Strange Happenings Worldwide – Are we missing Terrorism stories?


By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews Via various sources

I will let you understand how I am thinking here, or how I think when writing. I will give you a quick example of how my mind works. Just before the America elections I was sent a video from You Tube of Barack Obama voting. Right away I called “Something wrong” Watch the video and see if you see it


Now, months before, a woman drove her truck at the Whitehouse doors and she was shot in the head from a few feet away. Obama’s security detail were ALL OVER IT and dealt with it. So I am asking, why did ‘Mike’ in the video above get to point feet away and threaten the POTUS? This is the Woman who they shot and here is the video of her being shot, so I ask, was the Obama video staged to make him look like your “Average Joe” This is how my mind works. I see things in an instant I can turn the coin around and apply logic in an instant, video below, 30 seconds in DEAD! Why was Mike allowed to point so close?

Woman shot dead at White House gates

Before I write I must say ‘Rest in Peace’ to the 6 people of my kin who died in Glasgow and all over the World over the Festive period, it was sad, wrong and just heartbreaking. So, what is my main feelings here, I see a pattern emerging, lets see if anyone else can see it. I had this on my mind since the night this awful event happened and as events kept happening. On the same day a man drove his truck into a French Shopping Centre shouting  “God is great” in Arabic before driving into crowds of people on the pavement, but still French authorities say they are not treating this as a terrorist attack. Also here below, a few things don’t add up. Now I say above “Strange Happenings” I am asking, I am speculating, as a teller of news I have to tell the story I have been told, seen and heard. I may be right, I may be wrong, but why would the hold they identity of the Glasgow bin driver? I mean there has been other things similar happening all over the World for all of time and they always name the driver. So what gives here? The link below is from US outlet ‘Fox News’ so some of the info comes from credible places. Also there is info I can’t share for obvious reasons. The Glasgow incident occurred on the Anniversary of the Lockerbie bombing. It is highly unusual that the driver’s name is being kept secret; the authorities are well aware that rumours are circulating, and these rumours could easily be dispelled by releasing his name. B59zaoYCUAIomCmUnless he has an Islamic name, that is. Now by not naming the Glasgow 3, driver and 2  helpers, if we use logic would be un-named due to reasons for their safety right? I can get that and I even respect that, if that is the case. But what I am doing here is throwing many stories that have happened all over the World in the last week to 10 days, only in Glasgow do names not get a mention and the French driver was named. Is it so we are not to be scared by our Media? Why is it only American outlet Fox News who outed the driver in France for his Muslim links and perhaps terrorist attack? It has not been classed as a terror attack anywhere else, so I ask, what gives here? In Scotland WE KNOW THE MEDIA LIE AND TAKE SIDES! Keep this in mind, please

Police and rescue crews are seen near a Christmas market where a man drove a small van into a crowd, injuring ten people, including five seriously wounded, according to French media, in Nantes

Police and rescue crews are seen near a Christmas market where a man drove a small van into a crowd, injuring ten people, including five seriously wounded, according to French media, in Nantes

In the USA 2 Cops were gunned down in their own cars, Ismaaiyl Brinsley shot officers in the head on Saturday the 20th. The Muslim NYPD  double cop killer Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley worked for a Muslim Brotherhood front group, according to his Facebook page, yet there is no mention of a terrorist attack, why?


Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley

We are told that on his facebook page he was loyal to the ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ Now go check for yourself, his Facebook is gone. I can take you back to the Boston Bombings, both of their Facebook pages stayed up for a few month, may still be there, Ismaaiyal’s has been deleted, all I could get was the screenshot above. Odd right? On December 28th a man killed a cop in St Louise in America. Again a quick look through the internet I see this lad is a Muslim also. I would ask anyone who can or is able, to look at all these events and see if you see something I can’t, sorry I mean don’t. That link is for the St Louise cop killer, he had images of people being beheaded on his Facebook wall.  I will show you just one like for like ‘Accident’ here The guy was names, shamed then jailed.

French driver reportedly heard yelling ‘Allahu Akbar’ slams pedestrians, injures 13

Glasgow bin lorry crash: Driver identity protected

So am I way off course or onto something? I believe something has happened, I am as sure as I can be, putting all these latest stories together that seem ‘Strange’. I won’t go further, it is just odd and unusual. Names are always given, or if not they kept from us 0.1% of the time, hardly ever. So have we just seen a Christmas Terrorist attack. There were more deaths. I could sit here all night, so I will link below all these ‘Strange’ deaths over and around the festive period. If you think I am onto something link away, if not, tell me, and tell me why. Now I am talking all over the World here, not just the USA or the UK. Anyone who knows me will know I never intend to offend. I am putting a puzzle together here. But I am seeing a few others doing the same thing, I thought I would research to see if they were right or there was anything to what they were saying, I found it to be worse.



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