americans should be! America under Obama has made Israel 2nd place behind the Muslim World!



Staged and changed our World because the German people were asleep and believed Hitler

Staged and changed our World because the German people were asleep and believed Hitler




This speaks for itself



It ALL led to prison camps after 9/11



Spot the difference from above..There is none

Spot the difference from above..There is none





images (1)


images (2)


Michael Moore Fahrenheit 9/11 full documentary, a MUST watch via Dawahcorp on You Tube

9/11-WTC7 Larry Silverstein says ‘PULL IT’ (INSIDE JOB) Via TUMNIAISETU on  You Tube- He owned the site, why PULL building 7? Same one the UK man won a case against the BBC for lying!


Halliburton made Bush and Cheney billions in the Iraq war, both have family who take the profit, George Bush Senior is one. 

This is what War does, it makes the greedy and people in power money. We are being ruled by greedy people who will kill their own to gain money.

This is what War does, it makes the greedy and people in power money. We are being ruled by greedy people who will kill their own to gain money.

Where the Money trail went to

Where the Money trail went to

And to sum up on why the USA is behind Muslim Countries



I could go on and on and on, but the rest is up to you, these are my thoughts and mine alone, but I ain’t alone in my thinking…

For now…


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Study Suggests Conspiracy Theorists Are More Positive & ‘Sane’ Compared To Conventional Thinkers


By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews

I have never claimed to be a conspiracist, more a finder of the truth. I believe man landed on the moon, well I kinda used to till this happened https://acenewsdesk.wordpress.com/2014/12/02/did-nasa-just-admit-they-never-put-man-on-the-moon-video/ This suggests heavily it is just impossible for our species to get past the Vann Allan Belts between our World and the Moon. I don’t believe Aliens visit Earth. I am very careful what I believe in, I am always cautious with people claiming to be ‘New Friends’ as I know the rules of the game when exposing lies, crime and more via our Governments and friends of them. Many believe too much to easily, whenever there is bad weather people scream ‘H.A.A.R.P’ so I am very careful what I read and what and who I believe. This study done by collective-evolution.com says basically what I have said and thought for years that an open mind will find the truth before a closed mind. Minds are closed in people through and for many reasons, all I know is ‘I must know the truth’ this is why I have the word ‘Conspiracy’ as soon as it’s said people look away and think ‘Nutters’ The people who turn away are the closed minded people, the ones who don’t want their own reality questioned or are just not interested. Anyway I found this study a good read, I hope this explains the conspiracist better for people who name people that word


A case study examining online commenting trends was performed by psychologists Michael J. Wood and Karen M. Douglas of the University of Kent that revealed so called “conspiracy theorists” are actually more mentally sane (reasonable & sensible) than those who are considered conventionalists.

Not that long ago, practically anyone who thought outside of the box, questioned the official stories, or did any type of investigation into certain subjects was labeled a “conspiracy theorist.” In fact, many of these people, including the majority of the writers here at Collective Evolution, are still considered conspiracy theorists by many even though the goal is simply to examine or verify the truth of something.

It is interesting how many of the people who are labeled as conspiracy theorists spend a lot of time with research and critical thinking. Sure there are always going to be more extreme people who lend a “bad name” to those who are legitimately assessing evidence, but it doesn’t mean the entire idea of conspiracy is invalid.

Many will check the facts, and look into the evidence on both sides of the coin. Generally the people who believe the mainstream idea of what is true, or is accepted as truth do not bother to look at the other side of the coin. They believe what they are told without question, and anyone who disagrees is, well, crazy, or a conspiracy theorist. Or in other words, paranoid.

The fascinating part is, it’s become some common place amongst society for people to not want to be labeled as a conspiracy theorist that anytime political leaders or the media wish to make something unquestionable, they will literally use the words “conspiracy theorists” in their speeches or reports when referring to anyone who wishes to question the story.

