RARE microfilms of UFO documents now online – USA Military



By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews Via http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread1046591/pg1  and http://www.konsulting.com/piwigo/

I have never been one to believe Alien life visits Earth, I have always held the belief that what people see, what I have seen are in-fact Top Secret Government test crafts and vehicles. Applying known logic to any story often leads us to the truth, sadly many never use logic or can’t use logic. I will give you an example, and it was funny but I respected the person’s view. A year or so ago I was chatting to a Woman from the Southern part of the USA and she said “I don’t believe Dinosaurs were on Earth” I asked her why and how she came to this conclusion and she replied “The Devil placed Dinosaur bones in the ground to fool Humans” Now I had heard this before or read it somewhere but there I was speaking to a Woman who was so wrapped up in faith that she refused to acknowledge any other possibilities. I respected her views even though I didn’t understand them. See when one is of the faith of anything to the point they can’t apply logic this is where real stories  get lost, someone cries ‘Conspiracy’ and everyone looks away

Back on topic a Ufologist named ” Steven Kaeser has recently made several interesting and important UFO microfilms available to view free of charge on his website as the start of a new digitisation project. The initial microfilms are a reel of APRO files in relation to sightings prior to 1957, a Canadian government UFO microfilm and a microfilm used to exchange information between the USAF Public Relations Office and Project Blue Book. “ That was a direct quote from the ATS link above.

I won’t save the images and post them all but I will give you the link, there is a TON of declassified UFO documents and images here. Now PLEASE KEEP IN MIND! UFO DOES NOT = ALIEN LIFE! I have been asked many times “Do you believe in UFO’s” My answer has always been “Yes and so do you” to the shock of the person asking the question. See many get confused with ‘UFO’ and ‘Aliens’ They are not the same thing. A UFO could be a plane, bird, balloon, Chinese lantern, fakery to trick people or even a bag caught high in the atmosphere ‘Unidentified Flying Object’ apply logic to that and you see quickly it is not Alien in nature at all, but is used mainly to describe a possible Alien craft. I am yet to see a picture or video of an Alien Craft or out of this World technology in our skies, all the images are blurry and too often the images and video have been manipulated, this one here got many excited but it is 100% fake


Outwith Roswell this is really unknown but is one of the best ‘UFO’ news ever, Main stream media screened it live over L.A in the USA…

UFO Battle Of Los Angeles Original Footage & Broadcast February 26, 1942
Via gustavo G.F. on You Tube – This is old Pathe news reel


Via URBANRUST on You Tube

Then we have sightings that DO make you wonder 

Via leronenatas on You Tube

Via AS N on You Tube – Famous ‘Norway Spiral’ Google for more

Here is the link to all the images/video’s and more : http://www.konsulting.com/piwigo/ and http://www.konsulting.com/mm_index.html

What you will see when you click the 1st link above

What you will see when you click the 1st link above


Sample Image they say is from ‘Roswell’ crash in 1947

canada 2

Sample Image they say is from ‘Roswell’ crash in 1947


Image they say is from ‘Roswell’ crash in 1947


Document they say is from ‘Roswell’ crash in 1947

No matter what your take on ‘UFOs’ or ‘Aliens’ are, it is interesting, I love to research and this link above with all the links I seen in http://www.abovetopsecret.com/ from user IsaacKoi  I guess got me interested. So now a few days of research are ahead and looking at more images. It is fun, maybe not for everyone, but research is fun, the internet is fun so who does it harm? Answer? Idiots…

…For now


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