(BREAKING) Glasgow Scotland: Bin Lorry Crashes Into Shoppers: Six Dead (Live Video)

(BREAKING) Glasgow Scotland: Bin Lorry Crashes Into Shoppers: Six Dead (Live Video)


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I am hearing 2 kids and a baby, this is speculation in Twitter but people there are tweeting this. PLEASE BE WRONG!! Me and Dawn are in tears here, we are worried we have family there. This is George Square. Christmas for gods sake!!! Almost a YEAR TO THE DAY When the Helicopter fell on the pub killing my kin. I can’t believe what I am watching and hearing. Please God no babies… This is the biggest shopping centre in Scotland. Anyone with worry about a relative or loved one, call Police Scotland: 01786289070 There will be shoppers from all over the Northern part of Britain there

A bin lorry has smashed into a crowd of Christmas shoppers in Glasgow city centre, killing six people. The number of people injured in the accident is believed to be in double figures. The crowd were waiting to cross the road outside Queen Street station by the Millennium Hotel in the centre of the city and some people are thought to have been thrown up to 15 metres from the site of impact.  As many as six ambulances are at the scene, along with the police and fire service and pictures on social media show people being treated along the length of the street.

Sky News Live

A woman who witnessed the entire event told Sky News: “The only way the lorry stopped was actually hitting the building.” Sky correspondent James Matthews who is at the scene asked the witness to tell him about the people on the pavement who had been hit


The distressed woman said: “I can’t, honestly I just can’t do that.” She went on to say: “When something is coming up behind them like that, how can they run out of the way? It’s such a horrific thing. There was noise and bangs and screams. “There was a baby in a buggy. There were actually two little kids. It was just horrific.” Sky’s James Matthews said: “There is no structural damage to the hotel. This is bang in the middle of Glasgow’s shopping area.

“The lorry collided with pedestrians before ramming into the hotel.” Police have declared the scene a major incident. A statement released by Police Scotland said: “About 2.30pm today, a Glasgow City Council bin lorry was travelling north on Queen Street when it appeared to strike pedestrians outside the Gallery of Modern Art. “It continued to travel towards George Square, when it crashed at the Millennium Hotel on Queen Street at George Square. “There have been a number of fatalities and people injured. Emergency services are currently at the scene.”

Bin lorry crash

Police say the lorry travelled 300 metres from the moment of initial impact until it stopped. Lauren Gilmore, a shopper in George Square, said: “Just over a year ago, we had another tragedy in Glasgow – it was the helicopter crash. And now this has happened again just before Christmas.” Witness Connor Gillies a reporter with Radio Clyde told Sky News that the whole of Queen Street has been cordoned off and emergency services are arriving by the minute. Describing the scene on Twitter, Brett Molloy tweeted: “Christ something major has kicked off at Queen St.”

“Whole of George square is shut off, bodies on the road. Scary man. Horrible, horrible scenes. Even worse at this time of the year. City centre is an eerie, eerie place right now.” The Scottish Fire Service tweeted: “Firefighters are in attendance at a serious incident in Queen Street, Glasgow. Our crews are working alongside other emergency responders.” Janey Godley tweeted: “Utter horrific carnage people on ground getting triage street poles smashed into pavement emergency services all over it. “Local shop keeper says bin lorry and taxi involved & lorry mounted pavement #georgessquare

“I was at G square in immediate aftermath it’s not something I ever want to see again – wandered in with music on before tape went up.” Prime Minister David Cameron said: “I’m being kept fully briefed on the major incident in Glasgow. My thoughts are with the families of those involved and the emergency services.”Labour leader Ed Miliband said: “Terrible news from Glasgow – my thoughts are with all those affected by this horrific accident.” Allan Docherty, manager of a nearby JD Wetherspoon pub says police have emptied the premises ahead of potentially using it as a meeting place for families and friends of victims.

Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy tweeted: “There is a major incident in Glasgow’s George Square. Multiple emergency services on the scene. Thoughts & prayers with everyone injured.”

Police have advised anyone who is in the centre of Glasgow this afternoon to contact friends or relatives to tell them they’re safe.


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    • Yeah we are ok. Woman from my City Edinburgh was one to pass. I know people who knew her.
      Crazy and horrible. Last year same time, same place a Helicopter (Police) dropped like a stone from the sky and landed on a pub. Now this..
      Glasgow has had a hard year.