The Study

A study was published in July of 2013 by psychologists Michael J. Wood and Karen M. Douglas of the University of Kent in the United Kingdom, it was entitled “’What About Building 7?’ A Social Psychological Study Of Online Discussion Of 9/11 Conspiracy Theories.” The study compared “conspiracist,” (pro-conspiracy theory) and “conventionalist,” (anti-conspiracy theory) comments on various news websites.

The researchers were surprised that they found more “conspiracist” type comments than conventional ones. According to the researchers, “Of the 2174 comments collected, 1459 were coded as conspiracist and 715 as conventionalist.”

Among those who take the time to comment on news articles, those who discount official government accounts (the event’s on 9/11, or the assassination John F. Kennedy for example) aka “Conspiracy Theories,” outnumber those who believe in the official reports, two-to-one. Therefore, this means that the “pro-conspiracy” commenters are those who are now expressing what would now be considered conventional wisdom, while the “anti-conspiracy” commenters actually represent a small minority that is often shunned and discredited.

How The Times Have Changed

‘The research showed that people who favored the official account of 9/11 were generally more hostile when trying to persuade their rivals,” said the study.

It seems as though what were once considered mainstream viewpoints are no longer considered as such by the majority, the anti-conspiracy commenters often showed anger and disgust in their posts. Perhaps they are becoming frustrated that their ideals are no longer accepted as truth. Perhaps, underneath the angry façade, this scares them.

Limitations of The Study

To be balanced it’s important to recognize the limitations of this study. It’s a sample obtained from one website and although it shows a trend there is definitely more to the story. Regardless it is an interesting observation and one that likely carries truth. It certainly suggests that we should be more understanding of each others points of view and talk about things in a civilized manner.

Further Comments

“As someone who has been around “conspiracy culture” for over 6 years now and running a website (Collective Evolution), it becomes increasingly clear as time passes that there are multiple groups that exist within conventional thinkers and more open-minded thinkers. Conspiracy theorists has become more of a derogatory term used these days to pretty much suggest that someone is unintelligent or unstable in thought. There are extremists on all sides. Those who are intense and angry and those who are more calm and collected. But from an anecdotal perspective, I would definitely say those who fear thinking outside the mainstream are a lot angrier and aggressive in their approach. We get to see it everyday here. For them, it’s not even about evidence it’s simply the idea that what they believe can be wrong. It seems a common denominator is a general lack of wanting to believe their authoritative figures might be lying to them or not having their best interest at heart. All in all, truth is becoming more prominent today and by default “conspiracy theorists” will naturally become the majority as they simply are open to and see the truth. This doesn’t mean all claims they make are correct, many are far-reaching, but many are bang on the mark.” Joe Martino – Co-Founder of Collective Evolution

Via: http://www.collective-evolution.com/2014/12/08/study-suggests-conspiracy-theorists-are-the-most-sane-of-all/





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2 Awards with love attached – Monther who lost her Daughtery – WordPress Family


“Keeping The Memory Of Vicky Bruce Alive Award”


By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews

Shaun here, I don’t do awards any more. I stumbled across this article I did JUST as I was closing my own personal blog. I thought I would re-send as I just spotted a few comments on ShaunyNews I don’t use any more. So with the approval of my Editor I hope this is ok. It just feels right. If you accept awards, please accept these two. I made both. One was to thank people for giving me awards the other for Tersia. As we near Christmas I guess I am thinking about people more than usual. This is a blog I did on November 3rd. I now write here https://acenewsdesk.wordpress.com as ShaunyNews is closed as a working blog.


The purpose of any Hospice is death with dignity. Our mission is to provide love and support to our dying patients and their loved ones.

The purpose of any Hospice is death with dignity. Our mission is to provide love and support to our dying patients and their loved ones.

