Can we distinguish street drugs to prescribed drugs and alcohol?



By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews

I am on prescribed drugs and have been now for 15+ years, I have as an older teenager, younger adult taken illegal drugs so I know both sides of the picture. One thing I can’t wrap my head around is Alcohol. Alcohol society allows, but look what Alcohol does to town centres every weekend, sexually transmitted diseases spread, fighting, men hitting woman, I truly have seen it all. I see Alcohol as the worst because it shows more and more destructive powers than any other drug be that drug bought in the street or given by your Dr, I know alcoholics who are doing damage to their bodies but hey, IT’S SOCIABLY ACCEPTABLE!! This is the taboo nature of this article

I know a ton of people who take drugs that you can buy from the street, I know a ton of people who take the EXACT same drug given from our Dr’s, so simply I ask, what is the difference? I am on 3 drugs for life through prescribed drugs, Dydracodine, Tramadol and Diazepam and a ton more less lethal cocktails. Now these are prescribed and I have tried several times to come off them all, I managed a few months once but the pain made the decision in the end for me taking them again. So I ask, can we point the finger at some old lady on Tramadol the same we point it at someone buying it on the street for the EXACT same reasons? See not all Drs give these drugs when needed to people so the person is forced to buy from the street. 

Unknown Alcoholic

Unknown Alcoholic

It’s a taboo debate close to my heart because in the end society will judge and some judge while taking the drugs themselves. I HATE taking these drugs but have zero choice, do you take drugs via your Dr without choice? Do you buy them on the street because of your Dr? Do you drink because of depression? This is a very taboo debate here and one I already know not many will want to debate, but I believe it is a debate grown adults can have with or without conflict of inherent interest 

The Taboo nature of all this is ironic in a way, we all do it, drink, take drugs from Dr or buy in the street, so what is right and wrong? I also hate to see people sit in silence and suffer. I did this for so long and now I am honest about what I have. I have a Dr who researches Chronic Pain so I am very much one of the lucky ones, but I don’t feel lucky, odd right? I think the biggest issue with ANY chronic illness is family acknowledging it, mine don’t, but please no tears or poor Shaun, this is a dogma millions suffer and for them is why I have this group here, to hell with them, really I mean it, if they can’t understand I don’t have the mental strength for their games.

What is your displeasure?

What is your displeasure?


I had a very close family member ask me a few weeks back “What is Fibromyalgia” and I almost went off on one, I had told this person 100 times I had it so he was at the wind up, he wanted a reaction, but I am better than that. Are you?  See people are all too happy to judge until Pain, Depression, being an Alcoholic, buying drugs from the street comes their way. I know MANY who drink and are they Alcoholics? Well I don’t judge so I guess we leave that to society as usual to disguise what is right or wrong. The worse thing in all this is people suffer in silence. I have my partner, my 2 sons and my Dr, my Dad, THEY LISTEN! Nothing more, all I need is people to listen. What about you? You keep it all inside or do you need people to listen? I am talking to millions of people here. It is an outrage in the 21st Century that this is all still so Taboo, this is part of my ‘Taboo’ series I NEED to write about. I never judge people, how dare others judge me or others. We are not here to pre-judge others but sadly people do it. My own, hold, I have a family member who said “You never leave the house” and “You are always in bed” I JUST WANT TO SCREAM “I HAVE NO FECKING CHOICE” But I don’t because many of you will know stress = pain.  So I let it be. I have lost family, same as many I speak to in the World, and that is a crying shame, these sad people who judge, these cowards who try and gain a reaction from all of us, if you have a chronic illness I know these words make utter sense

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I have a video here, Russell Brand, talking drugs, he is a BRILLIANT man, spoken to him once, watch if you can

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