Thatcher – We Must NEVER Forget Her Legacy – An Article From The Past

Utter woman for what she did to Scotland and Ireland

What she did to my country was awful, Irish, Welsh and English were not fond of her at all I seem to recall

ShaunBy @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews

I did this article here peeps: I then got a comment from, to be fair, a friend. Now anyone in the UK will see the images below and mostly agree. For some strange reason American’s like Thatcher. I guess it’s like us liking Clinton and them not? Or Reagan? I am told she was a ‘Competent Women’ by a man who lives on foreign shores and never lived under 11 years of Thatcher hell, what she did to Scotland, what she did to EIRE (Republic or Ireland) and the trouble she caused. I am not for one second trying to or would justify the I.R.A for bombing main land UK. But I will stand my ground and say “I shed no tear for this woman” The same as millions did when the party was on when she passed. I didn’t say the ‘B’ word as you will see it many times below. When she died, people partied, I never. I don’t mock the dead. But I don’t miss her and if you are of Religious persuasion, she is in Hell, I can promise you this! I get VERY ANGRY when people blindly call Thatcher a “Nice Woman”  Here are two blogs I did on Thatchers Death made into 1 blog for anyone who thinks all the people of the UK liked this Woman, Tory members danced when she died, she was EVIL. I rest my case and let the UK show you all from other countries what the UK thought. I take no smile on any death…..

These views are neither mine nor that of Ace News Services, these are the views of countless media files and images and a song that you can buy on iTunes that was in the UK charts. 


Blogs below

I never would rejoice in the death of any person but today being the 1 year Death of the Butcher of Scotland, Maggie Thatcher, I don’t bat an eyelid. I won’t celebrate but as she rest’s in Hell I really don’t care. This is a woman who killed my Gran by taking away heating allowance from the Old. And made it impossible for family to help, if we did, old people lost their pension. She did all her tests in Scotland, everything she did or tried she did in Scotland. I will leave you some pictures to show what a HUGE majority of the UK thought when she died. These pictures are from London to Glasgow and all in between
































George Galloway tweet naming Bradford victory as Blackburn-777831


images (1)




Margaret Thatcher death













Margaret Thatcher's death divides opinion across the UK



A puppet made to represent the late former British PM Thatcher is carried through crowd at a party in Trafalgar Square to celebrate her death in London














images (1)



India, like every other country didn’t understand the feeling of contempt many had for Thatcher

Party Held In Trafalgar Square Following The Death Of Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher

Thatcher tweet - Joey Barton 2




This song was banned by the Government but this song got to the UK Charts top 40!! I only post it as it made the top 40 in the UK charts while the song below was banned by Hollyrood

It is said Thatcher allowed the men below to die. I don’t know the full story. All I am doing here is sharing images from the internet and a song you could buy on  ITunes and still can. I don’t hate. I do however get offended when people tell me ‘Thatcher’ was a wonderful woman, she was not, she killed people through policy and made Scotland London’s Nuclear dumbing ground, she tried and tested new law’s in Scotland, she treated Scotland like a lab rat. Don’t ask me to feel sorry, but I won’t laugh or mock a death

England your a monster!

She let them die I hear, maybe I am wrong


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Back To The Future – How Close Was It To 2014 Reality?

My favourite movie of ALL TIME!

My favourite movie of ALL TIME!

ShaunBy @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews Via Sources and Images from Google 

In the cult film Back to the Future 2, Doc Brown and Marty McFly land in 2015, a futuristic land of flying cars and hovercrafts. As the New Year dawns, which of their predictions were hits – and misses?

In 1989, a year of double denim, flat tops and the Beastie Boys, 2015 seemed like a very long time away indeed. So far away that it was the setting for Back to the Future II, the second in the cult film trilogy directed by Steven Spielberg. Fans watched Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd), Marty McFly (Michael J Fox) and his girlfriend Jennifer Parker (Elizabeth Shue) take off for the future at the end of the original film – and, in the sequel, they touch down 30 years later in 2015.

From food to fashion, technology and transport, Marty is bowled over by what he finds there. So, as the New Year dawns, and we find ourselves in the very year Spielberg envisioned – just how much did Back to the Future get right? And what was too far-fetched even for 2015?

1) Wearable technology

Spot something familiar? Isn’t that Google Glass Marty is wearing at the breakfast table? The hi-tech specs he sports could pass for early versions of the computerised eye-wear – though his could also be used to answer the phone.

2) Video calls

With FaceTime and Skype now staples, the video call has evolved from a business medium to an essential of everyday life. Though we tend to prefer our screens just a tad smaller.

3) Microwave meals

This dehydrated pizza could be the predecessor of microwave meals – in the film, after 12 seconds on the “hydrator plate”, it grew to a meal-sized dish.



1) Flying cars

We’re not quite at the stage of seeing cars zip through the air – though a DeLorean could do wonders for the rush-hour commute.

