Two Songs For Glasgow – I Pray These Help

Two Songs For Glasgow – I Pray These Help


A Dad saying goodbye to his Daughter…. x

By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews

Sometimes we have no words, all we can try and do is comfort each other. I have many friends and family in Glasgow, today they hurt. I am 40 or so miles East but I feel it. One of the people we lost was from Edinburgh and I know people who knew her. I know the family, we cried when we found out. We are trying to help the people who hurt the most because their loss is forever. I seen two songs about Glasgow and I just hope these songs are ok. I love Glasgow, my Football team Celtic play there, not that stupid football matters. I know the people, the humour but I also know the strength that will be seen in Glasgow today. Glasgow embodies the spirit of Scotland, we all hurt but we will care and try to help, it’s what we do

I share two songs to try and sooth the pain. Bob Marley once said ‘We can inject love through music’ and I believe this to be true. Through music we can make things better. When we go to church the music soothes us, at funerals the lyrics bond us. I don’t know what to say so I will share two songs for you Glasgow. Me and my kin have you in our hearts always x

Billy Connolly I Wish I Was In Glasgow


Passenger Feather on the Clyde Lyric Video


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6 responses

  1. Two beautiful songs, Shaun. I had never heard the second one. Did you know that some consider a white feather as the presence of an angel? Watching that white feather bathed in light floating home while listening to such a poignant song gave consolation while raising a few tears. God help those families suffering such a loss. The city feels for its own and words don’t do justice at this time. Music certainly touches and soothes where hurt lives. Peace to you and yours, Shaun.


  2. What a lovely post. Where the pictures in Billy’s Connolly’s song actually his family? I think so . . .very touching.

    But it was the song song with the heart metaphor that brought tears to my eyes. Prayers for peace and healing for the dear people of Glasgow!