Freedom and/or Security?

Freedom and/or Security?

A blog, a good blog for debate…If ANY Americans feel like debating Fox News and of course the blog it’self by my good friend Anne…Freedom and security issues (check the JFK Video for some logic) Please feel free. I won’t hold my breath…I told an American person last night it was 20:30 and they had no idea what I was meaning…Of course it is the time…PC’s/Laptops/Tablets/Smart Phones/Any Cell/Mobile Phone uses the 24 hour clock. This isn’t just Military time. All the electronic clocks in my life use 24 hour time…AND THIS PERSON IS A TEACHER…Nice lad…But a teacher…Come on America, prove you are better than this! Please? Pretty please?


amX9rqV_700b_v1This gives me pause. . .  as I have been pondering this  problem lately. The grand experiment which is the United States was built on personal rights for all written in the Bill of Rights of the Constitution. . . . . freedom of religion, speech, press, to assemble and to have personal privacy.

After 9/11 , the country was united in the desire of “Never Again” and there was not much questioning  as to how  that security  was accomplished. But as the years have past and news and experiences of NSA spying on the nation and the world, control of the internet, airport searches and indignities at the airports,  and prisoner enhanced interrogation; Americans, including me, are questioning our freedoms, security and the methods used to establish both.

This week in the world’s largest democracy where there is understandably obsessed with security has further fueled my thoughts. Information was…

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