When I joined WordPress 18 Months/2 Years ago, being new to the whole working of WordPress I used to read more than I wrote. I stumbled across this article by a Mother who lost the unthinkable, her beautiful Daughter. The link below the “Vic has left home for the last time/ is the link when her darling child passed. I remember sitting at my laptop on my lazyboy chair all cuddled into Dawn my better half, Tersia will remember me saying all this. Dawn was curious as to what I was writing and right behind me and helped me understand WordPress. We clicked a few links, then http://tersiaburger.com/2013/01/25/vic-has-left-home-for-the-last-time/ appeared and Dawn and I started to read. At first we were drinking tea, smoking cigarettes, usual nighty stuff, then as we red more the cups and ashtrays went down and we hugged harder. At the end Dawn and I were in bits, we cried hard for a good 10 minutes, I told Tersia and we kinda became friends over time we drifted apart, but friendship takes two, and I have been a bad friend to many on WordPress, anyway. We have four kids, two Sons aged 22 and 20, two Daughters 4 and 5. We nearly lost my 22 year old son about 3 years ago now; he had been suffering for a few years in late teens with seizures, Dawn and I couldn’t sleep after he had a seizure, Dawn would sometimes sleep on the floor next to our son, I would stay awake listening. Back to Tersia. I ask you please WordPress to PLEASE ACCEPT THE ABOVE “Keeping The Memory Of Vicky Bruce Alive Memorial” But please Read, Tersia’s link above, It was built as a place of love in South Africa where people were not alone in the darkest of the dark. It is called ‘Stepping Stone’“A place where the terminally ill will be cared for with love, respect and kindness …” I PRAY YOU GIVE TERSIA’S STORAY A READ. She is such an inspiration to me, she will be to you also. 🙂

A picture of Vicky cemented at the doorway of "Stepping Stone" Vicky welcomes everyone in. How amazing? <3

A picture of Vicky cemented at the doorway of “Stepping Stone” Vicky welcomes everyone in. How amazing?

Tersia was, is, in pain, but from that pain, that moment none of us want to live, she built something that will keep Vicky and Tersia alive for ever. Tersia was down but she was not out. What that amazing, inspirational woman did broke my heart and healed it again, then it broke again for Tersia. I was there late but at the time I like to think I was there for Tersia, all I can do is hope I helped even once. What was built was a place to help other people and this will stand the test of time due to Vicky and Tersia, I know it will. http://albertonrecord.co.za/13943/hospice-opens-in-alberton/

Angel Child Vicky with her Mum, Tersia x

Angel Child Vicky with her Mum, Tersia x

Song for Vicky x 


WordPress Family Award

Created by me on June 24th 2013

Created by me on June 24th 2013

I had been on WordPress say? A year at this point. I used to accept Awards, they excited me. I won “Blog of 2013” The offical website confirmed I was first to get 6 stars. I had 200+ Awards, now all gone. I still thank every person for every Award but, how we say? Awards for writing are often given out ‘Just Because’ These 2 Awards or Memorials mean something. The ‘IN MEMORY OF VICKY BRUCE’ to this day and all the days will have a special place in my soul and my heart. As said, Dawn, my Partner and I read it together and we cried hugging each other. It was a ‘Moment’ Moments come at us all, often the moment can be good, or it can be bad or just a moment we enjoy. All weekend I was in bed, I have not been this sore for, well ever. My Amazing friend Anne from New York has been an amazing friend sitting up till silly ‘O Clock speaking to me, allowing me to talk and vent and it does help. So Anne, you an an Aunt from another Granny (Kinda like ‘Brother from another Mother’) 😀  This is Anne’s blog http://talesalongtheway.com/ PLEASE PLEASE GO VISIT ANNE! She is an amazing woman with a caring loving heart!

I personally wish I didn’t allow medication to dictate me falling out with people, I don’t do hate, I do love and caring. Sadly Fibro & Medication speaks for sufferers sometimes – Hell!