2) Hoverboards

Probably a good thing these haven’t been invented yet – the baggy jeans and Converse look is just so Nineties.

3) Power clothing

Now this is one thing we wish 2015 had brought: jackets that dry themselves and shoes that lace themselves up. Look, no hands!

4) Fax machines

The film went a little too heavy on its predictions for fax machines, which it imagined would be everywhere in 2015. Fortunately, they’re not

… And there’s one key invention Back to the Future II missed out: smartphones and tablets, undeniably the most important technological breakthrough of the last decade. Apple didn’t even get a look-in. Might have come in handy when Marty and the Doc wanted to escape the future and head back to 1985.

Here are some behind the scenes images, ENJOY! 

























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The Human Mind, Feelings, Emotions and Chronic Pain ‘If you have that’


Dalai Lama


Picture1By @ShaunyGibson – Used to be @ ShaunyNews

When you sit and try to define your purpose on this Earth when you ask who and what you are, we all do this. The irony is many will dismiss that they do this, so go look at that image above again, see it? When you are in a state of TOTAL feeling, at one with yourself and life and the universe, you care. When you care you hurt more, it comes with the packaging. I see so many people afraid to ‘Feel’ because they refuse to take on the burden that comes with it, that would be hurt or loss, whatever, you know? People refusing to go the full way and be true to themselves in fear they might get too close to something. I am not afraid of dying, I am afraid of dying now and leaving my partner too 8ea41f8ff202634e3ff7445fd86ae973 (1)soon. To get to that way of thinking an ‘Event’ must happen. For me the event happened in childhood and guides me now as an adult, in reality it is amazing, many call it God, I just call it amazing, superb, a blessing, lucky and other such words. When I say this to a friend who knows I live in utter agony they say “How can this be, you are Disabled and in pain” To get something we must first lose something. It can be the death of a person, the death of a habit, to forget someone or something, whatever it is, you need to lose before you feel what many like me do and see our World for what it really is, it’s a total hell hole in every sense of the word, but we do as individuals show and see act’s of love and kindness from others, but to gain we lose first, we must lose to get, for me it’s THAT SIMPLE, I was lost for a long time, it was lonely and hard, but all the time my partner and 2 sons were there, now here I am, smiling, happier than I have ever been, why? Because I lose BADLY. So not much else to lose here, so I love what I have and understand that, the pain will do what it will, so I choose life

Song made from the an Irvine Welsh book, then the movie Trainspotting  For those outside the UK who don’t know this Movie 
Part 1 – The beginning

Part 2 – The end…. Both filmed in my City, Edinburgh, Scotland

We all deny our own existence, many of us are wide awake and watching, listening and learning, I am one of these guys. I had a friends, 17 years a friend may I add, she is from Columbus120380-118513 Ohio in the US of A. She said “Shaun has changed” She wasn’t being nasty or rude, far from it. But I felt in an instant ‘Friends don’t do this’ What this is, is she stopped being my friend. When I got my (YES, YES I AM TALKING ABOUT MYSELF, THIS IS MY PAGE, I WRITE THIS IS OFTEN WHAT I DO, NOT ALWAYS) 😀 Sorry I had to get that out the way. Anyway, when I got my Disability, Chronic Pain Syndrome, it then upgraded to the 22827c360539999fff306fa99d5f1775‘Devils Disease’ Fibromyalgia it took things from me, abilities to do things, loss of many things I would before do, friends, family, respect, love, it gives sufferers the attributes and feelings of Motor Neuron Disease and Parkinson’s Disease I could go on. But I am a great believer in Karma. As I sit here now I would say 80% of my immediate family don’t think I am disabled, the 20% would be my Partner, two sons and closest friends. Not one family member is ‘cool’ with Fibromyalgia at all, they say like my friend in the USA did “Shaun has changed” And it gets boring and you do smile after a while, but you learn to surround yourself with people who don’t talk about it and you just have fun with, my partner, sons, close friends and a few on-line also. It is ‘Normal’ I have friends from School, these guys are all super cool, they mock my disability, so it’s all good, I wouldn’t have it any other way. To one mate I am ‘limpy’ for example 😀 This is how I want my disability to be, sadly around certain people it is near impossible because THEY have the problem you see?

Starter pack for the judgemental or is it just 'mental' :D

Starter pack for the judgemental or is it just ‘mental’ 😀

1dd6d21b566548f6552659025a6749baSome of my friends are people I done football with, coaches, players, players families, kids families, for 15 years till I had to stop 5 years ago now, some from school, guys I knew inside out, guys I held hands with at funerals of their parents, friends who are in-fact blood, people who you treat as blood, like Family. These people I know and they know me. When the Disability hit most were all “Oh Shaun I am sorry” I was like “Don’t you dare, no sympathy’ and it was never mentioned again. They all get it now 100%. I can’t make plans with a good mate who is a chef for example, we are REAL good mates, very close, as close as a brother should be. When I cancel they are all cool. With Family no understanding at all. I am sorry I have to say this, the person who said it will read this. I was told over the phone by a family member “You are always in bed” and “You never go out” At first I was angry but them my anger turned to “They are the ones in pain, not me” So again glance at the image above quickly and read it again

