USA – Apocalypse Entrepreneur Offers $3m Bunkers


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Well America all these Months and well over a year I have warned you of impending doom. This is it, people are making money out of your incoming troubles. If anyone in the USA can’t see a Fascist country then they need to Google it’s meaning. America your time as about to end and we will have to watch from way over here. It will be swift brutal and awful. Now I say thing ONLY through research. I am a disabled lad at a PC in Scotland, my face is all over the internet. I research and research hard. America this isn’t the end of the World. It is the end of YOUR World. The international community is turning against you. Blame Government and blame Media. Also maybe have a look in a mirror because as you argued over Abortion, Gay right and more your country was being taken from you from people on  foreign shores. Why couldn’t you see what we all did? Millions of us. Why is it ONLY the USA who are buying 3 person Coffins and building Fema Camps? This is local, regional thing America, this is not global. Please know this, links and images below, oh and a video.


3 person coffins


Your Coffins from space. Farmers lease land so FEMA can keep them there


I am not even going to ask you what your Military are asking of you here, it gets boring


Bush now Obama have rewritten your constitution.

Many sacked, some ex War heroes

Many sacked, some ex War heroes

This is what was signed we had Christmas dinner 2013

This is what was signed we had Christmas dinner 2013


A few of the changes

Your Military tried to help you, as you see many got fired


Remember the flood and black people were on their own for days?


Thousands of homes in a FEMA Camp


FEMA Camps..Why?


Scattered all over your Country

No idea where this is but more black coffins

No idea where this is but more black coffins

A legal document. USA Government paid WELL for lease of land to hold  these black 3 person coffins

A legal document. USA Government paid WELL for lease of land to hold these black 3 person coffins


If the world comes to an end in 2015, where will you run to? You could consider a survival bunker, deep underground in a converted nuclear missile silo in the middle of America. Doomsday entrepreneur Larry Hall has spent years building the ultimate in survival hideaways and gave Sky News special access to his completed complex. He sells to up-market ‘preppers’ – part of a growing group of Americans preparing for imminent catastrophe.

They believe the world could soon end through natural disasters, terrorist attacks or economic collapse, and they don’t believe their government will protect them when society falls apart. “Let’s look at their track record,” Mr Hall told Sky News. “How would you rate the US Government’s performance in Hurricane Katrina? How would you rate it for Hurricane Sandy? I wouldn’t be giving them any stellar grades.”

Mr Hall has installed his ‘survival condos’ in converted nuclear missile silos. Built in the cold war in the Kansas countryside they are 200 feet deep with walls of reinforced concrete nine feet thick. There are eight floors of luxury apartments, each storey offering 1,800 square feet of luxury living space for up to 10 people, with jacuzzi baths and designer kitchens. Some 70 people could live for more than five years in the complex supplied with its own electricity, water and stored food. One silo is sold out. Mr Hall has begun work on another, catering he says to people who have thought about the future and don’t like what could be coming.

Prepping For The End Of The World

Prepping For The End Of The World

“What if the Ebola outbreak becomes more widespread? What if there really is a dollar collapse and there’s a global economic collapse? What would happen? “The answer is for all of those situations is varying degrees of unrest. So this property gives them the ability to get some quality of life assurance.”

An underwater fish farm and hydroponically grown crops will feed the colony of millionaires through the apocalypse. A large underwater pool and spa, rock climbing wall, shooting range and cinema give them things to do. The complex boasts military-grade security. Numerous long range cameras sprout from the top of the bunker. A security control centre underground can see dangers coming from miles away.

‘Doom Boom’ Entrepreneur Selling Bunker Rooms For £2m
Via Sky News on You Tube

A sniper nest and two armoured personnel carriers could deter unwanted attention from post-apocalyptic marauders.  “People will go door-to-door looting,” Mr Hall said. “And they’re going to go and get what they’re looking for. When you get here you get to a place that’s nuclear-hardened.” For those who think it’ll be a world worth living in, the next silo’s already under construction. Nuclear-hardened, luxury underground living, yours for $3.1m (£2m) a floor.

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