I created this Award with the help of my oldest son, the image is actually Dawn, Chloe (Dawn’s left) and Courtney at the far right. I am holding a little boy, that little boy has a special place in my heart. He is ‘Almost’ family, he nearly died as a baby and we got friendly with the kids parents due to meeting twice in a Chronic Pain clinic. We hit it off, they are the ones who took the image. So this image, again is a ‘Moment’ Life is just a collection of moments we try and grab and hold or get through best we can. I made it from the Heart. Everyone was giving me Awards at the time and I thought “I want to leave a mark on WordPress before I leave” and that is it. When I eventually find my new calling this blog will close and my love and caring nature will go elsewhere. Or I may write here all my life, we can’t know or say for sure. All I know is I don’t ‘REALLY’ want to do this for the rest of my life. I had a Dr out on Sunday mid-day. In Scotland Dr’s come to your house at out of hours, nights and weekends if you can’t go to a hospital or it’s a waste of time to go to the Hospital. They have Dr’s car or a Dr’s motorbike packed with everything a Dr would need.

Dr on a Motorbike, brilliant medial care in Scotland

Dr on a Motorbike, brilliant medial care in Scotland

I called, sorry Dawn called at around 11:30am because I couldn’t move any of my body. I was on my left side so all I could do was send a Facebook message tagging in Dawn and my Sons in the hope one of them were on the internnet on a Laptop/Tablet or Phone, an hour or so passed before anyone came through, this time I was in tears. Dawn right away called NHS24 – http://www.nhs24.com/ This is an AMAZING service for the sick and disabled in Scotland, on a Sunday I had to wait around 40 minutes for the Dr on a Motor Bike to arrive. What the Dr didn’t want to do was give me medication until she was 100% sure nothing else was wrong. So I got full blood work up, she had a small machine, takes 10 minutes, blood pressure taken, heart checked, basically a good check over. Once she seen it was the Fibro she injected 50ml of Morphine into the top of my spine, right at the bottom of my neck at the back, it was AGONY the needle going in, she had to get it into my central nervous system. Then I was sleepy for hours. So this “Word Press Family Award” is for all the people who have came and stayed or came and left due to WHATEVER reason. In all the time I have been here I have got friendly with hundreds of people and lost friendship with 7 people for good, or until they or I say “Hey” I am open to talking to anyone. So this Award  and the one above I offer to all the people below. Many will have both the Award and the Memorial. If you have both I ask you please just give it to 10 people.

1. Pick 10 people to give both award to. Remember and add the Awards to the 10 people you choose when tagging them into your Award/Memorial to others.
2. Give them The “WordPress Famly Award” and the “Memorial” for Vicky and Tersia.If you have trouble, please add me to one of the Facebook groups I run below, I will happily help
3. Give both Awards to these 10 people. By accepting this 1 Award and 1 Memorial you agree to give to 10 other people. I am giving this to over 100 people.
4. All I ask is you copy Tersia’s blog address and add it when you pass this on. I have a TON of people I want to give this too.
So without anymore talking. Thank you for accepting (In Advance) if you don’t accept either can you at l least tell me please? All I am asking. For anyone new to Awards, you have to host the image here:
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Here are the people I award the Award and Memorial for Teria and Vicky x


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http://tersiaburger.com/ http://tersiaburger.com/2013/01/25/vic-has-left-home-for-the-last-time/



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Leaked e-mails show Sony botching its Steve Jobs movie

The biography of Apple chief executive Steve Jobs

The biography of Apple chief executive Steve Jobs

By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews

For years, Sony Pictures has promised to make a movie about former Apple chief executive Steve Jobs based on Walter Isaacson’s 2011 biography. But last month, Universal announced it had picked up the Aaron Sorkin-penned movie. We scratched our heads and moved on — then the hack of Sony Pictures exposed exactly how the picture went from being the next blockbuster to a Sony Pictures quagmire. Over at Gawker’s Defamer blog, Sam Biddle has published blow-by-blow account of the e-mail chatter that led to the disintegration. Here are five things we’ve learned from it.

