Use Logic and ask WHY are Sky and National Geographic doing these 2 shows?


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I ask America you look at the last few months with Racial tension, cops getting away with murder. I ask you look at the Ferguson decision, WHY ON EARTH were the people in charge in Ferguson told at 8pm? Easy really, it made the black community look bad, you are (Like you think about Jews and Arabs) being made to hate each other

This is EXACTLY what is happening to you now America, 2 images define what the story is, only it’s on YOU 





As you see above Jews and Arabs want to be friends but the US media will not allow you in America to see this. Why did John Kerry say “America must protect Muslim countries” and use Biblical scripture?


All I have said to you America is now coming to pass. The bad stuff, the stuff you didn’t want to know, things I didn’t want to tell you, issues I couldn’t believe myself, news stories that made no sense. All along I gave you proof and in this short blog I will give you the same proof. Sky News here in the UK, the biggest news source on the planet are doing a programme on the USA called “Doom Boom” I will show you a small extract of the programme all of Europe can see unfolding in the USA, sadly you don’t America for one reason, your MEDIA. The US media lie, they speak for your Politicians and CEO’s of Banks and Oil Giants. When I said the USA was a ‘Fascist State’ I have asked a million times why the USA Military refused to go to Syria. I asked why Obama sacked his veteran war generals and replaced them with Muslims, I got nothing back. America I can only assume you are scared or you are in denial. This is what we will see here soon.

US Families Prepare For ‘Modern Day Apocalypse’ Video preview

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Thousands of families are hoarding food and weapons in anticipation of an impending catastrophe, writes Sky’s Dominic Waghorn

From the outside America may seem to be a land of endless optimism and confidence. But could it be in danger of falling apart? An increasing number of Americans seem to think so, and they’re preparing for the end. They call themselves preppers. Mainstream suburban Americans hoarding supplies and weapons while leading otherwise perfectly normal lives. It’s a national phenomenon and it’s supporting a doom boom industry worth many millions. Braxton Southwick is a typical father-of-six in Salt Lake City, who believes the nice suburban neighbourhood he lives in could soon be swept away by some kind of modern day apocalypse.

This old nuclear missile facility has been turned into an apocalypse refuge

This old nuclear missile facility has been turned into an apocalypse refuge

Like other preppers, he’s afraid of some impending catastrophe but also what that will do to American society. “I think that is what I’m scared of the most,” he told Sky News, “Not the actual events. I’ve already prepared for that. It’s the aftermath, when there are no police, there are no military to protect us, we’re going to be protecting ourselves.”

The trigger could be a terrorist attack, a monetary collapse, cataclysmic failure in power generation, or a natural disaster. Preppers fear what comes next and have no faith in either their government or human nature. “Once people use up all their resources, they’re going to come after the people that prepared and had more resources. So basically we have to take care of ourselves.”

Braxton and his wife Kara have a basement that will see them through Armageddon, literally. Enough dried and canned food to last six months. Enough guns and ammunition to turn their family into a small army. And they have trained each of their six children, including the youngest aged 15, how to defend themselves with guns to see off the mobs of marauding looters they predict could come after them after their world collapses. At the other end of America, another family are preparing in exactly the same way. In Virginia, Jay and Holly Blevins hoard food and weapons and run a network of like-minded families.

One American media outlet is going "Kinda" the same way, but not as truthful as should be

One American media outlet is going “Kinda” the same way, but not as truthful as should be

“We’re not talking about folks walking around wearing tin foil on their heads,” Jay tells Sky News. “We’re not talking about conspiracy theorists.”I’m talking about professionals: doctors and lawyers and law enforcement and military. Normal, everyday people. They can’t necessarily put their finger on it. But there’s something about the uncertainty of our times. They know something isn’t quite right.”

