Allegedly – Alex Salmond threatens Westminster with a new referendum



By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews Via Sources

Allegedly: Alex Salmond has threatened Westminster with a new referendum due to the lack of action on the VOW made by the 3 Leaders. I am hearing he made the remark on TV this morning. The ‘Edinburgh Agreement’ and the ‘Vow’ have not been given in full and Alex has said a few times “Scotland will get what Scotland was promised” I have said many times that Alex said before the Referendum he said “I will not resign yes or no” So he is on record saying this.

Video and article here:

So we must now ask ‘Why did he step down’ He stepped down fairly early and I felt at the time and I am sure I wrote it here I thought Alex had ‘Something up his sleeve’ He stepped down and I and others said “He will go to Westminster” There was no inside knowledge per-say just reading into things I think a few of us picked up that Alex would indeed go to Westminster.

“I wrote this on  October 15th

Alex Salmond has hinted at another referendum on Scottish independence taking place as he threatened to exact “revenge” if pledges promised by the government are not fulfilled.”

It hit twitter about an hour ago, I am told Alex said this morning on TV or to someone “Due to Edinburgh Agreement and Vow not happening we could call a new Referendum” Now many of us have said this. I have said 2017 for a new referendum and that was an educated guess, but one many others are piecing together. There was a video from after the no vote where Alex threatens EXACTLY THIS.

I am, as we speak trying to find a link or the comment he has alleged to have said this morning. If not, he has said it no matter what. But more to come I guess. Alex didn’t resign as First Minister and go to Westminster for no reason, so lets see where this story goes today.

Alex Salmond and Andrew Marr – the next Scottish Referendum?
This was from early November when we all knew the Vow and Edinburgh Agreement were not going to happen

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