These leaks make Sony Pictures look like a total mess. It’s unfair to judge a company based on a few heated e-mails from a few executives. But if the purpose here is to damage Sony Pictures’s reputation, then the hackers that leaked these e-mails have definitely chosen their targets well. In the leaked thread on the Jobs movie, Sony Pictures co-chairman Amy Pascal comes as needlessly aggressive, incompetent and totally willing to trash high-value talent such as actress Angelina Jolie to anyone when needed. And Pascal doesn’t come off the worst in these hacks. From the leaked data on its gender pay gap to an enormous list of complaints from what appears to be an employee feedback survey, Sony Pictures looks like a bumbling, backwards place to work.

The upshot of this leak is not just a ploy to damage the company’s security reputation or to prove a point about how it handles consumer information, which was the aim of the major hack of the Sony PlayStation Network in 2011. And it’s not a hack for financial information.

This is character assassination.

Hollywood may be even more ego-centric than tech. Tech firms get a lot of well-deserved criticism for being self-absorbed and amazingly ego-driven. (In fact, Biddle’s sort of the master of that.) But the size of the egos at play in this thread are staggering.

The bulk of the conversation leaked here is between Pascal and the Jobs movie producer Scott Rudin — an accomplished Hollywood bigwig who’s not exactly famous for his congeniality. And they’re fighting, it seems, because Angelina Jolie wants director David Fincher to direct her picture about Cleopatra rather than the Jobs biopic. After numerous demands to Pascal that order her, in one form or another, to shut Jolie down, Rudin goes off on the Academy Award-winning actress:

I’m not destroying my career over a minimally talented spoiled brat who thought nothing of shoving this off her plate for eighteen months so she could go direct a movie. I have no desire to be making a movie with her, or anybody, that she runs and that we don’t. She’s a camp event and a celebrity and that’s all and the last thing anybody needs is to make a giant bomb with her that any fool could see coming

And much more adept at spin. In an e-mail that is almost breathtaking in its mastery of spin, Sony marketing head Michael Pavlic waxes rhapsodic about Jobs, which Biddle reports “still basically just exists on paper” at that point. But to hear Pavlic tell it, it’s a masterpiece:

“It’s a mediation [sic] on Jobs himself. It’s one of his early computers – closed end to end. It’s insistent upon itself, it’s relentless. I kept begging for someone to walk outside, for some daylight, for an opening.”

We’ve seen some impressive pitches for vaporware over the years here at The Switch, but that’s pretty darn good. Plus, there’s no mention of innovation or disruption, or claims to be the “Uber” or “Tinder” of anything. Extra points.

Director David Fincher is hilarious.  Pascal was upset when she saw an article saying Fincher was clashing with the studio and might pull out of the project. So she forwarded the article — which had the headline “‘Girls’ Star Adam Driver to Play ‘Star Wars Villain; David Fincher Eyed for Steve Jobs Movie; Josh Boone to Direct ‘The Stand.'”  — to Fincher with one, um, word of commentary: “WTF.”

His reply? “Adam Driver is a terrible idea, I’m with you.”


Real lesson: Don’t write things in company e-mails that you don’t want published in headlines. In the comments on the article,Biddle said that, at one point in the e-mail exchange someone wrote the wisest words of the chain: “You are both crazy to put this in an e-mail.”

Truer words have never been committed to the screen. In other words, folks, if you’re contemplating have a long, passive-aggressive (or outright aggressive) argument over a work matter, consider saving your best barbs for a series of lunches or phone conversations. Anywhere without a paper trail.

And also, as a sub-lesson: how about a little respect for the staying power of Steve Jobs? Even without this e-mail thread, Jobs was already making headlines because of his appearance in court this week, via a video taped just months before he died. The fact that the Hollywood elite and their studios as are still fighting to make a picture on Jobs a little over three years after his death says quite a bit about his lasting impact.

