MH370 was ‘shot down by the USA military’, former airline CEO claims

MH370 was ‘shot down by the USA military’, former airline CEO claims

Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 falling in Ukraine

Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 falling in Ukraine (File Image)

Via a few links and what I have added myself and the link here where AceNews Services and myself wrote about the story: 

So many things are happening just now that are pointing at the USA. They are as a country, through Government and Media now a total War Machine.

When Countries stop buying Oil with the old standard ‘PetroDollar’ it cripples a USA Economy that is already dead and in real, REAL bad financial shape This is done because anyone with financial ties to the USA will be, as we speak breaking these bonds. When I said the USA and Israel stand alone in this World I am not filled with glee and have a big smile. I understand the game that is being played out on the World and US stage here. I will write in the next few days why I think “The USA tried to cause Martial Law on Ferguson” and one thing about that story while you wait on me writing it is ‘Why did the powers that be tell Ferguson the decision that caused a riot at 8pm’ with a huge crowd outside ready to go crazy? Why not a safer 10 am? Use that logic to Ferguson and try the same logic here. America are trying to destabilize the World and her own borders because the USA is a War country, it makes money. ISIS are USA controlled and funded today. Al Qaeda are USA owned today, I have proven it many times now, but people want to look away, I don’t get it. Today my Leader, Scotland’s (NEW) First Minister Nicola Sturgeon gave £1 Billion to Scottish Education, Schools, Transport and our Health service to keep it free. So ask “Why do you care Shaun?” about the USA. Well it effects us all. America have policed the World into hating her, not you the people, your government.  I will blog it all over the coming week, stay with this story and the rest will make sense. Bad times are coming America and I am unhappy about that 😦 really

A French former airline director has claimed that the US military may have shot down Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 and covered it up. Marc Dugain, who headed Proteus Airlines and is an established author, speculated that the Americans may have targeted the aircraft because they feared a September 11-style attack on a military base in the Indian Ocean. In an article for French magazine Paris Match, he claimed that the Boeing 777 crashed nowhere near where international search teams have been combing the ocean for wreckage, but near an American military base in the British territory of Diego Garcia.

A woman writes a message of support and hope for passengers of the missing Malaysia Airlines MH370

A woman writes a message of support and hope for passengers of the missing Malaysia Airlines MH370

The official report on MH370 said its passengers most probably died from suffocation as the cabin ran out of oxygen, leaving it to continue on auto-pilot until it ran out of fuel and plunged into the ocean. No new evidence from within the Boeing 777 has emerged, leaving the Australian Transport Safety Board to compare the flight with previous disasters to draw their conclusion. Mr Dugain claimed he had been warned by a British intelligence officer of taking “risks” by looking into the fate of MH370. “Someone knows,” he added.

Was Flight MH370 Hacked / Shot down by USAF
Via The Daily Mirror and ZIG ZAG on You Tube

The head of Emirates, the world’s largest international airline, is among those who have echoed Mr Dugain’s questions about the availability of evidence. Sir Tim Clark revealed his doubts in October, saying he did not believe “that the information held by some is on the table”, and that his electronic engineers believe that even with communication systems switched off, the plane would still be traceable. Countless conspiracy theories have been floated in the nine months since MH370’s disappearance, with several claiming it was shot down either deliberately or by mistake during military exercises. Others claim it may have flown in the “shadow” of another plane to conceal itself or was downed in a pilot suicide, life insurance scam or botched hijacking.


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    • Agreed. I had heard several times it was America in an attempt to make Russia look bad, and it worked if this was the case.
      It is hard to believe some of these stories Bill, but sadly it was shot down and we must try and know who did it, killing innocent people…

      America has a history in this of course.
      I don’t know, speculation..But the source is very brave and reliable