Celtic ease past Saint’s to go 6 clear in League (Goals)


Two for Brown, should have got more

Two for Brown, should have got more

A bad start today, first five minutes we could have been 2 or 3 down but we sorted ourselves out and got an early lead on 3 minutes through Scott Brown,  Stokes had the ball wide squared it across the 18 yard line and Brown lashed it home for a good early lead, sadly we couldn’t keep a clean sheet today again the right side of defence with Matthews and Ambrose hurt us, 10 minutes on the  clock and 1-1 when Sean Kelly side footed a cross that should have been cleared

Brown 1-0 Thanks to @CelticGoals for all the links:


After that point, to be fair it was an easy afternoon. Guidetti had a few chances and more worryingly went off injured in the 2nd half. Forrest was replaced due to a migraine and Biton made way for Henderson. 2-1 Celtic on 15 minutes ball into the box Guidetti helped it on to Forrest who was at the back post and he rattled home to get Celtic back in front.

Good to see him back and scoring he makes a difference

Good to see him back and scoring he makes a difference

2-1 Forrest

We didn’t have to wait long for the 3-1 four minutes in-fact, James Forrest squared the ball from the right wing and it was almost a carbon copy of the 1st goal from Scott Brown. At this point it was fair to say the game was over as a contest.

The 1st half saw us have a few chances with Biton having a few pops at goal and Guidetti missing a few chances but we went in 3-1 at the break

3-1 Brown

The 2nd half was all Celtic and I am still wondering how Scepovic didn’t get a hat-trick with his half an hour on the park, 3 times he was through and just had to get it on target, he hit the post missed a good cross, basically just not his day. All the lad needs is a game like today and a few goals and I am sure the goals will come, the longer he goes passing up all these chances the harder it may be for him

Celtic made it 4-1 on 67 minutes after threatening a few times this time Stokes the scorer. Johansen has been doing this whole game, he closed down a Saint’s defender won the ball squared it to Stokes in the box who slotted home. Scott Brown had a chance for a hat-trick with 15 minutes to go he got a good shot away and injured his foot on the follow through, he seemed ok

Stokes thanks Johansen for his goal and work rate

Stokes thanks Johansen for his goal and work rate

4-1 Stokes

I still don’t know how we  never scored more today, Scepovic like everyone I want to come good but it seems the lad is feeling the pressure when chances are coming easy. We will see where he is in the new year. Guidetti took a sore one on the ankle  or shin and you could see he was frustrated he is very much a confidence player and today wasn’t his day his demeanour said it all

Man of the match: Scott Brown, 2 goals and ran the show in the middle of the park, I am liking the Brown, Johansen, Biton midfield, it allows Johansen to play behind the striker and Biton or Brown will push left to allow Stokes to go into advanced areas

all in 3 points, 6 points clear, when you look at it all on paper, 10/10 Ronny so far but there is still ‘something’ not there yet, I am sure it will come. I am not sure on Commons not playing, he was CRUCIAL for us last season. With Griffiths also not getting on it seem  Ronny is going with his 2 strikers  Guidetti and Scepovic more often than not




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