Via: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/the-switch/wp/2014/12/10/leaked-e-mails-show-sony-botching-its-steve-jobs-movie/



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New Unit To Target ‘Dark-Net’ Paedophiles


By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews

With the Sex scandal involving famous and political people in the UK just now this is good news. https://acenewsdesk.wordpress.com/?s=sex+abuse My only worry is people in high places are being protected. Should you wish to research this story further, I advise you do so. I have scanned all forms of news Media be it Main Stream or Alternative and there seems to be a cover-up in Westmister with a host of files being destroyed, this is a story some, well a few UK Main Stream Media have taken this story on to my surprise and others I am guessing. Finding these people and getting them behind bars in a jail is the story here. Sadly men all over the World find something in their ways to do this. Some of the abuse is just un-human, I have blogged much of it here on Ace News  https://acenewsdesk.wordpress.com/?s=Vatican+Sex There are more I have done

Via Sky News

A new joint unit from the National Crime Agency and GCHQ will target users sharing child abuse images on the “dark net”. The as-yet-unnamed unit will develop new technological capabilities to analyse the vast array of illegal images and focus on the most prolific offenders.

Prime Minister David Cameron said: “The so-called ‘dark net’ is increasingly used by paedophiles to view sickening images. “I want them to hear loud and clear, we are shining a light on the web’s darkest corners: if you are thinking of offending there will be nowhere for you to hide.” The dark net refers to areas of the internet which are not indexed by search engines like Google or Bing. Many sites are only accessible with anonymity software such as Tor. Around 20,000 people in the UK visit secret or encrypted networks every day, although not all of those who visit these sites do so for criminal purposes.

Via Ca News on You Tube

The dark net is the new focus of a UK campaign against child abuse images which has had notable success on the “surface web”. In 2014, the Internet Watch Foundation, which proactively seeks out child sexual abuse imagery, has removed images from 27,850 websites – a 109% increase on the previous year. In 1996, the UK was responsible for 18% of all child abuse imagery hosted online. Today, it is responsible for less than 1%.

Private companies have helped with this effort. Images identified by the Internet Watch Foundation are given a digital fingerprint, called a hash value. Google, Microsoft, Twitter, Facebook and Yahoo use those fingerprints to identify images being shared on their sites and to remove them. Google and Microsoft have also introduced changes to their search engines. Microsoft uses information provided by the NCA to blacklist particular search terms.

Matt Brittin, Google’s president for northern and central Europe, said: “Over the past 12 months our algorithm changes and deterrent campaign have already led to a five-fold reduction in a number of child sexual abuse image-related queries in search.” The new unit is the cornerstone of measures to be announced by Mr Cameron at the We Protect Children Online summit in London. The UK has created its own database of 2.6 million known child abuse images to assist police across the country. More than 30 countries have given commitments to increase their law enforcement endeavours around online child abuse, by setting up their own national databases of child abuse material or linking to the Interpol database.

A new £50m Child Protection Fund, the first of its kind, will support prevention and help victims. UNICEF will support its development.




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Down syndrome and dog video, WOW – A Dog is for life – Not just Christmas


DogBy @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews

Guess it’s that time of the year we try to get the message to people, well it is the title. This happens globally, people giving kids pets only for the fun period to wear off. Dogs for me are amazing creatures, they sure have more love in them than most of us Humans, they want and ask for nothing, they expect love, the same love we should be giving them. Sadly this is not always the story, the cat and dog homes prove this. We got Lisha, our dog who is much a part of the family as could be from Edinburgh Cat and Dog Home, she was a rescued dog. So I am just saying, love your pets, don’t impulse buy a pet folks, please if you do, make that pet a priority.

I have a video below that almost made me cry. The video is of a young amazing boy who has Down syndrome, I ask you watch this video and not be touched in your heart. I found this video a while back and have blogged it before, I guess at this time of the year we need to press home the message that we must look after our pets all year, not just January

Enjoy the most touching video I have seen in a long time, it is just amazing the love the dog displays. You got a pet? You will love this video…

Via Jim Stenson on You Tube (Credit goes to Jim 100% for this video)

Was that not something huh? x

Cats and dogs meeting babies for the first time – Cute animal compilation

Via Tiger Productions on You Tube

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Can we distinguish street drugs to prescribed drugs and alcohol?