See, when you lose things, and they keep going, doesn’t stop, it becomes your ‘Reality’ and you understand and respect this is the way it is. Once you get to that way of thinking you can moveimgres-5_med on, you begin to smile again and be at peace with yourself and as I say, surround yourself with people who enjoy life, people who laugh every day, people like me who demand we have fun. So I go back to what that person told me, I said above “They are the ones in pain, not me” is when I figured out the nasty hurtful words and other issues. I am 41 and I love to learn, I need to learn, I have an open mind on ALL subjects and I believe this is healthy and needed, both apply. So when I understood the other person, the person who couldn’t get why “I am always in the house” or “I am always in bed” (Neither of which are true, not that I care, I don’t judge others) I understood that they were the ones, sadly, with the problems. See I learnt not so long ago, people who attack others with words, words the target won’t hear, mock or joke about a person in their absence, they are the ones with deep rooted problems

220px-Two_Dimensions_of_Emotion.gifThe people I surround myself with are just amazing people, Partner, kids, mates, whoever but others I can’t figure out, so I stopped. I realized they were figuring me out, or trying to figure me out so I gave in, if a person can’t figure a person out or doesn’t get a certain person I say sever the ties, walk away, stop trying to 2nd guess when you ARE wrong about people. Why spend time and brain power and time trying to figure a person out? 😀 How sad is that? I leave a smile because I have only very recently figured this out. I take the smile back and feel sad for these people. Not many, really, a handful. My parter will say “I don’t and can’t feel your pain or understand your mind especially on medication, BUT I AM HERE AND I LOVE YOU” that is all I needed to hear from the woman I love. She judges nobody, in our 25 years knowing each other as kids, primary school kids to now as adults late 30’s and 40 ish I have never once heard her say 1 (ONE) bad word about another. So ‘Surround yourself with the right people’ comes into play, I am around a goddess in every sense of the word, make no mistake I am the luckiest lad this side of Mars for managing to convince my partner to spend the rest of her life with me, so for that, I am blessed, happy, relieved! and in love. When all is said and done, this blog was fun, it made me smile because I demand I smile, to be the opposite is to not live, so easy choice right? Well not really, I know people who have killed themselves who have what I have, I know people talking about, people who have tried to take their life, people who were laughing one day and dead the next, some hide away from the world, I guess I hide away from MY world, the world I was born into, but I keep hold of the world I created for myself, anyone is welcome in, just knock the door, I will put the kettle on 😀 My partner loves me medicated or not, people actually judge me for being on Dr’s prescribed medication and to top it off most of the people who judge take illegal drugs and get drunk and fight and cause trouble where ‘Sociably Acceptable’ alcohol is allowed to roam free and destroy people, can you feel the Irony? I do, it hurts, wait! I hurt anyway!

This ring true for anyone?

This ring true for anyone?


People die, many are worse, but this is bad, real bad, it makes loved ones not talk. Agreed loved one? I have changed, this changed me, try and be nice aye?

So look one final time at the image above. Makes sense now right? I have defined a meaning to it’s fullest, words from the Dalai Lama, and that’s hard to do right? Some of us can ‘Feel everything so deeply’ We are the ones who hurt the most, who take bad news the worst, we are the ones when say? one of our kids move out takes it hardest. It comes with the territory. To be at total one with yourself, to understand you in any shape, form, health whatever is hard to do. But once you can see it clearly it opens up amazing things in your mind. The pain sucks for sure, the medication sadly is enjoyable as it takes the pain away. I am ready for almost anything, I can take almost anything and I can understand almost everything and I now understand other people, I see them clearly now, lost, pretending to be what they are not, not on purpose, it’s just their ways and I respect others ways. I guess what I am saying is, I respect YOU for what you are, even if I have no time for you or I don’t like you, whatever, I respect you. Respect me back please. So this is for all my friends I lost, who are lost, this is for the people like me who are defined by the images I added. I never ask for sympathy, I would however like certain family members to just walk into my home and say “How you doing today you fragile fool” 1st of January and look what I did, I will leave you with the image of how 2014 ended and how 2015 started, and I wouldn’t have it ANY other way, these are battle wounds, I look at all my bumps and bruises as that, my prize for daring to live for daring to laugh and have fun in life. My new years resolution is to sort my sleeping pattern out, I will try but I am not holding my breath,  for long anyway…. Happy New Year 😉

 I Dropped the hoover on my ankle/shin and ripped some skin and 'I think' tore some ligaments. No break.. But agony and bruised like a break

I Dropped the hoover on my ankle/shin and ripped some skin and ‘I think’ tore some ligaments. No break.. But agony and bruised like a break

Now go have one last glance at that image at the very top and see if you understand it now 😉


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