UK News: Crew Rescued After Car Carrier Runs Aground

All 25 crew are accounted for and are "safe and well" - but their cargo ship remains stuck in the Solent, listing at 45 degrees.

All 25 crew are accounted for and are “safe and well” – but their cargo ship remains stuck in the Solent, listing at 45 degrees

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It must be asked if there is something going on in Earth’s Oceans just now, since middle of 2014 and going into 2015 we have seen several events like this one. Thankfully all people on board are safe that is the main thing. There was another one I am hearing in the Northern tip of Scotland add that to the earlier this week, questions have to be asked

Lifeboats and a coastguard helicopter have rescued all 25 crew from the water and on board a car carrier which became grounded off the Isle of Wight. The Hoegh Osaka got into difficulty at Bramble Bank in the central Solent at around 9.20pm on Saturday and began listing. National Maritime Operations Centre commander Steve Carson said: “All of the crew have been accounted for and other than a couple of non life-threatening injuries, everyone is safe and well.” HM Maritime and Coastguard Agency said the search and rescue mission was co-ordinated by the National Maritime Operations Centre at Fareham.

Where it ran aground

Where it ran aground

It said three crew members who remained on board the cargo ship to assist with salvage operations have also been airlifted off the vessel. Four RNLI lifeboats from Calshot, Cowes and Yarmouth were involved in the rescue mission alongside the Solent Coastguard Helicopter, Southampton Patrol and four tug boats, two from Esso and two from Southampton Docks.  Maritime operations controller Andy Jenkins told Sky News this morning that the rescue was “not straight-forward by any means”. He added: “Due to the difficulty with the vessel in terms of the list, it was a difficult operation to achieve.” Lucy Morgan, a reporter at Isle of Wight Radio, said the 180-metre vessel is currently beached about three-quarters of the way from the Isle of Wight to the mainland. She told Sky News: “What we understand happened is that it ran aground at Bramble Bank.

The Hoegh Osaka Ship Beached at Bramble Bank in the Central Solent

At low tide it becomes so low that at some times of the year people actually play cricket on Bramble Bank, and it seems to have become stuck in the middle of the Solent where it is now listing very badly to its starboard side. “This is the part of the Solent where Cowes Week runs… where a lot of boating takes place, so to see a cargo ship as big as this in this situation is extremely rare and very unusual.” Mr Jenkins said plans for salvaging the ship are being considered and the situation closely watched as daylight arrives. He added: “There’s a possibility the vessel can be re-floated but if that’s not the case (the authorities) will look at the best way to move the vessel safely.” He said the 51,000-tonne ship was listing at 45 degrees, describing the situation as “unusual” and “a difficult one to predict”. It is not yet clear how the cargo ship, which reportedly left Southampton on Saturday evening, managed to get into difficulty.


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