By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews

I am on prescribed drugs and have been now for 15+ years, I have as an older teenager, younger adult taken illegal drugs so I know both sides of the picture. One thing I can’t wrap my head around is Alcohol. Alcohol society allows, but look what Alcohol does to town centres every weekend, sexually transmitted diseases spread, fighting, men hitting woman, I truly have seen it all. I see Alcohol as the worst because it shows more and more destructive powers than any other drug be that drug bought in the street or given by your Dr, I know alcoholics who are doing damage to their bodies but hey, IT’S SOCIABLY ACCEPTABLE!! This is the taboo nature of this article

I know a ton of people who take drugs that you can buy from the street, I know a ton of people who take the EXACT same drug given from our Dr’s, so simply I ask, what is the difference? I am on 3 drugs for life through prescribed drugs, Dydracodine, Tramadol and Diazepam and a ton more less lethal cocktails. Now these are prescribed and I have tried several times to come off them all, I managed a few months once but the pain made the decision in the end for me taking them again. So I ask, can we point the finger at some old lady on Tramadol the same we point it at someone buying it on the street for the EXACT same reasons? See not all Drs give these drugs when needed to people so the person is forced to buy from the street. 

Unknown Alcoholic

Unknown Alcoholic

It’s a taboo debate close to my heart because in the end society will judge and some judge while taking the drugs themselves. I HATE taking these drugs but have zero choice, do you take drugs via your Dr without choice? Do you buy them on the street because of your Dr? Do you drink because of depression? This is a very taboo debate here and one I already know not many will want to debate, but I believe it is a debate grown adults can have with or without conflict of inherent interest 

The Taboo nature of all this is ironic in a way, we all do it, drink, take drugs from Dr or buy in the street, so what is right and wrong? I also hate to see people sit in silence and suffer. I did this for so long and now I am honest about what I have. I have a Dr who researches Chronic Pain so I am very much one of the lucky ones, but I don’t feel lucky, odd right? I think the biggest issue with ANY chronic illness is family acknowledging it, mine don’t, but please no tears or poor Shaun, this is a dogma millions suffer and for them is why I have this group here https://www.facebook.com/groups/699321140156812/, to hell with them, really I mean it, if they can’t understand I don’t have the mental strength for their games.

What is your displeasure?

What is your displeasure?


I had a very close family member ask me a few weeks back “What is Fibromyalgia” and I almost went off on one, I had told this person 100 times I had it so he was at the wind up, he wanted a reaction, but I am better than that. Are you?  See people are all too happy to judge until Pain, Depression, being an Alcoholic, buying drugs from the street comes their way. I know MANY who drink and are they Alcoholics? Well I don’t judge so I guess we leave that to society as usual to disguise what is right or wrong. The worse thing in all this is people suffer in silence. I have my partner, my 2 sons and my Dr, my Dad, THEY LISTEN! Nothing more, all I need is people to listen. What about you? You keep it all inside or do you need people to listen? I am talking to millions of people here. It is an outrage in the 21st Century that this is all still so Taboo, this is part of my ‘Taboo’ series I NEED to write about. I never judge people, how dare others judge me or others. We are not here to pre-judge others but sadly people do it. My own, hold, I have a family member who said “You never leave the house” and “You are always in bed” I JUST WANT TO SCREAM “I HAVE NO FECKING CHOICE” But I don’t because many of you will know stress = pain.  So I let it be. I have lost family, same as many I speak to in the World, and that is a crying shame, these sad people who judge, these cowards who try and gain a reaction from all of us, if you have a chronic illness I know these words make utter sense

For now…….



I have a video here, Russell Brand, talking drugs, he is a BRILLIANT man, spoken to him once, watch if you can

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