Breaking News – Shooting at Oregon High School


By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews

At least two people were shot on Friday at a Portland, Oregon high school, police said, and officers were searching for suspects who were believed to have left the area.

There was no immediate word on the condition of the victims at Rosemary Anderson High School in Portland. The Portland Oregonian newspaper reported that a 17-year-old was shot in the back and that a female student was struck in the chest.

The Portland Police Bureau said that Jefferson High School and Portland Community College were placed on lock down following the shooting and that traffic was being diverted from the area.

According to its website, Rosemary Anderson is an alternative high school in north Portland serving up to 190 “at-risk” students, many of whom are homeless or who had been expelled or dropped out of public high schools.

Police say a shooting at a high school in the U.S. state of Oregon has resulted in at least two victims and suspects have fled the scene

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