Jay is a celebrity in the strange but increasingly mainstream world of preppers, writing prepper books and touring America, speaking at prepper expos where a bewildering range of survival supplies and techniques are on offer. Why is it happening? Partly, no doubt, because it allows Americans to indulge in some of their favourite pastimes: consuming, camping and buying lots and lots of guns. We can look to Ferguson and ask “Why were a huge crowd told at 8pm at night the cop walked” and he walked with $1M and a new life America, use logic, piece it together. Video below I will share the full video when I have it after it’s been shown in Europe where people are a bit more clever due to media and political control we demand. Nothing more, nothing less America. This is NOT YOUR FAULT. You have been brainwashed and tricked


America is slowly become alone in the international community. And this means you the people will be looked at the same by many, not me however



Biodegradable 3 person coffins, America bought MILLIONS



Google “FEMA Camps” and be prepared to be shocked, if you care of course. I tire of “We can’t do anything about it” My country stood up and took our country back, why don’t you? Why are people keeping WAR in their homes as you see in the video above? This is why



American laws and Constitutional laws are being signed away by the weeks. Obama signed a HUGE one as we all eat Christmas dinner in 2013

This is what was signed we had Christmas dinner 2013

This is what was signed we had Christmas dinner 2013

Many were sacked and replaced, check below

Many sacked, some ex War heroes

Many sacked, some ex War heroes

These guys, there are more were the replacements.

These guys, there are more were the replacements.

And partly because fear sells, drives up numbers for cable news, and increases sales for everything from dried food to assault rifles. But it’s also arguably a sign of a country coping with economic decline. The end of the American Dream has left people more uncertain about their future, and their country’s. Katy Bryson is in Jay’s prepper network. Prepping, she says, puts Americans back in charge of their destiny.

“They’re not in control of whether they lose their job or not but they are in control of whether they are prepared. So I feel like that’s why the industry is just booming right now for preparedness,” Katy added. It is also a fundamentally American phenomenon. In a country built on the radical individualism of its founding fathers, people have an inbuilt mistrust in their government’s ability to protect them.

Sociologist Barry Glastner wrote The Culture of Fear. He told Sky News: “Americans are fairly unique as world citizens in that we tend to believe that we control our own destiny as individuals to a much greater extent than we really do.” Ironically, he points out preppers may actually be reacting to their fears in the least effective way. Dangerous weather, terrorist attacks and economic collapses are all best dealt with by higher authorities, he said. “Where there are real dangers, to take an individualistic approach is usually exactly the wrong thing to do. So the kinds of things that the preppers are preparing to protect themselves from are much better handled on a community-wide basis than they are in your own home.”



A legal document. USA Government paid WELL for lease of land to hold  these black 3 person coffins

A legal document. USA Government paid WELL for lease of land to hold these black 3 person coffins



:: Dominic Waghorn meets the preppers in The Doom Boom, this Tuesday at 9.30pm on Sky News. I will share this when I can with you America. I will share a few links and some images below. America IT IS UP TO YOU! To close the page or do what MILLIONS in the USA are doing and ‘Preparing’ for what is coming. The video above shows you America what is happening but America you must wake up, you must prepare, you MUST be aware. Ignore this at your peril.

I live in a country that just gave £1 Billion ($1.6 Billion) Scotland’s political landscape makes me question other countries more. Many ask “Why America” well America, you can’t have your cake and eat it in this story. If you want to be the ‘Biggest nation on Earth’ this is what comes with it. Sadly you are not the biggest nation. The USA is 4.6% of the World’s 7 Billion populous (People) China has taken over, they won’t police the World and but a Chinese food retail store in every country they invade, of course I mean McDonald’s that are now in Iraq. The American Government are at fault, the American Media are culpable, the American people are asleep at the wheel. I do not dislike America, I love America, my main room is a shrine to Manhattan, we love the place. I have several canvas paintings of Manhattan, yellow cabs and all that is represented. My issue is with Government and Media, TV and Print. We get all the USA News stations here and I can read them all on-line. I once gave this link to an American person the reply I got back I laughed at as I thought the guy was being funny, the reply was “I am not watch Al Qaeda news” Now I come back to American Education. Remember this from a few days ago? 



This 27 year old girl was being serious. I am saying “THE EDUCATION SYSTEM IN AMERICA IS EXACTLY WHERE YOUR LEADERS WANT YOU” DUMB! And I don’t like this

America I can’t do any more to help you, it’s up to you now, but I do worry and I know what is coming, so should you now. Sadly I know many will dismiss. I ask you at LEAST watch the video and use logic to put 2+2 together and get 4, the proof is here, you need to research, I can only do so much. Your time is close America, I hope you are as prepared as the people in the video from all over the USA are


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